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US Expert on Debate: Who Won The Debate? These are the grades for Trump and Biden

Who won the debate? Expert analyzes blows between Trump and Biden.

In the hot phase of the US election campaign, the Republican incumbent Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger met each other for the first time. US expert Thomas Jäger explains who scored in the debate.

The highlights of the first debate in the video. That’s what Donald Trump and Joe Biden met during the night. Political scientist and US expert Thomas Jäger awards points to the candidates. In his opinion, the winner of the first TV debate is Donald Trump.

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The first TV debate between US President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden focused, among other things, on the corona pandemic, the integrity of the election and the state of the US economy. Political scientist and US expert Thomas Jäger from the University of Cologne analyzes how the two candidates for the US presidency fought during the 90 minutes on stage in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jäger's very first reaction to the debate: "That was terrible". There was no exchange of positions, and without prior knowledge one could hardly understand anything. But above all: «Neither of the two candidates said what they intend to do in the next four years. Accordingly, the debate remained empty. "

Who gets points for what? «With Democrat Biden it became very clear in the course of the debate that the Democrats are divided into two wings, one moderate and one left. But Biden could not make it clear that he represents the two wings of his party. "

"Trump did not even try to appear sensible," says Jäger. He simply behaved badly. «He hardly ever let his opponent speak. Trump was primarily concerned with mobilizing his supporters, not arguing content. "

"Fox News" presenter Chris Wallace seemed overwhelmed and intervened too little in the discussion. Result: “There were only a few moments when the two candidates spoke calmly into the camera. Much remained chaotic. It remains to be seen whether the audience will appreciate it. "

WIRTSCHAFTPunkt goes to Trump. Because: “Trump assumes a V-economy: it goes down quickly and it goes up again quickly. Above all, Trump sells hope. " That is of course much more popular than when Biden denounces "unconvincingly" that things are going up in the USA for the rich and down for the middle class.

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KLIMAPOLITIKPunkt goes to Biden. Because: “Trump made it clear: climate policy must not stall the economy. Biden, on the other hand, was able to convincingly show that climate policy is not a national matter. »RACISM Point to both. Because: "Trump was concerned with the message:" We should be proud of our history ". Biden, on the other hand, wanted to name racism in the USA as a structural-racist problem. In this way they represented the two sides of the American culture war. " What is to be said is that Trump did not distance himself from racist groups in the debate. "Trump will never do that either, because his voters are in these groups," says Jäger. Instead, Trump goes on the offensive on this issue and accuses left-wing radicals of violence.

Election Fraud Point goes to Trump. Once again he accused the Democrats of falsifying the November election results. he could not accept that "thousands of ballot papers were manipulated". Here Biden was unable to convey that electoral fraud is not possible in the USA, said Jäger. "His message was simply: Go vote - he should have pointed out that there is simply no evidence that the electoral system is not working properly."

DIE GRADEJäger gives Donald Trump a grade of 5 because Trump has successfully implemented his concept. Because: «He looked much more aggressive than Biden, much more dynamic. This is particularly popular in business circles. " Basically, however, one of the main findings from the debate is: “Trump never commented on his grand plan for the country over the next four years. This is because he doesn't have one. "

The expert only gives Biden a grade of 4. Because: "He did not succeed in tackling Trump's destruction tactics." In places, Biden seemed erratic and a bit fiddly, in contrast to the aggressive and dominant US President.

Trump vs. BidenMany Annoyed Americans A large majority of Americans found the first TV debate before the presidential election exhausting. When asked about their overwhelming feeling when watching the debate, more than two-thirds (69 percent) responded in the CBS lightning poll that the discussion had primarily annoyed them. Only 31 percent felt entertained by it. In the survey, 19 percent also said they were pessimistic after the show. The tone of the debate, in which Trump in particular repeatedly interrupted his challenger, was felt by 83 percent of those surveyed as negative.

When asked who won the debate, 48 percent said Biden and 41 percent said Trump, and around 10 percent said the outcome was a draw. According to CNN television, 60 percent of viewers saw Biden up front. (SDA) Trump vs. Biden 07.10. TV duel between Vice Presidents Mike Pence and Kamala Harris

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The American people have lost. It is unbelievable what had happened in the USA, just the bottom drawer, bottom level, by Trump, but also Biden had let himself be pulled down by the stupid underage boy Trump! Ok so Trump won according to the experts. I thought so. Otherwise your headline would look different.

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