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Freedoms for vaccinated people Vaccination refusals feel that they are not being taken seriously in the current debate

She would rather remain anonymous - the topic of vaccination is too polarizing. But she is worried, especially about long-term damage: "I'm very unsure about that, I never get vaccinated against the flu. That's why I have a tendency to say no to the vaccination." The fact that vaccinated people should now possibly be able to exercise all their basic rights again faster than others makes the Leipzig woman even more insecure. She no longer feels comfortable in the debate: "Well, it feels like bribery: if I get vaccinated, I get my basic rights back. But that is also a compulsory vaccination through the back door."

This is how many of Claudia Ruth Günther's patients see it. The Dresden resident is a psychologist and works as a naturopath in Dresden. She specializes in classical homeopathy. When it comes to corona vaccination, there are two large groups in your practice: those who want to be vaccinated safely and those who certainly do not want to. Both groups tend not to be advised: "Otherwise the group of those who want advice is also larger. So I can confirm the polarization that this topic brings with it from my practice."

Debate on freedom puts vaccine refusals under pressure

In the last few months, politicians had always insisted: no exceptions for vaccinated people. But now that more and more people are vaccinated, they should soon be allowed to do more than non-vaccinated people. Matthias Kaufmann is on the board of directors of the Interdisciplinary Scientific Center for Medicine, Ethics and Law at the University of Halle. The fact that the discourse has now shifted from “treating everyone equally” to “regaining basic rights for vaccinated people” does not bother him, but: “Of course, it is a problem that incidentally, someone may feel pressured can. " But you are free to opt for corona tests instead.

Homeopath Claudia Ruth Günther says that those who do not want to be vaccinated are angry about the paradigm shift: "That tends to make a fire under the kettle. People feel attacked and not taken seriously." It's not just black and white - blanket statements like "vaccinate or get sick" by Karl Lauterbach annoy the naturopath.

Private sector could restrict non-vaccinated people

Wouldn't a clear statutory corona vaccination requirement have been more honest or "ethical" from the start? No, says Matthias Kaufmann: "In this case, I think it would be very premature and an unnecessary restriction if there is a way not to endanger yourself and not to endanger others by having yourself tested and then, if you can would test positive, go into quarantine. " It therefore makes no sense to oblige people to vaccinate.

What could happen, however, is that the private sector imposes restrictions on non-vaccinated people in terms of their house rules. The woman from Leipzig, who actually doesn't want to be vaccinated, would then act pragmatically: "If you really take everything from me and say: You can no longer travel, you can no longer go to concerts, you cannot go to the pub, if you don't get vaccinated, then I'll probably say at some point, okay, I'll do it now. " With a good feeling but probably not.