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Jungle Ax

Jungle Ax

Jungle Ax is an Wooden Ax that can break 10 connected wood blocks in a single chop. This ax is commonly paired with an Efficiency V golden ax with Haste III potions, as there is a 2-second cooldown for the ability.

Obtaining [edit | edit source]

Jungle Ax can be obtained by Crafting or buying from the Auction House.

Crafting [edit | edit source]

Usage [edit | edit source]

Jungle Ax can be used to chop down 10 connected blocks of wood in a single hit or used to craft the Treecapitator.

Every wood block broken by the Jungle Ax counts towards a player's wood collection for that wood type.

Crafting [edit | edit source]

Treecapitator [edit | edit source]

The Treecapitator is an upgraded form of the Jungle Ax that is 250% more powerful than the Jungle Ax, as well as being a golden ax, which has a much faster chopping speed.

Tips [edit | edit source]

  • The only Enchantments that work on the Jungle Ax are Efficiency, Silk Touch, Telekinesis, and Smelting Touch
  • Rather than trying to grind out jungle collection yourself, you can try to get one of these in the auction house. Prices can range from several hundred coins to 5,000 coins, which is very cheap.
  • An Efficiency V Golden Ax with Haste III Potion breaks wood in 1 tick, making it faster than a Jungle Ax because of its cooldown. However, it can still be more efficient than Golden Ax on under some conditions: when trees are not close or when wood blocks are not reachable without its ability. Also, if the Treecapitator is not used, it is the best to use both axes as it allows the player to use the Jungle Axe's ability without the cost of the lower mining speed.

History [edit | edit source]

Bugs [edit | edit source]

  • Drops from logs mined with the Jungle Axe's ability will sometimes disappear.
    • This is easily preventable by enchanting the ax with Telekinesis.

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