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10/11 April: Ri © Corona 2er-Tours Nr.1 ​​- Around the Zellwald


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Hello Cielaber

2021 feels suspiciously like the previous year, but well, what do you want to do ?! In any case, I now venture 'out of cover', whereby my previous reluctance was more due to the previously cloudy (weekend) weather ...

In the following, those who have been (more or less) regularly ridden on my laps over the last few years should feel particularly addressed, but of course everyone else is welcome to join in too ...

The basic idea is (for the time being) to be out and about again in groups of two, since, as far as I know, nothing is allowed at the moment (in the course of the year, of course, I'm hoping for real group trips) !? In contrast to last year, I would like to organize it a little better (and more transparently). In fact, I thought that, analogous to appointment shopping, there would be time slots (for 2 starters each) at the starting point, initially every 30 minutes (if the rush should be higher than expected, you could of course go down to 15 minutes). Random meetings on the way should therefore remain the exception !?

In addition to specifying the start time, I would also include the idea of ​​the targeted cut and the break design, so that there are always 2 with ideas that are as similar as possible. Of course, I specify the route, although you can of course make (spontaneous) adjustments. Otherwise, a positive side effect would of course be that you can always drive on both days, provided you find a suitable partner ...

So, that should have been first with the general preface (I hope I haven't forgotten anything), now for the first trip this week:

Sunday promises good weather (if you ignore the wind) and Saturday I'm already scheduled, so there’s no room for me at all this time. Anyone who wants can (courageously ;-) but also test everything on Saturday already.
Route (suggestion) would be the following: Around the Zellwald 2021 (Komoot again only on request)

Similar to the last time, behind Nossen, I go around the Zellwald, this time planning the loop in the opposite direction (for no special reason). All in all, it's a pretty wavy circuit, with only a few longer climbs. But there is sure to be one or the other nasty little stitch here ... Since the weather should be so good on Sunday, I tried to avoid bike paths and larger roads as far as possible, so it's often the small streets that remain ... Otherwise, I'm not surprised generally always look at my personal heat map where I have not yet driven long, which might explain one or the other corner in the route selection (this time between Klingenberg and Sohra ...). Everything should be asphalted and there shouldn't be any construction sites!

My (wish) ideas then come in an extra post, where I would then also collect the participation statements from everyone else (details can of course still be clarified among each other via PM).

Well then let's see if everything works (halfway) as I imagine it to be ...
Otherwise, I hope for a nice and, above all, disease-free and fall-free season 2021!

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