How to implement the progress bar in qt

Graphical progress indicator in Articulate Storyline 360 ​​(a video)

Two ways to add a progress bar to Articulate Storyline 360

We at partekk are enthusiastic about the new function with which you can insert slide numbers in the menu. We briefly introduced this function in the last blog article. The system variables that are packaged in the new function are particularly exciting for us.

We therefore thought about how a progress bar could be implemented in a storyline project without having to use JavaScript, but with the greatest possible flexibility in terms of the design of a course.

The progress bar should graphically show the user where he is in the scene or in the storyline course.

We have developed two variants: a very simple one using a slider and a slightly more complex one using a graphic object and states.

The highlight is the possibility of free expansion of the scenes. Slides can be added or deleted at any time, but the progress bar always takes the current number of slides into account.

In this video we have explained the implementation in detail:

You can download the template with the integration for free use here.