CPL laminate doors such as

Paint doors covered with CPL

Two methods are possible

The structure of a CPL coating consists of several layers of paper soaked in melamine and pressed together under strong pressure. The Continuous Pressure Laminate (CPL) develops a high surface hardness. There are basically two options for painting or varnishing the surface:

1. After thorough degreasing, a kind of "self-retaining" paint can be applied, such as on plastic-wrapped furniture or imitation wood.

2. The surface of the CPL coating is prepared in several sanding steps and an adhesion promoter or primer is used.

The result of the first variant includes the risk of the paint or varnish application coming off later. The second variant requires a lot of work.

How to paint doors coated with CPL

    Grease dissolving cleaner
    Abrasives (180, 240 and 300 grit)
    Door color or paint
    If necessary, adhesion promoter or primer
    Microfiber cleaning cloth
    Paint roller (fine foam roller)

1. Cleaning

Both painting methods require the surface to be completely free of grease. Unhook the door and wash it thoroughly in several passes with a wet microfiber cloth. Don't forget the front sides.

2. Paint without loops

Apply the special door varnish with film-forming properties to the cleaned and dried door in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

3. Basic cut

The basic sanding is done with 180 grit. "Scratch" cloud-like roughening into the surfaces with circular movements. Dust off thoroughly with a damp cloth.

4. Prime

Apply the bonding agent or primer according to the manufacturer's instructions.

5. First intermediate sanding

After drying, do an intermediate sanding with 240 grit. As a rule of thumb, you should spend around half the time it took for the basic sanding for this step.

6. Apply base coat

Apply the first coat of paint after thoroughly dusting it again according to the manufacturer's instructions.

7. Second intermediate sanding

Sand the base coat again at about half the time compared to the first intermediate sanding with 300 grit.

8. Apply top coat

Now apply the top coat evenly and thinly.

When you prime, use the agent that comes from the manufacturer of the paint or varnish then used. Coating agents from the same company are best matched to one another.

Author: Stephan Reporter
Article image: ungvar / Shutterstock
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