Prana Violet Healing Wand How To Use It

Violet dye

Violet dye is a dye that is created when you combine blue dye and red dye in a craft field. Besides him there are 15 other dyes.

Manufacture [edit]


Traveling vendors sell 3 purple dye for an emerald. Villagers with the Shepherd profession have a 20% chance to purchase 12 purple dyes for an emerald as part of their second level trade.

Use [edit]

Like all other dyes, the purple dye can ...:

  • ... applied to sheep to dye their wool, which can then be sheared for 1-3 blocks of purple wool.
  • ... be applied to tamed wolves and cats to dye their collars.
  • ... are used to dye or bleach wool, leather armor, beds, glass, ceramics and shulker boxes.
  • ... can be combined with black powder to create a fireworks star.
  • ... create a color blending effect in combination with a fireworks star.
  • ... used to add patterns to banners.
  • ... can be combined with sand and gravel to produce dry concrete.
  • ... are used for inscriptions on signs. The text color can be changed by right clicking with the dye.
  • Bedrock Exclusive: ... used to dye Shulker.
  • Bedrock-exclusive: ... can be used to color water from the kettle.
  • Bedrock-exclusive:… can be combined with chemical reactions to produce balloons and glow sticks.

Processing [edit]

New with version 1.17:

Bedrock / Education Edition [edit]