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Hi Anne!

i have no idea about computers! and what is uri ?????

For such questions there is a great address called Wikipedia on the net!

So 1st fact is that you have to talk to me like you would with a child.

OK! So now pay close attention and read through each word twice.

  1. in the meantime we have agreed not to send any htm.

If the content of your email, such as images, etc. should be displayed directly, then this is only possible if you send an HTML email!

Nevertheless, I want hyperlinks and no visible spaces for the recipient.

Many mail programs can do this, even if the mail is a "plain text" email.

the file must of course not be too big. (images)

That only depends on your content!

how do I get these criteria under one roof?

By keeping the content to a minimum and sending a combined HTML / text-only email of the MIME type "multipart / alternate" or "multipart / mixed".

  1. explains briefly about the homepage and uri and so ...

Gunnar said, instead of sending an HTML email (which is nothing more than a "normal" website), you simply put your email message online on your web space and only inform people via "plain text" email with the link to the page about news!
On the subject of URI / URL see

and 4. i want to work very little.

Then forget it!

do you want to do that for me ....? :-)))

So not me.

There are also lots of ready-made "newsletter scripts" (e.g. in PHP) and corresponding tutorials. The search engine of your choice will definitely help you.

After a day of intensive analysis of the topic, you will definitely be smarter! ;-)

Greetings Gunther