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Gross Net Calculator

What is left of the gross salary? With the Gross Net Calculator calculate the net salary for 2021 and for previous years. In this way, you can find out what the amount will actually be that will be paid to you with an agreed gross salary.

There are many different versions of gross-net calculators on the Internet. It should be noted, however, that such a Tax and social security calculator needs to be updated every year. Tax and social legislation, and thus also the amount of wage and income tax, usually change from year to year, sometimes even within a year. So always pay attention to the Currentness of the datawhen using a gross-net calculator.

In most cases, the changes take effect at the beginning of a new year. It is precisely at this time that the wheat from the chaff is separated from the gross-net calculators. GEHALT.de works with a so that the changes to the legislation that affect the calculation of net salaries are precisely recorded Specialist lawyer for tax law together. In this way we can ensure that the calculations made by the salary calculator are always correct.

Who is the use of a gross-net calculator?

Whether in the application process or in the annual interview: A salary calculator is very helpful for salary negotiationsbecause you can use it to determine how much of a potential raise is left for you. Even if you are aiming for a certain net income, you can backwards calculate how much gross would have to be paid.

When choosing the tax bracket for a married couple, the cheapest option can be calculated quickly and easily using a salary calculator. The distribution of any child allowances can also be calculated with a salary calculator and thus the cheapest option can be selected. In addition to the gross-net calculator or the calculated net salary, we will show youcurrent jobs in your profession and your region at.

Why is it always stated in gross and not in net?

The Gross salary is specified in the employment contract. Unless renegotiated, this will not change. The high of Net payout however, depends on various factors. So when you change the Tax class the amount of wage tax and thus often also the net salary for the same gross amount. Social security contributions are determined by the state and vary annually, sometimes even several times a year.

Some taxes are regionally inconsistent. This means that the same gross salary in two different federal states can mean different net salaries. For employers, for whom factors such as the employee's tax bracket only play a subordinate role, the gross salary is always decisive.

Is there also a net-gross calculator?

Would you like to find out how much gross you would have to earn to receive a certain net salary? With little effort, our salary calculator also works as a Net gross calculator. To do this, enter roughly 1.3 to 1.4 times your desired net salary as the gross salary. If necessary, make slight adjustments - you will find your target salary using the net-gross calculator.

In which cases does the gross-net calculation based on the annual salary make sense?

If you all year round with the same company for a fixed salary work and be continuously employed, it makes sense to base the calculation on your annual salary. In this way you can get an overview of the income tax due. Gross and net are calculated on an annual basis.

In which cases does the calculation based on the monthly salary make sense?

Use your gross monthly salary for the calculation, if you have not consistently with an employer employed are or no even references to have. Variable remuneration can arise through bonuses or commissions on the basic salary, for example. This is relevant, for example, during shift work or when emergency services are taken over.

What does gross salary mean?

The gross salary is that total amount of money, the one employer pays his employee monthly for their work. If the employee is paid by the hour, in a comparable case it is the gross wage. The gross amount is the sum before deduction of wage tax and duties. On the employee's account comes thatNet salary or the net wage, i.e. the amount that remains after deducting all duties and taxes from the salary or wages.

What is the income tax?

In the income tax is it a Advance payment on the Income tax, which is due at the end of a calculation period, usually in May. The wage tax is applied to every salary payment deducted from gross salary and from the employer directly to the tax office discharged. Child allowances and social contributions are taken into account in the wage tax. In the income tax return, you can claim additional expenses, such as business expenses or extraordinary expenses, but additional income must also be declared.

This is what becomes of these values actual taxable annual income calculated. The tax to be paid on this is income tax. If the income tax you have paid is higher than the income tax you actually have to pay, the excess will be refunded to you. If the wage tax that has already been paid is less than the income tax to be paid, you will have to pay later.

Income tax: calculation

The wage tax is not to be confused with income tax! The wage tax is, so to speak, withheld as input tax by the employer directly from the salary and paid to the responsible tax office. In the Income tax return the already paid wage tax is deducted from the total, determined income tax liability of the employee. In the case of investment income, self-employment or the like, income tax can be significantly higher than wage tax.Shortfalls have to paid later If too much wage tax was withheld, the tax office will refund the surplus.

Tax brackets: this is how they are calculated

The tax class describes the amount of the percentage of taxes to be paid. The German tax system comprises six classes, with tax class 4 resulting in the highest taxes.

Tax class 1 (I): Unmarried

Be here Single predisposed with or without children, as well permanently separated or people whose Spouses only have limited tax liability is. Tax class 1 is excluded by classes 3 and 5.

Tax class 2 (II): single parents & widowers

Be here single parent assessed who meet the requirements for class 1 but are entitled to relief for single parents. Also widowed taxpayers are classified here from the month following the partner's death date. The so-called grace splitting can be applied to widowed persons.

Tax class 3 (III): married people with higher income

She is for Marriedwho do not live permanently apart and have not chosen tax class 4. The one, who earned more, then receives tax class 3, the other with the significantly lower income receives tax class 5. At Widowedwhose partner was fully liable for income tax up to one year this tax bracket can be considered after the partner's death. (Mercy Splitting). Prerequisite: the couple must have lived together.

Tax class 4 (IV): married people with similar income

Married generally fall into this tax class if both subject to full income tax are. This class is recommended if both are in about the same to earn. The tax class can be changed once a year. If one of the partners has tax class 4, the other can NOT choose 3 or 5! Then both have to change the tax class.

Tax class 5 (V): married people with lower income

If at significant income differences one spouse applies for tax class 3, the other receives, lower earning partners tax class 5.

Tax class 6 (VI): more than one employment relationship

When a second tax card If an application is made because there is a further employment relationship, class 6 is always entered here. She caused that highest deductionsbecause only the retirement benefit is taken into account as a tax reduction. Even if an employee culpable does not announce an income tax card (now eTIN), this class is entered.

Factor for income tax class 4 (IV)

If both spouses have income tax class 4, the so-called factor can be applied for. Here is the expected Income tax with the actual income tax to Splitting tariff related. If the result is a number smaller than 1, this is multiplied by the income tax. The formula is: Income tax after splitting divided by the deduction for class 4 equals factor. Factor times income tax after splitting is equal to the actual deduction. In numbers: Assume that after splitting a income tax of 4.000 Euros due after Tax class 4 however 4,800 euros, the formula then reads as follows:

  • 4,000: 4,800 = 0.833 (factor)
  • Actual deduction: 4,000 x 0.833 = 3,998.40 euros

What is the annual tax credit?

It is entered on the income tax card after application. Such an allowance can be, for example, in the case of particularly high travel costs or other so-called extraordinary loadsthat the normal Exceed advertising expenses, be requested. Foster care or charges from renting and leasing are also deemed to be extraordinary burdens. In detail, the tax office checks whether a claim consists. The tax exemption is deducted from the taxable annual income and often results in tax refunds.

Child allowance: calculation

The Child allowance belongs to the protective assets of the employee, which is supposed to secure the existence of a child. Per child there is an allowance, which can, however, also be split between two income tax cards. When calculating the tax, the amount of child benefit is also taken into account. The tax offices are responsible for the taxpayercheapest solution to use. You can enter the child allowance or child allowances in the gross / net calculator.

How does the number of children affect the salary?

On the gross salary she has Number of Children no consequences. In the net salary, however, they make themselves felt through the child allowances. These define a tax-free amount per year, which then proportionally reduces the wage tax every month. A married couple can have the child allowances sharecalculated with the factors 1 or 0.5. Lower the tax exemptions Church tax as Solidarity surcharge considerably.

Church tax: what is it all about?

Depending on the federal state, the church tax is between 8 and 9%. The basis for calculation is the wage tax to be paid. All ideological associations that Corporations under public law are allowed to collect church tax. In principle, a church tax contribution can also arise based on property tax or property tax. All registered Members an ideological corporation under public law CommittedTo pay church tax. Through a exit from the church there is no church tax and that Net salary increases as a result. In our gross-net-calculator you have the possibility to indicate the membership in the church and thus a possible church tax liability.

Why specify the state?

The Church tax is not in every state uniformly. They also differ Social security contributions in their amount in the old and new federal states. So in order to get an exact value of the net wage, this should be federal state must be specified if you use a salary calculator. The corresponding values ​​are stored in our gross-net calculator and are automatically processed. According to our salary database, the highest salaries generally paid in the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Bavaria. The lowest salaries are paid to the people in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Health insurance: statutory or private insurance?

In the legal Health insurance companies are all employees compulsory insurancewho earn more than 450 euros a month and do not exceed the applicable annual income limit. Recipients of unemployment benefit I are also required to be insured by statutory health insurance (GKV). Will the Income limit of currently 59,400 euros per year, the employee can voluntarily take out statutory health insurance. The Contributions are based on the Income level.

Freelancers, self-employed and employees, the more than the income limit the compulsory insurance can earn in the private Insure health insurance (PKV). This is where the Contributions to Age, previous illnesses and similar factors. Since 01.01.2009 there is also an insurance requirement here. This means that the above-mentioned target groups for private health insurance must take out insurance. To make this easier, a so-called Base tariff introduced.

Health insurance contribution: calculation

Since 01/01/2009 a uniform contribution withheld from wages for statutory health insurance. This percentage is called the cash rate. Currently the rate is 14.6% plus an income-related one Additional contribution (average 1.3%), so a total of 15.9% on average. The total contribution is paid half by the employee and half by the employer. Members of certain professional groups, those with family insurance or unemployment benefit II recipients who are not entitled to sickness benefit only pay the discounted Cash rate of 14% plus additional contribution.

Compulsory pension insurance

All workers and employees are obliged to Contributions to the Pension insurance to pay. The rate is currently 18.6% and is in the employment relationship half from the employer, half from the employee paid. There are differences between East and West in the income threshold and, accordingly, in the maximum amount to be paid.

Some too Self-employed are subject to pension insurance:

  • Farmers
  • Midwives
  • Artist
  • Publicists
  • self-employed teachers
  • Craftsman

You pay the contributions Completely themselves. Part-time employees are also subject to compulsory pension insurance - except are, however, employed in Mini jobs. Anyone who is not required to take out insurance can take out voluntary insurance.

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