How do pensions work in Switzerland

Retirement: Rich in retirement

If these expenses are offset by lower regular income, there is an urgent need for action. All saving measures are to be checked, if necessary drastic cuts are in place - a so-called waiver planning. There is potential for savings when it comes to cars, holidays or the consumption of expensive food and drinks. Only when income and expenses are in balance can further retirement planning be considered - for example, whether there is still room for private savings.
"Most people are not even aware of how much money they really have because most of the money is tied up," says VZ consultant Metzger. It is all the more important to be clear about this as most Swiss people only save a large part of their wealth when they are over 50 years old. So it's about creating an asset status that creates transparency about where which assets are invested: in the pension fund, in the third pillar, in life insurance, in the house, in shares, bonds or funds and in the savings account. The asset status decides how to proceed.