How do I write an Omega symbol Mac

Question: Q: How do I get the m2 / m3 (square meter or cubic meter) symbol?

Yes, that is always a challenge. Apple doesn't make it so easy for us with these very common spellings.

First you go to the system settings and there under "Keyboard"

Then you check the box in front of "Show keyboard and emoji overviews in the menu bar"

Then you should find a new symbol with your name at the top right in the bar.

Looks like a stylized keyboard.

Then you write your "m2" or "m3", mark the number and click on this symbol directly above, choose the first option "Show emoji and symbols" and you should be able to see the different spellings of the "2".

Then just double-click on the superscript 2 or 3 and voila, you already have your square or cubic meter spelling.

m² m³

The display at the top of the system bar is now available to you and whenever you need a special character or a modified spelling of a letter or number, you mark this and click on "Show emoji and symbols" at the top. Try the letter "s".

You can then make ŝŞşŠŚṦṥⓈ𝒮𝔰 out of this.

Or if you need the copyright "c" in a hurry, mark c, click above and double-click on Ⓒ.

Once you know where to find these spellings and how to generate them, the mini-tool is a great thing. Certainly there are also keyboard shortcuts that are guaranteed to be forgotten after a week. So I think this alternative is better.


All mathematical symbols are also listed there. Do the sum symbol quickly:

∑ or

3. Root of ∛ or

Angle alpha, beta gamma 𝝰 𝝱 𝝲

And needed again and again:

"greater than or equal to" or "less than or equal to" ≤ ≥