184 pounds is how many kg

How many grams or kilograms does a pound have?

A lb has approx. 453.59 grams and thus round 0.453 = 0.5 kilograms.
This conversion is standardized and valid worldwide.

However, the pound is in many parts of the world unknown. The use of the unit of weight is also out of date and is now mainly used colloquially for measuring weight, e.g. for food. For example, you could order a "pound of salami" in a Bavarian butcher's shop and receive around half a kilogram.
The following graphic illustrates this again and compares a pound to a kilo:

Illustration of a pound and comparison to a kilogram

Although a pound is "only approx. 0.453 kilograms", in everyday life it is always rounded up to half a kilo in order to make it easier to use. In the Middle Ages it was also used to weigh precious metals and money.

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