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How to wipe stitches on the tile: 5 reasons for processing

Grouting joints on the tile - the last step in the laying process Ceramic tiles, this is the best and most practical type of flooring. Ceramics are especially good in rooms with high humidity and in places with high traffic. Therefore, the nature of these floors is convenient in buildings with offices and various other institutions. And our homes are no exception. The tile can be found in all rooms such as apartments or houses. At the points of sale you will find an extensive selection of tiles for different rooms, suitable for your interior. Unfortunately, the tile coating only looks ideal if it is properly glued and ideally wiped.


Treating the tile: 5 reasons why it should be done

Immediately there is a question: what for and when it is necessary to seal seams on a tile? These should be dealt with in turn. The space between the tile joints is the seams. There are technologies, norms and norms that must be followed for the proper laying of tiles. To zafugovat seams, you need to rely on the recommended figures. According to these criteria, it is recommended to make a gap between the tiles of 2-4 mm. Depending on the size of the tiles, the seam between them may be different.

Depending on the size of the tiles, the seam between them may be different

This happens for several reasons:

  • If the wall sags, the tile can move easily, it is necessary to leave a gap;
  • Necessity of air and moisture permeability through cracks;
  • Mixture for grouting does not allow excess moisture, if you do not wipe the seams, they may appear fungus or mold;
  • When the seams are tamped, the connection between the tiles is improved;
  • Affects the appearance and thus hides the flaws of the tile edges.

Depending on the quality of the work carried out, the service life of the tile depends.

Than to cover the seams between the tile on the floor: we select the mix

In order to properly seal the seams and not arise, it is very important for all problems to choose the most suitable mixture. And such nuances should be taken no less seriously than just the masonry of ceramic tiles.

A selection of material is required according to these principles:

  1. coloring. This criterion is fundamental for many. The color of the mixture for grouting depends on the visual appearance of the tile coating as a whole. White color is the most versatile. To ensure that the appearance of the tile is unbroken, it is necessary to choose a color from under the tile coating or add the colors of a suitable color to the white mixture.
  2. Properties and composition. The composition of the mixtures can comprise various materials. The composition of the mixture depends on the functionality. For rooms with high humidity it is necessary to choose moisture-repellent compounds, for rooms with increased load and the possibility of faster wear it is better to choose strong connections. The most suitable option is an epoxy mix.
  3. purpose. The usual leveling compound is suitable for tile tiles, but this mixture is used up and has to be mixed again. For the flooring, it is necessary to use trowels, because such tiles are constantly loaded and come into contact with shoes and other objects. Therefore, a mixture with a conventional structure is not suitable in this case.

In order to properly seal the seams, it is necessary to choose the right mixture for grouting

With proper operation, the tile is securely attached and has an aesthetic appearance. In order to cover the seams on the ceramic tiles, it first imagined checking out the training videos. In this case, the work will be beautiful, the seam will be straight, and there is no need to correct or align the result.

How to wipe the seams on the tile clean: the steps

When you do this, you will need a small list of tools and tools.


  • A small container for the mixture;
  • Rubberized spatula;
  • Foam rubber sponge;
  • Liquid;
  • Brush;
  • Material for stirring.

Therefore, the mixture for grouting should be mixed with a small amount. This requires a small capacity. Corolla is used in the case of a large amount of the mixture, in other cases it can be mixed manually with a trowel or spatula.

Before rubbing the seams on the tile, it is necessary to prepare tools and materials

Method of applying putty to tiles:

  • It is necessary to clean seams from dirt and dust and treat them with antifungal emulsions;
  • A brush with water should be run through the seams to get a better cut between the tiles.
  • Do not make a very large amount of mastic;
  • Apply the elastic mixture to the seam with a rubberized spatula while gently pressing it into the gap to remove voids.
  • Remove the excess with a spatula;
  • To ensure that the mortar does not break, it is necessary to moisten something with water;
  • To ensure complete protection against water, it is necessary to go through the sealant in those places where the tile will adjoin the wall or any other joint.

Joint connections between walls and floors are different. Work on vertical planes is done from a landmark down. Applying sealant should be the last. It is convenient to work with him because of the narrow nozzle. When working on the floor surface, as with tile work, you need to move from the distant point of the room to the exit.

Why embroider between the tiles

When gluing tiles, crosses are used, which contribute to the appearance of gaps at equal intervals. They are used to ensure that the appearance of the lining was clean and aesthetic, and the seams were smooth. But the tile is not always glued to a strong surface and therefore has shrunk. And if these gaps are not left, the tile can break.

When laying tiles, crosses are used so that the distances are the same

If you do not wipe the seams, it is easy for them to become clogged with dirt and it will not make a good impression on the flooring. And in the rooms where there is moisture, mold or fungus can appear in the seams. To avoid unpleasant surprises, seams are also deleted.

How to cover seams on a tile (video)

What conclusion can be drawn from the article? Grouting is an important process not only to make the entire surface perfect, but also to avoid many unpleasant factors that can appear during operation. Compliance with all the rules will lead you to the right job and the result that you wanted to get at the end of the job.