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Smoking cemetery


On this page we list prominent people who we believe have a high probability of having died as a result of smoking. Numerous studies show that cancer deaths are typical smoking deaths that only occur after decades. Smoking is also the leading cause of the occurrence of COPD and significantly increases the risk of heart and circulatory diseases. Two out of three smokers die - mostly prematurely - from their addiction.

The smoking cemetery should not pillory the deceased. However, celebrities are role models for many people and influence what they do. We want to show that smoking diseases do not stop at well-known personalities. If you die too young of a typical smoking disease such as cancer of the larynx, tongue, lung or rectum, COPD or a heart attack (like George Michael) or stroke (like Roger Cicero), this information may help one or the other Quitting smoker.

SurnamejobAge at deathCause of deathdate of deathavg.
Life expectancy *
lost years
Jan Fedderactor64 yearscancerDecember 201991,8227
Werner MüllerManager, ex-Federal Minister of Economics73 yearscancerJuly 201988,1415
Hannelore Elsneractress76 yearsBreast cancerApril 201994,8718
Stefanie Tückingmoderator56 yearsPulmonary embolismDecember 201888,9633
Jens BüchnerPop singer (Goodbye, Germany)49 yearsLung cancerNovember 201884,0135
Jürgen MarcusSinger69 yearsCOPDMay 201885,4616
Michael TönniesGerman football professional57 yearsunnamedJanuary 201791,3131
George MichaelBritish musician53 yearsHeart failureDecember 201687,9534
Leonard CohenKan. musician82 yearsunnamedNovember 201692,5810
Manfred Krugactor79 yearslung infectionOctober 201691,7212
Tamme HankenAnimal healer56 yearssudden cardiac deathOctober 201688,2132
Daniel Josefsohnphotographer54 yearsunnamedAugust 201688,0334
Götz Georgeactor77 yearsCancer June 201691,2314
Manfred Deixcartoonist67 yearsPulmonary infarctionJune 201689,5022
Manel VichSpanish stadium announcer78 yearscancerMay 201691,4713
Arne ElstholtzGerman voice actor72 yearsunnamedApril 201690,2518
Wolfgang RohdeGerman musician66 yearscancerApril 201689,3713
Dieter ThomasGerman cabaret artist69 yearscancerApril 201689,7920
Roger CiceroGerman jazz singer45 yearsstrokeMarch 201687,4642
Johan Cruyffnl. Soccer player68 yearscancerMarch 201689,6421
Guido WesterwelleGerman politician54 yearscancerMarch 201688,0334
Margit GeisslerGerman actress57 yearscancerFebruary 201697,8934
Peter LustigGerman moderator78 yearscancerFebruary 201691,4713
Umberto Ecoit. writer84 yearscancerFebruary 201693,279
Paul KantnerUS musician74 yearsOrgan failureFebruary 201690,6116
Alan RickmanBritish actor69 yearscancerJanuary 201689,7920
David BowieBritish musician69 yearscancerJanuary 201689,7920
Maja MaranovGerman actress54 yearscancerJanuary 201691,7331
Lemmy KilmisterBritish musician70 yearscancerDecember 201589,9319
Klaus NessGerman politician (SPD)53 yearscancerDecember 201587,9535
Helmut SchmidtGerman ex-Chancellor96 yearsOrgan failureNovember 201599,863
Harry RowohltGerman writer70 yearscancerJune 201589,9319
Errol BrownBritish musician71 yearscancerMay 201590,0919
Helmut DietlGerman director70 yearscancerMarch 201589,8319
Wolfram WuttkeGerman footballer53 yearsOrgan failureMarch 201587,9535
Leonard NimoyUS actor83 yearsCOPDFebruary 201592,919
Kurt KuchAustrian Journalist,
Fighter f. New
Tobacco Act
43 yearscancerJanuary 201587,3944
Joe CockerBritish singer70 yearsLung cancerDecember 201489,9319
Donna SummerUS singer63 yearsLung cancerMay 201292,2629
Christoph SchlingensiefGerman director49 yearsLung cancerAugust 201087,6638
Georg Franz DanzerAustrian songwriter60 yearsLung cancerJune 200788,4628
Rudi CarrellNL show master71 yearsLung cancerJuly 200689,8918
George HarrisonBritish musician58 yearsLung cancerNovember 200187,7129
Diether cancerGerman actor52 yearsLung cancerJanuary 200087,0235
Hanns Joachim FriedrichsJournalist (daily topics)68 yearsLung cancerMarch 199586,1918
Frank ZappaUS singer and composer53 yearsProstate cancerDecember 199386,4333
Yul BrynnerUS actor65 yearsLung cancerOctober 198587,3222
Bob Marleyjamaik. Musician36 yearsSkin cancerMay 198184,1148
Steve McQueenUS actor50 yearsCardiac arrestNovember 198084,7934 
Gary Cooperon the actor60 yearsProstate cancerMay 196184,1724
Humphrey BogartUS actor58 yearsEsophageal cancerJanuary 195791,8733

* The basis is currently the average life expectancy from the cohort life table of the Federal Statistical Office for Germany from 2015/2017. It shows the average age of people - separated into men and women - who reached a certain age in 2017 (or earlier). We used the same values ​​as a rough benchmark for foreign celebrities