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    The CVC code

    What is or does the CVC or CVV code of a credit card mean?

    Often times when you shop on the Internet and pay with your credit card it becomes the CVC (Card Validation Code) or the CVV (Card Verification Value) code required. But many do not know what this is for Credit card verification number (KPN) serves, let alone where to find it.

    Image: Schematic representation of the back of a credit card

    CVV or CVC: What is the credit card security code about?

    The CVC code is a 3 or 4 digit number printed on the back of the credit card next to the signature field. Only with American Express credit cards is the 4-digit verification number on the front above the embossing and called it CID (Card Identification).

    The credit card verification number is not, like for example the card number or the name of the cardholder, also stored electronically on the card. That's why the CVC code used as a security measure when shopping online. This ensures that the buyer is actually in possession of the credit card and that the card data has not been spied on electronically.

    However, the verification number does not protect against credit card fraud in the event of theft. Because the code is noted on the credit card and can therefore be seen by anyone who is in possession of the card.

    To counteract this, a new procedure has been developed that is called "3-D Secure" or "Verified by VISA" for VISA credit cards and "MasterCard SecureCode" for MasterCard credit cards. With this security procedure, a code must also be specified when paying on the Internet, which is not printed on the card, but is only known to the cardholder (comparable to the PIN when withdrawing cash).

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