How many tons is a Goodman Ar49-1

Conversion from grams to metric tons

What is weight

The colloquial term "weight" actually refers to the physical basic quantity "mass". The international unit is kg (kilogram)

How does the conversion of different weight units work?

Weights are used to determine how heavy something is. The weight depends on the material of an object. For example, a plastic cup of the same volume is lighter than a porcelain cup. This is because porcelain has a higher density.

The kilogram is an SI unit. This means that many countries in the world have legally stipulated the kilogram as a unit of weight.

Weights are converted to make it easier to compare them. To convert weight units, you need to know how often the weight unit you are looking for is included in the existing one. That's the Conversion factor. The conversion factor is multiplied by the already known value and the conversion is done

Examples of the conversion from grams to tons

How many tons are 2.5 grams?
One gram consists of 0,000 ton. So the conversion factor is 0.000.
Gram * conversion factor = number of tons
2.5 g * 0.000 = 2.5E-6 t