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Is it about my health?

There are many very dedicated medical professionals who really care about the well-being of their patients. Unfortunately, the health system as a whole is not made for people. This is about profit and efficiency, as we can see again now in the crisis.

Here you can find a playlist with lots of videos on the dark side of medicine. These are reports, studies, narratives from insiders. See this playlist as the tip of the iceberg. This list is not intended to encourage arguing, rather it serves to raise awareness, because most laypeople think that medicine is about their well-being. Just as insurance is not there for you, medicine is not interested in people. If we are aware of this, then we can change this together!

Corona virus shows weaknesses in the health system!

The corona virus can be used to illustrate very well how our health system makes people sick, how intertwined the topic is with market economy factors and what actually falls by the wayside - namely WE.

Young people in particular cannot imagine that Father State could cheat them, but regardless of the explanations in the videos, ask yourself: If I love my people, do I send them to war?

Numbers, data, facts & everyday life!

In the videos, however, we not only go through facts and figures on the subject of the corona virus, we also work out everyday situations that each of you can observe, probably has already observed and that will never be reported in the official media. Nevertheless, it is precisely these factors that paint a completely different picture of this “corona epidemic”!

What scares people?

People who are afraid get sick more easily and are also docile. Free-thinking, independent individuals are enemies of this ailing economic system.