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Genshin Impact: How to Get Barbara For Free

Many Genshin Impact characters require luck in wishing to obtain them, but Healer Barbara is available for free.

Genshin Impact relies heavily on gacha monetization to unlock heroes. However, this is not always the case and certain, such as Barbara, can be unlocked for free. However, getting this character in Genshin Impact isn't as easy as it sounds.

Usually one has to rely on grind and luck to expand one's collection. During the game you collect old stones. These can then be exchanged for special requests. Wishes are part of the gacha system and will randomly drop items or characters.

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Fortunately, Barbara is completely free to be obtained for a limited time. And that in two ways. However, there is one catch to watch out for. To start this process, the Genshin Impact account must have been created before September 28, 2020. But even if you don't fall into this category, all hope is not lost. This option is also available to those who created an account prior to patch 1.1. The update came out on November 11, 2020.

Now comes the hard part. In order to actually get Barbara you have to level up to Adventure Level 20. But don't worry, despite the drag it takes to get to this point, there are plenty of fun ways to get there quickly. Aside from the main story missions, daily missions are also available. There are four missions each day, each worth 200 Adventure XP. Other options include hunting down bosses and unlocking domains for a few hundred XP each.

Once you have reached adventure level 20, a 4-star Barbara becomes available to add to your team.

The second way to get Barbara for free is to reach adventure level 18. This unlocks the quest "For a dark shadow". After successfully completing the task, you will receive Barbara. There is no time limit for this.