Good earth whole lemonade

Two bottles of soda drink

2 men, 3 types, 4 drinks. After this simple formula, we spent a crisp hour talking about the Salvus lemonade. But also about the sense of smell, vaccinations and Joseph Beuys - pure culture! In addition, there is the icing on the cake with the A&W CreamSoda. At the same price as always!

Absolute record in time-to-market and time-to-podcast. or market-to-podcast. We try four delicious types of a new lemonade from a traditional house and talk to a real water sommelier about serious organic quality, broken glass and a dark past. Passion fruit is at the start!
In addition, we comment on current affairs on the state of humor and position ourselves clearly: When it comes to lemonade, we stand for #open everything

Janine Hoffmann is the likeable and clever berry residue drink inventor from episode 26. And the food chemist has lots of good answers to our tricky questions from the world of lemonade. It's about the chemistry of flavors, water and CO2.

How deadly is salt? Can you recreate Coca-Cola? How do you get to the Blisspoint? And by the way, we learn the most flavorful method of drinking lemonade.

We are facing twelve bottles of traditional lemonade from 1899 and are looking for answers to the last questions of humanity: Is the chocolate lemonade the holy grail we are looking for? Can cucumber and lemon get along in a confined space? Are Anne and Bastian getting together? How did the Haribo cords get to Saxony? Did he have enough electrolytes? Do you want a smart deal? When is the time of madness? Gunter Gabriel or Achim Menzel? Can Jörn fall asleep tonight?

We have answers for everything!

Shortly after Carnival, we venture into culinary Cologne and drink eight bottles of Lömmelömm. We encounter delicious and different varieties, we meet Bernd Stelter, kick the FC, sway to dialectical ways and talk about bottles made of cardboard - and we also look back to the Netherlands.

Janine Hoffmann from the University of Giessen developed a process for making lemonade from leftover berries and thus won the Baumann-Gonser Foundation's research award.
In the north one would say "put a mushroom on it!". But why it takes a little more to create a lemonade, what you learn as a food chemist, why the fungus feeds the pigs away from dessert and that sugar is usually just sugar, she explains in an interview. The whole thing is aromatically seasoned and tossed in the extra-large flask.

A long overdue foray through the shelves of Dutch supermarkets. We found chubby boys, delicious tropical drinks with basil seeds and coconut gibble jelly. We saw bananas hanging on the cream tree and goblins with cactus flavor.
And above all of this, Albert Heijn hovers.

Shortly before Christmas we let it herb. A journey into the world of mate leads, but not into the world of cocaine.
Then on - to the Watzmann, with whom we drink a lemonade with a mountain pine flavor.
And the trip is rounded off on the hemp-cola ChillMa.

We now have until 2021 to come back down. Have a nice party and a happy new year to all of you! More limonautics in the coming year!

We talk to Fridtjof, one of the inventors and founders of the Litfassbrause, about the invention of soda, the difficult beginning as a lemonade distributor, good ideas, bad people, beverages with attitude and why hops can taste really delicious instead of slightly musty.

Today just one drink - but a versatile one. We look at the ginger-spice drink Gimber from the fizzy and the hot-drink point of view. With flavor and different degrees of spiciness, Gimber is the currywurst among ginger drinks.

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