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Do you trust Sony, Apple and Facebook?

Dear readers,
I'm not a gamer, but I was worried about the data theft at Sony. 100 million user data copied overnight, an unbelievable dimension. I have some Apple devices and Apple owns my data. So far they are safe. What unsettled me at Apple: for example, that my iPhone logged location data even when the function was switched off. Programming error? Preliminary stage to the location history? You don't really know. On Facebook, I feel strongly urged to self-evade anyway, fear Arges, reduce my personal information to a minimum.
data protection was yesterday ... I could go on and on with this list of data breaches. And yet we all use these ingenious digital services and products. Apart from the question of whether lawyers, politicians, CEOs, scientists, computer scientists or all of them should concentrate more to protect our private data: For me as a user, it feels like I'm in a convertible on a summer's day drive one of these alpine roads, which are lined with rockfall signs. I feel uncomfortable, but leave the roof open because it's more casual like everyone else. Why? ... today is trust. The sociologist Niklas Luhmann says:

Thomas Pyczak Editor-in-Chief CHIP

Trust reduces complexity. Well done, I think. I hardly know how I could enjoy the digital world without trust, for example in brands, companies, people, technologies or institutions. I expect everything to go well for me when shopping online, banking online, or chatting. I expect that forces and opposing forces that work in the digital world will ultimately have a positive effect. Is that naive? Would mistrust be more appropriate? Might be. Too bad: It works, as Luhmann writes, according to the same pattern as trust. Here, too, it is not about rationality, but about simplification. How far does your trust go? I look forward to your feedback!

[email protected] or 07/2011



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12 This is how secure data is in the cloud and Co. 14 EU demands the Internet wall 16 ZEHN.DE: Facebook 18
Is personal data safe in the cloud or only if it is stored locally? The EU wants to curb unauthorized data traffic in Europe's cyberspace. Pirate language or the glut of pensioners: What you didn't know about Facebook


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Focus: The energy internet

The power grid is getting more complicated. That's why intelligent technology should control the network. Security technologies in browsers should lock out hackers: Now they have been cracked Apple's new iMacs offer four cores, Thunderbolt connections and an HD camera. After the Android app store and cloud music player, an Amazon tablet is now to come

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pen source programs are free and often far superior to commercial alternatives. Since the freely available source code can easily be changed by developers, errors are often quickly corrected and new functions implemented quickly. A large software package awaits you on our magazine DVD, which introduces you to the latest treasures from the developer scene. In addition, our 13 top full versions take care of convenient maintenance and optimization of the system. With the PerfectDisk defragmentation service, you can keep your hard disk in good working order and avoid the risk of data loss in good time thanks to the high-performance 07/2011 WWW.CHIP.DE

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Travel destinations for photographers
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The CHIP100 will get you in the holiday mood. With travel guides, apps, videos, language trainers and much more
Summer time is travel time, and in this issue CHIP100 prepares you for the most beautiful time of the year. If you have not yet considered a travel destination, let our travel videos and reports inspire you. Do you love forays with the camera? Maybe you like our travel destinations for photographers. Before you set off, our checklists will help you plan your vacation and give you important tips, for example what to look out for when you are driving abroad. Speaking of foreign countries: Brush up on your foreign language skills before your vacation. For example, try out a completely new way of learning with the Interactive Language Travel software. We also have basic vocabulary lessons in six languages ​​on the DVD as audio files that can be loaded onto the MP3 player. During your vacation you can relax with one of our books, the thriller A Fateful Promise. Our mobile phone apps also help you relax. Be it that they turn your phone into a navigation system, make it easier to find a hotel or help you find your car again. And that's not all: -Story r p. 58 shows how you can click your way to your dream vacation on the web and book real travel deals.




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Vinyl is unbeatable
Do you still have music CDs? CHIP 6/2011 page 3
What are you asking? I own more vinyl records than CDs. The ritual of hanging up alone increases the joy of enjoyment. Put on the good headphones and then sink your gaze into the stroboscopic reflex of the turntable and the glowing light of the cathode heating from the preamplifier. Music to watch and enjoy. MP3? Pure convenience product for in between.
Wolfgang WEiss via email

How legal is illegal?

Thank you for your effort! Nothing is more uncertain than the legal situation

B. Hopf via mail voucher. In any case, I cannot imagine that the music CD will disappear from the store shelves. And I sometimes ask myself whether I always want to be surrounded by so many people with buttons in their ears. I'm probably a dinosaur there.
Jan C. EilErs via email

As a fan of the entire IT spectrum, I can only agree with you to a limited extent. No MP3 file can achieve the outstanding sound of a good CD or direct-cut vinyl record in the least. Sure, not a major drawback for deaf teenagers, but a no-go for audiophile sound gourmets. In the car it is probably less important with which frequency response the sound mash hits you, and level has nothing to do with enjoyment. Only this ubiquitous availability of data has a stale aftertaste for me in all unsolved issues of surveillance and spying. So, cloud, no thanks!
r. k. via mail

ware MyTomTom work. That means: map updates, backups, updates are just about it. But this special software has not been working since the beginning of autumn 2010, in mid-April the installed maps could finally be updated, but that was about it. A maximum of 50 percent of the specified options can currently be used.
H. Hunold via mail

Letters to the editor
EDITORIAL CHIP Keyword: Letter to the editor Poccistrae 11 80336 Mnchen Fax: (089) 74 64 22 74 E-Mail: [email protected] Web: You can also contact the authors of the large articles directly. You will find the respective email address at the end of each article.

Expand online storage
Amazon Cloud Drive CHIP 6/2011 page 20
In your article you mention various web services that provide online storage space similar to Amazon. Even if I am not really enthusiastic about, I would like to make the following comment: It is correct, the Premium or Club service costs 60 euros per year and offers 4 GB of online storage from the time the contract is signed. However, if this is not enough, it can be expanded by another GByte every month. According to, unlimited. Is one z. If, for example, you have been a Premium customer for five years, you can theoretically have accumulated 64 GB for still 60 euros a year!
HEiko SCHNEIDER via email

Strict device binding
The best satellite receivers CHIP 6/2011 page 94
In your article it says about receivers without hard drive that the majority can be upgraded with a USB drive for recording and time shifting. This is often practical, as the external hard drive can simply be connected to the computer in order to transfer the recordings. Here comes my problem. I have a Panasonic TX-P42GN23 plasma television. It contains all three receivers in the device, I work with DVB-S. I can also connect an external USB hard drive to this device and record films. However, the HDD must be registered with the TV first. After that, a recording can only be played back on this one device. It is not possible to edit it, you have to look at the whole advertisement. If you plug the HDD into the PC via USB, the computer suspects that something is plugged in. However, absolutely nothing can be seen.
THE GROWTH via email

I think the decision whether to put a music CD in the player (the hi-fi system) or double-click in iTunes depends on the current state of mind and the desired level of satisfaction. If I just want to be showered with music on the side, then MP3s and mobile devices are definitely the first choice. But if I want more and am so courageous in our day and age to take the time to do it, then I can't ignore the good old music CD. This is only topped by the record, as we humans do not yet have a digital ear and thus all A / D and D / A converters in CD players are no longer necessary, so the music signal is not bent twice, which inevitably does Losses. Music CDs will still have their place on my shopping lists. A CD is also well suited as a small, beautifully wrapped gift and is not as impersonal as a download

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Faulty software

DVD and magazine reorders

Styx Tel .: (089) 9 03 06 40 Fax: (089) 9 03 07 48 E-Mail: [email protected] Web:

The big brand report: Navis CHIP 6/2011 page 69

You write: TomTom is a leader in this area and offers special PC software. Unfortunately, there are only devices to buy that come with the soft-

All other addresses can be found in the imprint.




Massive data leaks: is the cloud at an end?

Affected users: 75 million Due to an attack on the servers of Sony Online Entertainment and the PlayStation Network, attackers gain access to addresses and credit cards. Affected users: 1 million The navigation system sends anonymized location data, which the Dutch police use for the best possible placement of their speed cameras. Affected users: 25 million personal photos and documents of Dropbox users are freely accessible via Google search. In addition, Dropbox employees can see all the data.

Affected users: not known Some servers in Amazon's EC2 cloud service are failing. After a total blackout lasting several days, 0.07 percent of all customer data is lost forever. Affected users: 100 million iPhone and iPad collect location data and send this information to Apple. Only after massive criticism does the group reveal what is happening with it.

Affected users: 100,000 Because of a programming error, anyone can view the complete personal applications that are stored on the organization's website.

The operators say the cloud is safe. But the last two months have turned into a fiasco and shaken confidence in web storage



Actually, 2011 should be the year of the cloud. Ralph Hauptter, head of Microsoft in Germany, was confident at CeBIT in March. The buzzword becomes business, he believed. But the euphoria for the data cloud has suffered considerable dampening in recent weeks. It started with Sony: In April, hackers broke into Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) and its music service Qriocity and stole around 100 million customer data. Then came Amazon: On the Easter weekend, a not inconsiderable amount of data was lost that was stored in the ultra-modern and fail-safe Cloud Service EC2. Next: With the cloud-based online hard drive Dropbox, images and documents from 25 million users could be accessed via Google07 / 2011 WWW.CHIP.DE

Search can be viewed by everyone including usernames. A data breach at UNESCO only affected 100,000 people, but it was all the more severe: their application documents, including résumés and salary information, were freely available on the organization's website. And then there were Apple and TomTom, who had to admit that they had collected location data from their users without being asked.

Data in the cloud: three big mistakes

Within two months, over 200 million customers of the cloud or related services worldwide fell victim to unsafe technology, sloppiness and lack of transparency. Of course, there were doubts about data security in the cloud even before these incidents: A study carried out in March by the IT consulting institute IDC confirmed that

Above all, companies see a security problem in the cloud. The British market researchers from Portio Research substantiate this with concrete figures: 68 percent of 350 European IT heads surveyed have so far foregone the use of cloud services for security reasons. This is quite understandable, because an analysis of the most recent data crashes and leaks shows: The incidents do not result from suddenly failing technology, but simply from technical errors. At Amazon, for example, it was your own employees to blame: During a network upgrade of Amazon's EC2 cloud service, important data traffic was sent to the slow secondary network instead of the high-performance network of the data center. The subsequent cascade of overloads and data errors was fatal.



Providers need uniform data protection

Robert Hoffmann, CEO of 1 & 1 Internet AG
How do cloud providers ensure that no data is lost? Of course, the quality and scope of the measures vary from provider to provider. At 1 & 1, over 40 employees only work on cloud protection against hackers and viruses. According to the company, the Amazon cloud has a redundant structure. Even so, some data could not be recovered from the last cloud crash in April. Can that also happen with the 1 & 1 Cloud? Since the beginning of May we have been offering the double protection of geo-redundancy. This means that all data and processes are mirrored almost in real time and operated synchronously in two different German data centers. If unexpected difficulties arise, the work is automatically taken over by the other data center. Who is actually allowed to view the data that I have stored in the 1 & 1 cloud? Only you yourself, because data stored in German data centers will of course be treated in accordance with German data protection law. Neither the Office for the Protection of the Constitution nor the BKA have an interface to our customers' cloud data. However, this does not apply if you have mail or cloud accounts with American providers as a customer. That is why it is important to ensure at least a uniform data protection standard here. With so many cloud data leaks, do you privately entrust your data to the cloud? Of course. However, I know my cloud provider and their security precautions firsthand.

Your sensitive cloud data is safe

The last two months have shown that your data is not secure on the web. Unless you strictly adhere to the following basic rules:

For web services, only disclose what is absolutely necessary. It is better not to fill out voluntary information. Alternative for the address: Postfcher (costs: one-time fee of 15 euros. Information at

Use a pre-paid credit card for all online payments, such as the Kalixa MasterCard (costs: one-off 4.95 euros, Even if hackers steal the data, in the worst case they only have the current limit load on the card, which you should keep as low as possible.

Use encryption software such as the Freeware BoxCryptor ( for personal photos and data that you store in the cloud. The tool works in the background and automatically encrypts your data before it is transferred to the Dropbox data cloud. Use TrueCrypt (on DVD) for other services.

Secret services in Germany do not have a cloud interface

Only a fraction of the Sony breakdown was due to technical errors. Although the network was not adequately protected against simple hacker attacks, the attack would have been far less serious if Sony had encrypted customer data, including postal and e-mail addresses, as well as account and credit card numbers, on its own servers. A spicy detail: the attack on the Sony servers was carried out with the support of the computing power of the Amazon cloud. The sloppiness of the programmers was also the cause of the data disaster at Dropbox. Here, documents and images that are in the public or photo folder of a Dropbox user were freely accessible using a Google search. The employees simply forgot to lock the corresponding folders for the Google search robot. Even outside of the cloud, some companies gamble away the trust of their customers: Apple, for example, had to admit that it collected location data from iPhones and iPads without being asked and sent it to Apple servers in the background, even when the location function was explicitly deactivated. The perfidious thing: the data cache that Apple has reserved on the iPhone for location is enough for over a year, according to Apple, if one mistake. This cache only got smaller with an update.

Cloud future: Skepticism is growing

Security experts, meanwhile, openly advise against using the cloud: If you don't want private data to be publicly accessible, you shouldn't save your data in the cloud, says Ralf Benzmller, head of G Data Security Labs. In conversations with CHIP, even convinced cloud supporters now reveal concerns about the technology that was once praised as the data storage device of the future. For example, some experts are starting to back up their data with several providers at the same time. Simon Stanlake, managing director of the social media company HootSuite, who lost important data in the Amazon crash, thinks the idea of ​​online storage is extreme

helpful, but wants to set up redundant backups myself again in the future. The Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, Peter Schaar, even doubts the basic concept of the cloud: large amounts of accumulated data are never secure. It is at least questionable that the 68 percent cloud growth forecast by the Bitkom industry association for this year will be achieved in Germany against this backdrop. Meanwhile, the big cloud providers court their customers: For the first time, Google is showing internal information about its data centers and their security systems. Sony has meanwhile apologized to its users and distributed small gifts. Of course, that's not enough to make the cloud secure. And it looks like another calamity is looming: the IT security expert John Bumgarner has already discovered other security gaps at Sony that hackers can use to attack.
[email protected]

WWW.CHIP.DE 07/2011


News 3D monitors from LG with polarization

LG is now launching 3D monitors with polarization technology on the market. The D41P has a screen diagonal of 23 inches, the D42P of 25 inches. The monitors are compatible with every graphics card. Other devices can be connected via HDMI 1.4. The 23-inch device is said to cost around 300 euros, LG did not mention the price of the 25-inch device. INFO: index.jsp

Online crime

EU discusses internet wall
A security expert calls for a pan-European firewall to curb cyber crime

his PowerPoint presentation contains fuel: a security expert wanted to convince the EU law enforcement working group, sometimes with horror examples, to block criminal websites in Europe instead of having them deleted. However, his idea of ​​the virtual Schengen area, surrounded by a European internet wall, has met with fierce criticism in the Council of Europe and the EU Parliament. It is not possible to draw this border around Europe, says Jan Albrecht, network policy spokesman for the Green Group in the European Parliament. He argues that blocking criminal websites is the most organized

Cannot contain crime. Such censorship mechanisms should not exist. Instead, Albrecht calls for closer international cooperation in the deletion of illegal web content. In the meantime, the European civil rights organization EDRI wanted to find out more about the speaker. But when she received the slides from the General Secretariat of the Council of Europe, the speaker's name had already been deleted. Several EU authorities then distanced themselves from the lecture in an accompanying letter from the General Secretariat to EDRI: This presentation gives

does not represent the official opinion of the Council, the General Secretariat or the EU Council Presidency, it says in the letter. EU parliamentarians therefore do not consider the move to be a majority. Meanwhile, the General Secretariat only revealed that the security expert is Hungarian. In his presentation, by the way, he praised Germany for its fight against Internet crime. He refers to the web bans introduced in 2009 without, however, mentioning that the federal government has already abolished them. INFO:,

Online Duden from now on free of charge

The Bibliographical Institute is now making its OnlineDuden, some of which have to be paid for, available free of charge. The publisher is reacting to the migration of Internet users to free offers such as Wiktionary or Pons. OnlineDuden covers the spelling and meaning of around 135,000 words used in German. Texts can be checked for spelling and grammar using an input mask. In addition, pronunciation files are integrated via a database. INFO:


Gesture control: human body as an electric antenna

Microsoft Research employees have found out how they can control devices with gestures without using cameras: The researchers use the electromagnetic field from power lines and other household electronics that are already installed in houses. No further installation of special cables or antennas is required: the human body itself serves as an antenna that passes through the electromagnetic field. A receiver, such as a special wrist watch, then registers the changing currents within the human body. In this way, the Microsoft researchers can not only determine a person's position within a room one hundred percent, but also recognize gestures, such as the movement of an arm, with a probability of 87 percent. This means, for example, that lamps can be dimmed by movement or television operated. It is not yet clear when the technology will be ready for series production and in what form it will ultimately be used. INFO:

New website

The business network Xing will appear in a new outfit at the beginning of June: The revised page navigation and the restructuring of the news service are based heavily on the trendsetter and market leader Facebook. This is proven by the first screenshots on a website of the community, on which Xing informs its members about the restart. A narrow bar on the left edge of the screen will give users an overview of new messages and contact requests in the future. Similar to Facebook, news from the community should be presented in the middle of the home page: Status updates, job offers, event information and news from the personal network appear here. INFO:


07/2011 WWW.CHIP.DE


Xing is based on Facebook

Google TV box becomes a store

The set-top box Revue for Google TV from Logitech is a disappointment from an economic point of view. Instead of the expected 18 million US dollars, Logitech only turned over five million US dollars with the set-top box, according to the quarterly report. That corresponds to around 16,700 devices sold in the final quarter of 2010. In response to this meager result, Logitech reduced the price of the Revue box from just under 300 to around 200 US dollars (approx. 140 euros). Info:


Access for secret services?
The pugnacious WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (right picture) has made serious allegations against Facebook: The social network has an interface through which its members are spied on by secret services. Facebook is the scariest spy machine ever invented, Assange told Russia Today. For years there has been a rumor that the community founded by Mark Zuckerberg (left picture) is supposed to be connected to the US foreign intelligence service CIA via the holding company Accel Partners, a Facebook owner. Info:

Toyota and WiTricity

Charge electric vehicles wirelessly

Toyota is taking a step towards the everyday suitability of electric vehicles: The Japanese carmaker is working with the US radio specialist WiTricity (short for Wireless Electricity) to develop wireless charging technology for electric and hybrid vehicles. In the future, it should be sufficient to park an e-vehicle near a charging station to charge it at home and in public parking lots. So that energy flows from the charging station into the vehicle's battery, the resonance technology used generates two magnetic fields with the same frequency, which couple with each other. It is still unclear when the technology will be suitable for everyday use. Info:,

Graphics cards: nVidia Synergy saves electricity

nVidia is planning a new technology called Synergy for future graphics card drivers. As with nVidia's NotebookTechnik Optimus, Synergy automatically switches on the card on desktop PCs when more graphics power is required. Less demanding graphics are calculated on the mainboard's GPU. That saves electricity: 12 to 20 watts, depending on the model, and even 55 watts for the top model GTX 590. So far, the technology only works with Intel's Sandy Bridge. The monitor is connected directly to the mainboard for this. Info:

Photos: Flickr / JD lasica; Getty imaGes


Ten things you didn't know about Facebook

Arr! Pirate language, glut of pensioners and translation mishaps: Facebook and its users offer a lot to amaze

Popular in Indonesia

Most of the Facebook users live in the US 155 million. Indonesia is in second place. The network has 36 million accounts there. For comparison: In Germany there are around 17 million, 10th place.

More retirees
Worldwide there are 12.5 million users over the age of 65 and no age group is growing as fast as retirees. But it will take some time before they catch up with the 18 to 24 year olds. There are 188 million of them.


Talk like a pirate

Facebook is available in many languages ​​and dialects, but not all of them are to be taken seriously. In the language settings, you can change your profile to English (Pirate), English (UpsideDown), Latin and Leet Speak. Arr! <3. Mihi placet.

Gallic villages
The whole world is on Facebook. The whole world? No, countries like Russia, China, Brazil and Iran are resisting. There, V contacts, Qzone, orkut and Cloob dominate with a total of around 700 million members, more than Facebook.


Lame Fail Facebook
Embarrassing posts on the pin board lead to dubious notoriety. The and sites collect the funniest status reports.

Childhood heroes
With Donald Duck and Maya the Bee in profile, users honored their childhood heroes in November 2010 and made themselves liable to prosecution. In theory, all images were protected by copyright. But nobody had to pay. Disney even officially welcomed the action.

Every second player plays on Facebook, boys are in the minority: 70 percent of the players are women, they decorate colorful farms and make cafe menus.

gear ratio
Facebook let users vote on translations earlier. That went wrong in Turkey.There I like became the Turkish word for fuck and the message Your message could not be sent because you have a small penis arose.


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Stalker stop
How do you stop a Facebook stalker? Well, on Facebook. Because Melbourne police were unable to reach a man who was bothering his ex-girlfriend with messages, they sent him a temporary injunction via video message. With success: the man deleted his profile.

Facebook users are fans of Facebook

The second most fans on the platform, Facebook itself has around 40 million. Only Texas Holdem Poker has more with around 42 million. Most popular person is Eminem with 36 million.


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Households and businesses become a power plant as suppliers bundle the energy they feed in


Kostrom is kind to the environment. But it makes the power grid of the future much more complicated. That is why intelligent technology should soon control the network


Private households generate energy from the sun, geothermal energy or biogas. Energy providers bundle the energy and feed it into the power grid

Trade and industry generate energy from small power plants and production


Kilometers of power lines must be newly laid or replaced in Germany by 2020 so that the feed of renewable energies into the grid works smoothly. Because unlike nuclear energy, electricity is not always created where and when it is needed. Wind energy has to be distributed from the North Sea and hydropower from the Alps via high-voltage lines and underground cables. In order to coordinate feed-in and consumption, IT-based power grids, so-called smart grids, are required. The network expansion in Germany will cost 40 to 50 billion euros, estimates the Union's energy expert, Joachim Pfeiffer. Nevertheless, according to a recent Forsa survey, 90 percent of Germans are in favor of the energy transition. Two thirds of the respondents even accept rising electricity prices.


Energy suppliers use intelligent electricity meters to collect data on consumption and feed-in and forward them

Energy market
regulates the prices, transmits data on consumption and feed-in from households and businesses to energy providers

Intelligent electricity meters


Energy supplier
distribute this data

Households in Friedrichshafen have been getting an impression of the power grid of the future since 2008: Telekom installed intelligent electricity meters for a field test. Yello Strom and Discovergy are now offering the so-called smart meters nationwide. The smart meters not only transmit the electricity consumption to the energy provider via broadband or UMTS, but also control household appliances with consumption control and small power plants via the in-house data network. If the electricity price is currently low, the smart meter gives the signal to start the dishwasher and washing machine. If, on the other hand, the electricity price is high, the energy obtained from the photovoltaic system and the combined heat and power unit is automatically fed into the public grid. A household should be able to save up to 50 euros in electricity costs in this way, mind you, per year. That is what the Federal Network Agency has calculated. The purchase of a smart meter, smart household appliances and small power plants is not even taken into account. The savings potential is enormously overestimated, says energy consultant Peter Klafka. Large corporations, on the other hand, would benefit in particular: the EU Commission expects 400 billion euros to be invested in European power grids by 2030. In addition to energy suppliers and network providers, IT companies such as Cisco, IBM and SAP, as producers of intelligent control technology, also want to swim at the top of the green wave.
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Distribution network operator
regulate the distribution in the public power grid

regulate the loads of the power plants

Network operator


This is how a smart house takes care of itself

A smart home covers its energy needs with IT-controlled small power plants
Photovoltaic system generates electricity and heat from solar energy


The combined heat and power plant generates heat and serves as an energy store. The home management network controls the systems depending on the energy demand



Energy suppliers and consumers will be connected to one another via a data network in the power grid of the future. The suppliers use intelligent electricity meters to collect data on consumption and feed-in. The operators control power plants and networks on this basis
Power grid Data network Intelligent electricity meter Energy supply Energy management Energy consumption

Virtual power plant Virtual power plant

The IT-based control system turns many households and businesses into a mini power plant.

Wind farm

Hydroelectric power plant

Solar park

Large power plants
(Nuclear, gas, coal power plant)

Energy supplier

Energy storage energy storage energy supplier

They collect and distribute data on feed-in and consumption and thus ensure optimal network utilization. In the future, natural energy storage systems such as reservoirs and compressed air chambers as pump and pressure storage power plants should compensate for energy peaks and shortages

Smart home

Smart home
From the photovoltaic system on the roof to the block-type thermal power station in the basement, everything is controlled by intelligent home technology


Nuclear energy and coal are being displaced by wind and sun. That is why IT-controlled power grids are necessary
Terawatt hours 600 500 400


Households 28.1%
Lighting 8% Consumer electronics 12% Heating 15% Hot water 17% Cooking, drying, ironing 19% Fridges and freezers 29%

300 200 100 traffic 3.2%


After industry and commerce, private households consume the most electricity in Germany, especially for cooling

Industry 40.3%

Coal biomass







Nuclear energy

Geothermal photovoltaics

Wind on land Wind on water

Commercial 28.4%

Power-heat coupling

Import of renewable energies

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News Self-encrypting hard drives

Toshiba's new hard drive series MKxx61GSYD encrypts data with AES 256 bit and is linked to a computer. If only the disk is stolen from the PC, software will delete the data on it. The 2.5-inch disks with 7200 rpm store up to 640 GB. They are only supplied to OEM manufacturers. INFO:

Q&A session Ian Allison Taylor, Caesar Sengupta, Linus Upson, Sundar Pichai, Sergey Brin, moderator (from left) provide answers

Developer conference

Google starts product offensive

Music, videos, Chrome OS, webstore and Android updates: Google is doing everything possible at its I / O conference