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12/27/2013, 09:02  
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[Introduction] Cookie Online

Heyhey, Xarva and I want to introduce you to Cookie Online.
A private server on the 28.12.2013 Comes online.
Since Tramanto has no future at all, I have myself
decided to support another server.
We use the rebuilt Tramanto files for this
(Since the files were locked together with the root, I rebuilt & improved the files).
Otherwise, have a lot of fun getting information!

Since there are already a few innovations in our old Trama
we decided to have extra things
to invite. We are a completely German server,
however, we don't mind if foreigners are ours
Try server. Have since the last trama
we include the following innovations:

- Brand system (we'll add more options later)
=> With the brands you can;
Make a wish item what he owns +11/12 (50)
A shirt with his name (400),
Level Up (30)
Change class (300)
Ice Karen Weapon (Serverbest Weapon) (500)
=> You get the tokens from the new bosses and from the new ones
Kingdom Quest's.

- badges
=> You can now buy a badge for every 10th level, with it
you can level better and easier.

- KR Rüssi
=> The crusader armor was also added in the NPC, but as
Costume (Buggs could arise that the normal Rüssi becomes buggy)

- New skills
=> We have added new skills to each class
=> Dark Summon (Summons 3 magicians) For magicians
=> Hollow Aura (stunt the opponent and poison them, is an AOE) For warriors
=> Frost Aura (Freezes the enemy and bleeds them to death, blinds them, is an AOE) For clerics
=> Hollow Wind (throttles the opponent and stunts them in the process, is an AOE) For Joker
=> Forest Howling (stunt the opponent, paralyze them and poison them, is an AOE) For hunters

- Ultimate skills
=> So far we have only finished the Ulti's for 7 classes, more information will follow when everything is ready.
Meaning: The Ultimate Skills are OP Skills with a 10 minute countdown.
You spend half your life and mana's to activate a huge skill. With the Gladiator e.g. (Speed: 360 for 10 seconds, 100% Crit for 10 seconds, invulnerability for 10 seconds, Stun 10 meters range 10 seconds, burn poison 10 seconds 300 damage per second, DMG & MDMG weakened by 35% for 30 seconds)

- Weekly random items! Which are only available for a short time!

- Upprate 200% !!!!!

- 100% FREE!

[CENTER] Server info
EXP: 25x
DROPP: 50x
Money: kill mobs or the higher the Elrue, the more
They have value with the NPC.

Last word
Thanks again for reading through, we will process the server again and again and add new things or functions and fix them, so don't be surprised about the DC's in the weekends (the weekends are DC days! Or small maintenance) I'm currently uploading,
takes about another 6 hours ~.