How to build a flatbed truck body

How to Build an F1 Car - Part One

© Mark Thompson / Getty Images
In the new mini-series, Red Bull Racing reveals the secret of building a Formula One car.
In four episodes, “Making of a Formula One Car” takes you on the journey from concept to finished product - and the first video, in which everything revolves around R&D, will be online from Wednesday.
In the first episode you will not only see interviews with Christian Horner and senior team members, you will also learn more about some of the work steps in the design department, such as the 30,000 changes to the design that a model goes through within a season. The film also offers an insight into some of the most important areas in the plant, such as the wind tunnel.
A new episode will be released every week for four weeks, and each episode will take you into the world of design, production and ultimately building the actual car on the assembly line at our Milton Keynes headquarters.