What is Ligero Tobacco

What is a shisha?

A Shisha (Sheesha, Kalyan, Schischa) is a water pipe that originated in India. The shisha is smoked with shisha tobacco and heated with the shisha charcoal. The bowl / glass of the shisha is filled with water. The hookah can be made of stainless steel, brass, zinc or aluminum. A water pipe has several parts. By pulling on the mouthpiece, the smoke passed through the column of smoke into the bowl of the shisha and then into the mouth.

What is hookah tobacco?

In contrast to cigarettes and pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco is much more humid. Shisha tobacco is made from raw tobacco, glycerine, molasses and flavors. There are 5 different types of raw tobacco.

Viriginia Gold (mild & sweet)

Ligero tobacco (strong & spicy)

Burley tobacco (strong & sweet)

Orient tobacco (mild, expensive, sweet)

(Dark / American) Blend Tobacco (versatile / blend)

What is shisha charcoal?

Shisha charcoal or water pipe charcoal is made from coconut shells. There are two types of coal, the natural coal and the self-igniting coal. Self-igniting coal can be heated with a lighter, while natural coal is usually heated with a lighter. The shisha charcoal heats the tobacco.