Organic lip gloss wholesale

Our internet shop stands out among the numerous other internet shops because of its low prices, an extensive range and excellent customer service.
We are a pure internet business for private customers ("sales to private customers (B-to-C customers)").

Our product range is constantly being expanded, so please visit us regularly

Additional information about our shop can be found using the selection buttons in the boxes on the left and right (highlighted in blue). We will add to these areas from time to time.

When inquiring about orders, always include the order number.

You can determine the shipment status of your shipment using the link provided in the Hermes shipment notification.

We no longer deliver abroad. There were problems with deliveries, transfer fees, shipping costs and VAT, which were often higher than the value of the goods. We have already put too much money on it and we no longer want that.

We ask for your understanding.

We only deliver to Germany within the EU (European Union). We do not want transfers from banks outside the EU. The fees for transfers outside the EU are approx. € 10 per bank, totaling approx. € 20, which we will invoice in the future or deduct from a refund.

No minimum order value!

From a purchase value of 70 € no shipping costs. Only applies to deliveries within Germany.

If you use our webshop with a mobile device, e.g. If you visit a smartphone, for example, we offer you an optimized display ("mobile view").