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Ahoy you love!

There have been several changes in the YouTube algorithm in the last few months.

The first was on the "Ad-Friendliness of Videos" theme. As one or the other of you may have noticed (it only caught me a week ago with some videos) you get the message "Not suitable for most advertisers" with some videos. You can then initiate a manual check, but this is only implemented after 1000 clicks on the individual video.

What are the consequences of this? Ok, with a channel of our size, that's not worth mentioning in purely monetary terms. What worries me about this is another consequence of this: negative impact on the ranking. Yes, of course: Watchtime, clicks, etc. are more important for the ranking, but monetization does not play an unimportant role for the ranking. It is obvious: what brings Youtube money is of course further ahead.

The other change in the algorithm is also being discussed intensively in the LPF. It's about the fact that some bigger Let's Players noticed that the views and the short-term clicks have shifted. With us smaller ones this is not so much noticeable, but the trend is recognizable (at least in my analytics).

Most important cornerstones:

- New videos do not get clicks as quickly (the aim should be to make the cheap fake clickbait videos with garbage, to let them go viral less quickly)

- older videos are more likely to be clicked on / suggested

- View ratio of subscriptions and not subscriptions has shifted (most from 50/50 to 65/35)

With Corrupted, for example, this has a very strong effect (250k subscriptions approx). According to his own statements, a video, where he would otherwise have got 150k views within a short time, only goes up to 30k and then drops sharply.

The question remains how to deal with it. I'm assuming that none of us are financially dependent on YouTube, because we're still too small for that, so that's only semi-important for us and we don't have to watch how we get food on the table.

What do you think of the changes? Have you seen a similar trend reversal in terms of the view ratio or the click behavior?

I look forward to your input.

Your headbirth