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“Miracle cure” makes bones grow

Researchers at the Rostock-based company Artoss have developed a new type of substance that can be used to regenerate bones in the human body. If, for example, there is a loss of bone substance in the jaw during dental operations, these can be closed by the new material. The substance does not simply act as a gap filler, but stimulates the body to replace the losses on its own.


"First of all, we need a hole - and then so-called starter substances, which, as it were, give the body the idea of ​​allowing bones to grow where they are missing," says Professor Karsten Gundlach from the Rostock University Hospital, describing how the new substance works. The development of the material began six years ago in the Rostock Dental Clinic. The Artoss company was founded two years ago to market the substance independently.

With a wink, Gundlach describes it as a “miracle substance” because it does not just serve to fill the hole that has been made after a dental operation, for example, but because the substance made of calcium and phosphate ensures that the body does it by itself. "And the body's own substances are always better than foreign material," says Gundlach. The substance once introduced is gradually broken down again.

"The new product is much better than what is otherwise on the market," praised Gundlach, who was the first to use the substance in Rostock. “We have treated between 30 and 40 patients since February. The results are very good, the material can be processed extremely well and is extremely tissue-friendly, ”says Gundlach.

The substance is mainly used for smaller defects - caused by periodontal disease, which, according to Professor Kai-Olaf Henkel, senior physician at the clinic and polyclinic for oral and maxillofacial surgery, is the most common disease in the adult population. But larger repairs are also possible: after the removal of tumors or cysts, even defects the size of a hen's egg have been repaired.

The substance was approved for the market in January. "The feedback is overwhelming," says Dr. Walter Gericke from Artoss. Within a few months there were around 400 users nationwide. Now the company is aiming for the EU market - and in the long term the world market. Gericke already has approval for 25 countries.

(idw - University of Rostock, June 28, 2005 - DLO)

June 28, 2005