Madagascar penguins rise from the blowhole

Thursday April 9, 2015

The penguins from Madagascar

They returned to the big screen last year for their latest mission. The penguins from Madagascar are back and since March 26, 2015 now make the home theater unsafe too. By 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment they were published on DVD, BluRay, BluRay3D and also as VOD. With the four penguins, which many probably from television and the Madagascar Films should be known is a militarily organized troop, which is always on the lookout for a new dangerous mission. Skipper is the leader, who among other things also drafts the operational plans together with the tactician Kowalski forges. Of course, they always need suitable equipment for them Rico has to worry about. And then there would be Private, the most sensitive of the four, who, however, has often helped his friends out of a jam. The four of them do things together Fort Knox a. There is a snack machine in the lounge in which the cheese flips, which are no longer for sale to the public, are offered. There Private celebrates his birthday, his friends want to buy him some of them. However, there is a small incident in which she was told by the dangerous scoundrel Dr. Octavius ​​Brine be captured. Once in his hiding place, the four find out that this is actually an octopus in disguise, and actually Dave called. He reveals to them that he used to live at the Central Park Zoo as well. The zoo visitors turned away from him very quickly when the penguins arrived there. He then moved through several zoos in which he had to experience the same thing over and over again. For this he now declares war on the penguins. However, the four penguins manage to free themselves and use a canister to free themselves from the submarine in which they were held captive. This leads to a chase through Venice with Dave's henchmen. When they are in a quandary there, they are rescued by a rescue team consisting of a polar bear, a husky, a baby seal and a snowy owl. From these the penguins are brought to the North Pole, where the four have their secret base. The rescuers are the secret organization Nordwind, as the husky tells the penguins, which mainly works for weak animals. They are impressed when the skipper presents them with the canister. Suddenly they are called by Dave, who says he still has a whole tank of it. To allegedly bring the penguins to safety, they are stunned and put on an airplane. Of course they can break free and are determined to fight Dave themselves from now on. When Private is captured during an attempt in Shanghai, Skipper decides to leave the matter to the organization. However, these are also captured, as are the rest of the four penguins. Dave tells them that in the future he wants to turn all penguins into mutants so that they can experience firsthand what it is like to be rejected by humans. First, he wants to try the remedy on private. He can escape with the help of a hidden paper clip, but the others think he died trying. Private manages to save the agents from North Wind, but cannot prevent Dave from transforming the penguins with his machine and thus bringing them to the port of Manhattan. With the machine, however, Private also manages to transform the penguins back again. Dave shrinks and finds himself inside a snow globe. Nordwind congratulates the penguins, who shortly after make their way home with new jetpacks. The film offers a very exciting and also very funny story which especially fans of the penguins and those of the Madagascar Movies will definitely delight you. The animations are very well done and the synchronization behind which is here the fantastic Four hide, knows how to convince as well. The film is suitable for children as well as adults and is never boring. The picture and sound quality is very good and, especially in 3D, a real adventure for young and old. The BluRay version also has a huge package of extras to offer. Here you can find some featurettes, music videos, canceled scenes, a trailer, a picture gallery for the film and much more. It is definitely worth using the BluRay or the BluRay 3D version of this film. In our overall rating, we are awarding nine out of a possible ten evaluation points and hope that there will be a continuation of the four black and white agents here as well. Here you get a great and very entertaining adventure that the whole family will love.