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1 - Drum does not turn - Eurotech EW1170 washing machine spare parts for EW1170 from EUROTECH
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  Device type: Washing machine
Defect: drum does not turn
Manufacturer : Eurotech
Device type: EW1170
Knowledge: no knowledge of the matter

Washing machine brand Eurotech EW1170

Error Description:

- Washes normally at first
- The drum suddenly stops rotating
- But still makes "turning noise"
- If you continue in the program, it works again, but only
short term
- It seems to me the problem gets worse the more you do Washing machine
is loaded
- Washing machine has NO problems with spinning

Since I don't know my way around, I would like to know if there is a repair paid by a specialist or whether it is better to get a new one straight away Washing machine to buy. Where could the error lie and how much would / may it repair cost approximately?

Many Thanks! ...

2 - Error 08 Motor does not turn - Hoover MK 7166-84 washing machine @ dv03

Make a nice one repair with pictures ??? , (and don't mess with the boys)

P.S: Look what "iiich" was already tinkering with today, even if it is Sunday
- is not Washing machine or radio, but a small one repair

P.S2: French engine from PSA (DW8B), 1868 cubic meters, unbelievable 68 HP, pump is tight, car purrs like a big cat, does not jerk.

-I'm looking forward

3 - Bearing grease / tapping - BOSCH Euro classic 1000 washing machine Many thanks again for the help. Fat arrived today. The machine can then be greased.

@ Mr. Ed

Thanks for looking. It's great when technology has lasted and lasts for so long. Hopefully the machine will make many years to come. In my opinion, this is very sustainable. If you look at how much raw materials have been saved over the years. (And if you consider that it is very economical with water and electricity)

@ Harald_77

I can only recommend this to everyone Washing machine to keep alive. We disconnected it from the water and electricity and pushed it onto a roller board in the living room. My mother is very happy with this wama and I have used it myself for many years. It is important that you have good tools and of course not put yourself under time pressure.

I have for that repair the WAMA used in about 8-9 hours (with breaks and cleaning). (I know it's much faster). I completely dismantled it into parts and also cleaned, for example, the inlet and outlet hoses and the transparent "water tank / distributor" as well as the detergent filling area and the entire tub. Actually everything that was dirty. That took up a lot of time and we ...4 - water outlet on the stone - washing machine Bauknecht wak 83 Device type: Washing machine
Defect: water outlet on the stone
Manufacturer: Bauknecht
Device type: wak 83
Knowledge: no knowledge of the matter

Good morning dear forum,

I am now desperate and hope that someone here can give me some advice.
We have a WAK 83 from 2016 and for some time now we have had water under the machine from time to time. So I once held a camera (cell phone) inside to see where it was coming from.
Lo and behold (Image 1) it seems like the water comes FROM THE STONE?!?!?
All hoses around are dry, I had everything wrapped in Zewa.

Now I'm a little perplexed and don't want to pay the 220 € for the builder repair Spend service just so they'll tell me I need a new one Washing machine.

Hope someone has an idea what the bug could be.
MFG Alexander ...5 - Washing machine migrates - Washing machine AEG HP044441 Spare parts for HP044441 from AEGHello Webeule

Hopefully you are fine.

Have you already been able to solve the problem?

I found a video on how to swap the shock absorbers. This is from a washing machine repair guide. Other reasons are also listed there. You can find the video under point 3.

Hopefully this video will help you further:
Washing machine vibrates strongly

Hopefully this will help you further.

Best regards ...6 - error code E18, repairing a washing machine;) - error code E18, repairing a washing machine;) Error code E18
repair one Washing machine without the help of Driver_2, Silencer, Ship Witcher and Prince

Actually there Washing machine always a sign when it is finished: four beeps, then you can open the porthole and throw all the stuff on the line. But now the machine remained silent. At some point I made it easy to look it up. Oha: "E18" was on the display. And it blinked.

I called my wife. "Look, it says 'E18' here," I said, "and it flashes. I think we need a new one Washing machine."

My wife got the instruction manual. She always finds something like that amazingly quickly. "Look here first," she said.

I turned the pages. Further down there was something about the error messages. I found 'E18' and realized we were dealing with a clogged drain pump.

"The drain pump is blocked," I called over to the kitchen where I assumed my wife was.

"Aha," she replied.

The operating instructions stated that I should clean the interior (which interior?) As well as the thread of the pump cover and the pump housing (what is a pump housing?). I should also make sure that s ...
7 - if necessary door contact switch? - Miele Softtronic W2241 washing machine Device type: Washing machine
Defect: possibly door contact switch?
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: Softtronic W2241
S number: 40/69149947
Name plate line 1: M-No. 06031420
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeter, Duspol

Hello to the forum,
after the last repair was successfully completed on the device, there is now another problem.
When I close the door and press the on / off switch, then select a program, the display (where the time is shown) remains completely dark.
The door no longer opens with the button.

Can a defective door contact switch be likely? Or maybe the on-off switch?
How do I proceed without dismantling the entire device? ...8 - Fight E-Waste - Fight E-Waste I have looked at the whole report and think that there is too little attention to the customer himself, who has caused this problem through his purchasing behavior.

In my opinion, the strong qualitative downward thinking began with "Avarice is Geil" from Saturn, the introduction of the euro took its toll in many households, and I also struggled with the changeover not to spend the money at DM.

People were all orienting themselves downwards in terms of price, the manufacturers did EVERYTHING to meet this demand.

E.g. washing machines:

- Plastic container instead of metal with a thin bearing hub instead of a thick, torsion-resistant cast cross (early bearing damage, irreparable with plastic)
- Concrete weight instead of cast iron
- thinner outer sheets
- Inexpensive components such as the too weakly dimensioned switched-mode power supply regulators on the electronics, which die early

Cooling devices:

- Condensation line -> evaporator grafted instead of soldered (irreparable loss of refrigerant)
- cheap compressors
- Inexpensive components such as the too weakly dimensioned switched-mode power supply regulators on the electronics, which die early

Tumble dryer:
- Tension and deflection pulleys without real ball bearings, only with brass bushes
- refrigerants ...9 - Which ones to keep? 2x Miele! - Washing machine Miele Miele W 2448 vs. Miele W 2241 spare parts for from MIELEDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: Which ones keep? 2x Miele!
Manufacturer: Miele
Appliance type: Miele W 2448 vs. Miele W 2241
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)

Hello, who can give me a recommendation which machine to keep and which one to part with? Our 14-year-old Miele W2241 is still running perfectly - so far without a single one repair. In the new apartment that we will be moving into shortly there is a very similar Miele W2448, which is probably similarly old, but whose history we do not know. Apparently, however, it also runs flawlessly. Since it is already where we need it (and it doesn't cost us anything), it would be more convenient to sell the W2241. But before that, I'd rather ask the experts here, maybe someone has a clear recommendation and knows the clear advantages or disadvantages of one of the two ... I would be very happy to receive a tip. ...

10 - Looking for a robust top loader - Any washing machine no type
Quote :
The weak points of the top loader are the design, the smaller footprint and the lower weight, resulting in a tendency to rumble.

And to carry out the extremely narrow space for repairs, often many other components have to be removed, e.g. to access the lid switch or other components that are just below the filler frame.

Quote :
As far as I know, advantages: significantly simpler and more robust construction (except for Miele), which means less wear and tear.

Like any other front loader Washing machine also, a top loader has the same components. So far, you have not explained what is so bad about the Miele.

Quote: A ...11 - Check the inlet - Miele W363 WPS washing machine Final report for repair a 21 year old Washing machine W363

tl, dr (the short form)

driver_2s remote diagnosis was correct, after replacing the shock absorbers and the water switch it works Washing machine again.

Thanks again for the help.

the long form, description of an unsuccessful repair attempt

I changed the shock absorbers immediately.
The "repair"The water switch consisted of a few blows with the screwdriver handle on the housing of the water switch.
After that the "creaking" was much quieter, the water switch turned again Washing machine worked, thanks to the new shock absorbers without hitting.
That lasted about 10 weeks, about 15 to 20 washes.

At the weekend, the error "Check inflow" reappeared, knocking on the water switch housing ended the restarted wash cycle without errors.
My diagnosis: "There can only be lime in the mechanics of the water switch", so dismantle and clean.

The heads of the two front screws were rusted, one screw head tore off when loosened.
The second screw was so rusted that the torx wrench ...12 - foot defective (thread round) - washing machine Bosch WAX32E91 Device type: Washing machine
Defect: foot defective (thread round)
Manufacturer: Bosch
Device type: WAX32E91
S number: will be delivered later
FD number: will be delivered later
Name plate line 1: will be delivered later
Name plate line 2: will be delivered later
Name plate line 3: will be delivered later
Knowledge: no knowledge of the matter

Good day,
we received a brand new Bosch WAX32E91. When setting up and leveling the machine using the swivel feet, we unfortunately had to discover that one of the feet was defective. It could not be locked in any position and is in itself wobbly in the lead. When unscrewing the foot, we also met some thread parts. You can also feel that the foot and the lock nut do not really "grip" (sometimes minimally, sometimes not at all). I will contact Bosch Service, but I wanted to ask how "bad" this defect is. Since the machine hasn't even run yet, I don't really want one right away repairbut an exchange. However, I also wanted to ask what my chances are. In connection with it just like an e ...13 - Fuse blows out - Washer Beko wmb 71643 pte Spare parts for WMB71643PTE from BEKODevice type: Washing machine
Defect: fuse blows out
Manufacturer: Beko
Device type: wmb 71643 pte
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeters

Moin moin in the round,

My Washing machine always lets the safety fly 8 minutes before the end of the spin. After about 20-30 minutes I can turn it on again and it ends the program. Sometimes the backup flies again at 5 minutes.

The model would have a repair not worth it (NP 300 €) but my main concern is sustainability. repair Conserves resources and thus the climate.

I unscrewed it once. The plug from the engine shows very slight traces of smoke. There must be a leakage current somewhere. See photo.

My question is, is it the connector or the engine? (New engine probably costs 150 + €)

I am happy to answer.

Thanks and regards
El Lavandador

...14 - No program start possible - Miele Softronic W2597 WPS washing machine Device type: Washing machine
Defect: no program start possible
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: Softronic W2597 WPS
Name plate line 1: No. 10/67246781
Name plate line 2: Type: HW05-3
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeter, phase tester, Duspol


I've browsed a little and think I'm on the right track. But from the beginning:

The WaMa is from the deceased in-laws. We took it in after the household liquidation in 2012, it was little used before and we thought it would be a good backup solution. So that it doesn't completely rust, we have rarely used it. Then about 4-5 years ago problems arose and the WaMa could no longer be used. Now our son has moved in with his girlfriend, and it would be great if she and us no longer had to do the laundry, instead of your parents

That's why I've finally sat down at WaMa. The following behavior:
You can switch it on, the light in the drum is on, and when it is on start, the ring around the programs flashes. The "Anti-crease / End" LED lights up. If you put a ...15 - Grinding noises motor - Washing machine AEG Lavamat 72520-W Spare parts for LAVAMAT72520W from AEGDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: grinding noises motor
Manufacturer: AEG
Device type: Lavamat 72520-W
Name plate line 1: PNC 914 001 459 00
Knowledge: Related occupation
Measuring devices: multimeter, phase tester, Duspol

The search for grinding noises, which were clearly audible when the drum was rotating, showed that they came from the magnetic ring of the tachometer gate, as it was only loosely seated on the motor shaft and therefore not completely carried along. Nothing can be seen of a serrated profile, which it seems to have in the original state.

The previous forum and internet search shows that neither the magnet nor the entire TG is available. Or does anyone still have an idea to buy or repair?

What surprises me, however, is that there have not yet been any technical restrictions. The machine did not turn up abnormally during washing, nor were there any error messages or even abortions of the washing programs.

Thank you in advance ...16 - PCB connector Bauknecht / Whirlpool - Connector PCB Bauknecht / Whirlpool Spare part: PCB connector
Manufacturer: Bauknecht / Whirlpool


in the repair mine Washing machine If one of the connectors fell apart, I lost one of the contacts (i.e. only the tiny metal part in the connector). Plastic wrap and the other three contacts are intact. I was half looking for myself and came across terms such as edge connectors, insulation displacement technology, circuit board connectors, etc., but I just don't know exactly what I'm looking for and what specifications the potential spare part must be equipped with. It would be great if someone could help me!

Thank you in advance and happy new things,

...17 - error 51? or 15? - Washing machine AEG Lavamat spare parts for LAVAMAT from AEG
Quote :
driver_2 wrote on Dec 26, 2020 8:08 pm:
The one who pays, who determines what is bought. Women usually buy without brains or intellect, it is the same with cars.

I'm the woman.

Quote :
silencer300 wrote on Dec 27, 2020 8:31 am:
I would like mine Washing machine Don't let it go too bad as long as I still have to put the thing in and out myself.
Also keep in mind that the more players are built into the devices, the more they can break.

I see it that way too. The more bells and whistles there are, the less worth it is ne repair -> you buy new faster. It's like that everywhere now.

Quota:18 - machine does not start - washing machine AEG P6949538 Good Morning all,

so resistance of the heater 27 ohms.

I checked the circuit board from above and looked good.But the problem is revealed from behind

I have attached pictures to you. Could it be that the resistance was too high due to a bad solder joint and therefore only the connection was broken, or can it be assumed that whatever component has been damaged?
I would actually try it with a drop of solder but I'm afraid that I'll break more than good

Yesterday I rummaged around and came across companies that repair things like this. Does anyone have any experience? It should be a piece of cake for them ...

https: //www.its ...19 - Machine does not start - Miele WDA200 washing machine Spare parts for WDA200 from MIELEDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: The machine does not start
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: WDA200
Knowledge: Completely from the subject
Measuring devices: multimeter, Duspol

I'm new here, but I'm a specialist with this one Washing machine
I find the error is not my guess
that the electronics are defective but might want to
so try to fix.
So far I have checked and found the following:
The machine can be switched on, all programs can also be set but cannot be started
The start LED does not flash either, but my suspicion was the door lock to the electronics
measured and switched through (also had another lock to try).
It is also about the door opener and not the service and
Programming mode does not allow.
It is so in the electronics of the signal that comes from the door no further

The built-in electronics is an EDPL 1000.

Maybe someone can help me because I'm with electronics repair have not so.

Thanks in advance

Dominik ...20 - No longer reverses correctly - Miele Viva Star washing machine Device type: Washing machine
Defect: no longer reverses correctly
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: Viva Star
S number: W 300
FD number: W 307
Knowledge: Related occupation
Measuring devices: multimeters, phase tester


Have the following device: Miele Viva Star W 300, model no. W 307, Germany with motor type Mrt 37 - 606/2 part 4674086 no. 032685.

My problem is as follows:

At first I had strong vibrations and a beating of the drum when spinning. I had already bought new dampers
then I noticed that one evening the drum stopped turning for a moment, although every week I heard a motor noise. I'm
not sure if i saw the drum twitch. Then I tapped a worn wedge-ribbed belt.

So I changed the dampers, ribbed belts and (because it was my turn before) the coals. After installation has
but the motor no longer managed to turn the loaded drum. The drum twitched when it tried to turn.
The engine can only do it with water (without laundry). I'm not sure if that was before the procedure (when I had the
Saw drum standing) not already so w ...21 - Door closer defective? - Washer Beko Beko WMO 626 spare parts for from BEKODevice type: Washing machine
Defect: Door closer defective?
Manufacturer: Beko
Device type: Beko WMO 626
S number: 7158741800
Knowledge: no knowledge of the matter

I suspect that the door closer of my Beko WMO 626 has a loose contact and therefore want to change it.
But since I have no idea about washing machinerepair I wanted to ask the experts here before I spend any money.
My Beko WMO 626 Washing machine is two and a half years old, so just over warranty. For a few weeks now, the programs have not started without "good coaxing". In other words, after pressing the start button, the upper two lights shine as usual. But instead of the water inlet starting now, the lower light starts to flash again, as if the door wasn't closed or something was jammed. But the door is properly closed. If I keep pressing the start button, I'll be lucky at some point and the program will continue as normal. Except for the skidding. She no longer wants to do this as part of the washing program. But if I turn on the extra spin after the program has run through, then it does it immediately - oh ...22 - Drum motor does not turn - Miele W939 washing machine Spare parts for W939 from MIELEDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: drum motor does not turn
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: W939
S number: 10/33937553
FD number: 08/1997
Name plate line 1: 5 kg
Name plate line 2: 2700W
Name plate line 3: 16A
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeter, phase tester, Duspol

Hello forum,

first a chapeau! for your forum & thank you for offering it all here!
I've been looking around here for a few hours and I'm thrilled. As you will see below, as a refrigeration / air conditioning technician, I have already used a few tips from you here in the forum, but I am still missing the crucial tip.

We use the Miele W939 a lot.
I have already repaired it several times, but there were only mechanical issues such as belts, dirty pump, drum (lost & dragging metal bracket), water stop defective, corrugated hose at the inlet renewed, door cuff renewed
Shock absorbers have never been replaced, but I would in the course of this repair participate.

At the moment there is the problem "Flashing sink light"
How i h ...23 - Program rotary handle broken - Koenic 1KWF61418 / 01 washing machine Device type: Washing machine
Defect: program rotary handle broken
Manufacturer: Koenic
Device type: 1KWF61418 / 01
Name plate line 1: WIM58
Name plate line 2: 1KWF61418
Knowledge: no knowledge of the matter

Good evening,

When I move, the program rotary handle is mine Washing machine (older model from KOENIC (1KWF61418 / 01)) canceled. Since the local repair-Service due to the not so prestigious brand name die Washing machine didn't even want to look, I called the KOENIC sales department myself, referring to the original manufacturer Bosch, and asked whether the damage could be repaired and which spare part I should get. This has now also been ordered: https://www. (May I post the link here?) If not, here again quickly the brief description from Bosch to identify the spare part: Rotary handle program CO F15-2 aluminum silver)

My question now is how do I ...24 - drum bearing defective - washing machine AEG Electrolux L74657A3 Hello everybody,
Thank you for your assessment.

Quote :
Schiffhexler wrote on 20 Jun 2020 19:28:
With the noises and the age
I would copy the device from a cabon vat,
The running ring for the Simmerring on the drum axle will also be worn out. Given the effort and costs, it's not worth it. [...]

Quote :
driver_2 wrote on Jun 20, 2020 9:39 pm:
that there is no single race on the drum flange, but only with the entire flange, [...]

Quote :
silencer300 wrote on Jun 21, 2020 12:23 PM:
If you really want to do that to yourself, then have fun with "detention". [...] The thrust ring [...25 - Bearing damage - Bauknecht washing machine front loader Device type: Washing machine
Defect: bearing damage
Manufacturer: Bauknecht
Device type: front loader
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)

Hello everybody,

I was my old farmhand a while ago Washing machine broken (bearing damage). Since it has a welded plastic tub, I am against one repair decided. I've already seen how it's done, but I don't have the time right now.

So now I'm looking for a new one Washing machine. It is important to me that you:
1. has installed good bearings etc. (the service life is not designed for 3 years)
2. That it is easy to repair (so no welded plastic tub to make it difficult on purpose) and that spare parts are available in the long term (you get stock anyway, that's why I'm talking about the electronic parts).

Money is therefore irrelevant (of course it does, but not primarily!). I'm looking for something that lasts and can be repaired and am ready to reach into my pocket for it.

Of course, energy and water consumption also play a role. But let's be honest, how big are the differences today. They are all very good in this area, but only for a short life ...26 - Bearing damage - Washing machine Miele W 842 Spare parts for W842 from MIELEDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: bearing damage
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: W 842
Name plate line 1: W842 No. 10/34492608
Name plate line 2: W989 Nr: 10/47352563
Knowledge: no knowledge of the matter

a new seeker
Good evening,
my Miele W842 No. 10/34492608 has a bearing damage and I think one repair doesn't make sense.
or ??
when was the W842 generally built? mine has the number 10/34492608 built ??

Now I can buy a Miele W989 No. 10/47352563.
when was the W989 No. 10/47352563 built ??
what is this still worth ??

my thanks in advance
would have

...27 - W1918 washing machine jerks - washing machine Miele W900 series
Quote :
Defect: W1918 Washing machine jerks
Device type: W900 series W918USA
S number: 10/33566093

- When washing with a very small load, the drum stutters in both directions. The engine seems to have little torque.

Check collector, I already had jerking motors with collector damage, the motor brushes are OK?

Quote :
- When spinning it turns up to 1000 RPM, but does not get faster if you set> 1000

I recently had the same problem with a W1614, also had collector damage, it even smelled electrically burnt.

Quote :

Diagnosis on my part so far: ...28 - Error code E59 - Washing machine AEG Öko Lavamat spare parts for ÖKOLAVAMAT from AEGDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: error code E59
Manufacturer: AEG
Device type: Öko Lavamat
Name plate line 1: L76264ETL
Name plate line 2: 913 217 116 -01
Name plate line 3: 22900008
Knowledge: Related occupation
Measuring devices: multimeters


Today our top loader just gave up. Pumping down is still possible but the engine shows no response. Error code as described E59. What my yours, it's worth it repair still and what would it cost if it were the control part?

Thanks ...29 - new LNG no display - washing machine Bauknecht top loader Device type: Washing machine
Defect: in the near future of new LNG no display
Manufacturer: Bauknecht
Device type: top loader
S number: 858997103514
Type plate line 1: WAT Platinum 22Di
Name plate line 3: 341129005538 (?)
Knowledge: Related occupation
Measuring devices: multimeters

Hello experts,

the machine showed nothing after connecting, so LNG304PN and withstood 47 ohms renewed, then it worked, but only briefly.
In the middle of a wash cycle (the 2nd after repair) Another total failure, so no display.
So LNG304 tested, ok Resistance 47 ohms still okay. Throttle has continuity with multimeter.
Question: where should you look now? no suspicious spots on the circuit board.
Board L1799 also has the indication 12NC 461975314896 on the electronics.
Greetings from the Harz

...30 - Program stops - EBD WAS 1600 washing machine Spare parts for WAS1600 from EBDDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: program stops
Manufacturer: EBD
Device type: WAS 1600
S number: 02 S / N: 20065004687-010010323-01
FD number: S1 / 20605262
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeters, phase tester

Good day everybody,

after a year I want to be the repair our reliable Washing machine Dedicate EBD WAS1600.

Error Description:
The machine washes perfectly up to 40 ° and does not get stuck in any program. From 40 ° upwards, it gets stuck in the program, shows 2:10 and the LED display of the revolutions constantly jumps back and forth. At times last year I could still remember that a washing process was then completed after about 8 hours, but this was no longer the case with the first two attempts.

Therefore, my first suspicion was based on the heating element, which I then checked, seems to be absolutely fine. My further suspicions are now based on the fact that the electronics (Minisel) have hit or the temperature sensor - I'm sure ...31 - Control module - washing machine Bosch WAN28430 / 05 I'm not an expert, but the technician has a rectangular device (according to google really the secutest device) between Washing machine and socket switched and thus measured. He has neither used nor has any other device Washing machine unscrewed.

It only activates the circuit breaker when the device is switched on or when it is in operation. The error occurred after 21/4 years ... so outside of the guarantee. Goodwill request reduced the cost of the repair from 250 to 200 €.

...32 - strong fluctuations in brightness - TV Panasonic tx-28xd1c Spare parts for TX28XD1C from PANASONICHello forum!

Finally the following.
This refers to the previous letters.

First of all, I would like to express my thanks very clearly for the voluntary work and those who do it!

Then what "silencer300" writes sounds fundamentally very different from what Ed said here. I am of course happy about the friendly and moderate response from the moderator.

As you can see; Unlike the rigid Ed, the honorary moderator "silencer300" explains to a newcomer: "Nobody objects if you ask your question in several forums, as long as everyone knows about the other and can understand which possible solutions are already available. A short note or a link to the respective forum is sufficient. "

>>> Because of the ongoing open attacks, denigrations, discredits, and injuries by the moderator Ed, you can't leave it that way.
>>> Therefore:

Dear Ed - why can't you act politely instead of branding other people (especially those you don't know about) with arbitrary insinuations ...33 - "Check inflow" flashes - Miele W8 / 900 washing machine Device type: Washing machine
Defect: "Check inlet" flashes
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: W8 / 900
Knowledge: Completely from the subject

Device type: Washing machine
Defect: defective aquastop hoses
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: 900 series
S - number: 00 / ?????? or 20 / ??????
Knowledge: Completely from the subject

There are always inquiries about how to test the Aquastop hose of the 900 models or have water inlet problems with the device.

In fact, the rubber membrane of the Aquastop hoses tears and the water pressure pulls the plunger when the solenoid valve is actuated, but the membrane is pressurized "from behind" or there is water behind it and cannot open completely.

repair impossible, as everything is potted / pressed together for insurance reasons.

Here are two videos, one of the old defective hose and one of a good hose.

The defective Aquastop hoses can be replaced with a normal, extra-long inlet hose 34 - heating etc - washing machine Miele W433s Grandiosa 100 Device type: Washing machine
Defect: heating etc.
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: W433s Grandiosa 100
Knowledge: Related occupation
Measuring devices: multimeters, phase tester


1. A question about my Miele w433s - Grandiosa 100
my Miele is now 18 years old and is now starting to complain - heating defective.
What do the pros think? A spare part from Miele or does a no-name heating element also do? Well worth it repair (Expenditure of time) or can experience have shown that the next mistakes will be made soon? It also feels like pumping takes much longer than before (ie cleaning would also be due). The machine has run 2-4 times a week on average over the years.

2. The programs don't run the way I remembered from the beginning (but I can be mistaken) The sticker says "Update function". I googled the internet from time to time to see if there were any updates to the machine there, but I never found anything, nothing can be found on the topic. (The programming instructions from the instructions for use do not address the functions that mine)

In the thread 35 - runs continuously at 0:01 - washing machine Siemens E12-44 WM12E440 / 03 Device type: Washing machine
Defect: Continues to run at 0:01
Manufacturer: Siemens E12-44
Device type: WM12E440 / 03
FD number: 8610600351
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeters

Good evening everyone,

we are new to the forum & hope for your help.
Our Siemens Washing machine has always done its job flawlessly. But now she's on strike and doesn't want to finish washing. It happened so that I washed a 60 ° colored wash & it should take about 2 hours. When the time was up I walked into the laundry room & it read 0:01. I was then determined about 20 minutes before the Washing machine and watched her. It showed no error, it rolled over once, then waited a few seconds and then the same game again. It goes on all the time. I hadn't had this before with our predecessors!
After these 20 minutes I switched it off manually & I had to drain the water through the emergency hose. Fortunately, the door unlocked at some point.

What is also perhaps important is that it smelled burnt. It definitely came from the machine ...36 - MCU defective - washing machine Electrolux (privilege) circuit board Device type: Washing machine
Defect: MCU defective
Manufacturer: Electrolux (Privilege)
Device type: printed circuit board
Knowledge: Completely from the subject
Measuring devices: multimeter, appliance tester (VDE 0701/0702), phase tester, Duspol

I have a circuit board from a customer repair to get.
I have not received the device type and S number, etc.

The PCB is labeled: EWM1000PLUS

The switching channel for the drain pump, consisting of triac, resistor and ULN2004 has dismantled it. Unfortunately, there is also the MCU (68HC08GPXX), labeled as EWM1000PLUS
malfunction. I don't know yet whether the serial I2C Prom is broken. I try to read it out.

Following question:
I found a supplier for the MCU in the bay.
Here is the link to *** click me ***

Has anyone tried the swap yet? Does the software fit or are there different models?

...37 - Wrong PIN code entered - Miele Mopstar 60 washing machine Device type: Washing machine
Defect: F63 and incorrect pin entry
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: Mopstar 60
Knowledge: no knowledge of the matter

Hi friends, I'm totally new to the field
I bought a used Miele Mopstar 60 (maybe stupid of me)
As far as everything can be connected by a gas water plumber
Electricity output was 380, I also had that changed by an electrician
As far as it was or everything looked ok

Commissioning also worked without problems for at least the first 15 minutes
Water in ... water out everything ok
After about 15 minutes I have error code F63 on the display

had thought that I might be able to reset under settings and ended up trying to enter PIN 000, 111, 999 and pin was none of them

Now the pin is locked and I still have F63 errors

And the machine may run for a few seconds until F63 appears, not like when it was first started up after 15 minutes, but after a few seconds

allegedly with couple repair companies called but nobody is interested I haven't called Miele yet ...38 - Program stops - Miele Hydromatic W698 washing machine Device type: Washing machine
Defect: program stops
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: Hydromatic W698
Knowledge: no knowledge of the matter

The machine was bought in 1992 and has run perfectly so far.
It draws in water for the prewash, but the drum does not start. It just makes a low hum. The program button does not move any further. The door can only be opened by emergency unlocking.

A fitter from the specialist dealer was there and said "PGS Def." written on the bill. He didn't open the machine. The electronics are broken and no longer available, or if Miele still has something in stock, it costs 300 or more. But people like to sell us a new device.

While searching here in the forum, I found a dozen posts on the exact same device and similar issues. But there doesn't seem to be a standard solution.

When I googling I found eBay dealers who offer controls (possibly from scrap devices). But I haven't seen a WaMa from the inside yet.

One problem (aside from the cost) is that it's my mother's device. She is 84 and has had the machine for 27 years. A new WaMa with digital control ...39 - Failure of condenser - washing machine Miele PW 6065 Vario, GW04, manufactured in 2011 Device type: Washing machine
Defect: capacitor failure
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: PW 6065 Vario, GW04, manufactured in 2011
S number: 56/114924790
FD number: 06183130
Name plate line 1: PW6065 Vario
Name plate line 2: 230V 2N 400V 50Hz
Type plate line 3: 2.85kW, 5.5kW, 16A
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeters

Dear technicians,

the machine listed has failed. Before that, the door could not be opened and the display flickered. After opening the device, a capacitor, the L-phase cable, is affected. The cable of the connector is also charred and partly oxidized. See photos.

How is the inventory from your point of view?
What is sustainable for repair necessary?

If both capacitors were to be exchanged, the defective cable to the heating element with the plug would be replaced. Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Thank you very much for your expert advice!

...40 - Source of supply TEA1522T (NXP, Philips) - Source of supply TEA1522T (NXP, Philips) Hello everybody,

to repair a Miele EDPL100 electronics (Washing machine) I would need a TEA1522T (SMD design with 14 pins).
Unfortunately, I couldn't find a dealer anywhere who sells me a few of these ICs (only from 250 pieces).

Does any of you know a dealer who sells such ICs in small quantities (1-10 pieces)?
Or does someone have such an IC that I can buy?

I look forward to good tips.

Beautiful evening
Bubu ...41 - Bearing damage - Washing machine Constructa WIM5 Spare parts for WIM5 from CONSTRUCTADevice type: Washing machine
Defect: bearing damage
Manufacturer: Constructa
Device type: WIM5
S number: FD 9012
FD number: cwf14a22 / 29
Name plate line 1: 100027
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeters

Hello everybody,

the camp has said goodbye to my Constructa Energy. Loud singing noises when spinning, dragging when turning and the drum can be pulled several centimeters forward and has play.

I'm afraid these are not symptoms for the shock absorbers, because I could replace them. If I've read correctly, does it make no sense to change the bearings due to the welded tub unit ?!

If you give me a repair advises against, I will continue to use the part with a low spin speed until I have found a good offer for something new.

Thanks in advance,
Regards Uwe ...42 - Rinse flashes, anti-crease - Miele W2364 washing machine Spare parts for W2364 from MIELEDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: rinse flashes, anti-crease
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: W2364
Knowledge: Related occupation
Measuring devices: multimeters, phase tester

Washing machine shows the above error picture.
Rinse flashes, anti-crease lights up.

a) how to read out the fault memory?
b) what is likely to happen repair to do?

Thank you for your help! ...43 - No program selection possible - hanseatic WQP12-9350C dishwasher Type of appliance: dishwasher
Defect: no program selection possible
Manufacturer: hanseatic
Device type: WQP12-9350C
S number: B9350C05686500143
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeter, phase tester, Duspol

Hello first to the group here.

My name is Mario and I am addressing you since I was here a few years ago
already times (back then with a Washing machine) was helped very quickly and one repair At that time it was not necessary because only a reset with a certain key combination was the solution to the problem.

I now have the following problem with our 4 year old dishwasher:

Hanseatic WQP12-9350C
It only has an on / off switch, a few symbols for programs, salt and rinse aid, the 1/2 button and start / pause. No LEDs or anything.
I apologize for the fact that I cannot provide any further information in the table above, as there is not much more on the nameplate.

Until yesterday it ran flawlessly. When the dishes were ready I was surprised that they were still quite wet. Then I saw that the program display was reading "60 minutes program". Only made me wonder ...44 - Stops in the program - Samsung WF80FlösungenP4W / EG washing machine spare parts for WF80FlösungenP4WEG from SAMSUNGDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: Stops in the program
Manufacturer: Samsung
Device type: WF80FlösungenP4W / EG
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)

Hello everybody,

the Washing machine, just 4 years old, often just stops after about half an hour.
If you don't turn them off, something like life will return to them after several minutes.
Then it appears as if it is trying to keep walking, but the drum is somehow blocked. That is, the drum tries to turn, but appears to be being held.

If you switch it off and go to "spin", everything usually works normally.

There are also phases in which the programs run normally.

Before we let anyone come, I wanted to ask if anyone has any idea what the problem might be.
The lint filter is clean and the drain pump can be turned by hand without any problems.
Water inlets and outlets are OK.
No error messages are shown in the display

My brother has already called the hotline, the gentleman on the phone said that there is probably a problem with the electronics and not with the Invert ...45 - Loud when spinning - Washing machine Miele W 985 spare parts for W985 from MIELEDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: Loud when spinning
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: W 985
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeters

Hello everybody,
my Miele W985 makes loud noises when spinning - these are not available without laundry.

Ask what could be the reason for this:

the drum can be turned easily by hand and makes no noise and I also don't notice any bearing play.

Today I had the operating hours displayed according to the instructions, which are at 10.430h, another one is worth it repair if it is still running perfectly?

Greetings Axel

...46 - Flushing flashes, IGBT dead - Miele W377 washing machine Spare parts for W377 from MIELEDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: flushing flashes, IGBT dead
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: W377
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeters

Report on successful repair the control electronics EL150C of my Miele W377:

After reading all of the articles on this forum on this topic
(IGBT keeps failing, replace LM317, LM339 etc), tried it out
and unfortunately still had no success, I used the multimeter to search for any broken components.
I came across the gate control resistor of 27 ohms. (SMD component). This had 50 ohms, even after I carefully triggered it.
I have this, in the absence of an SMD part) against a conventional type
replaced, a new IGBT transistor inserted - and the machine is up and running again.
You can easily find out the position of this resistance using the pictures that have already been posted.

Due to the high resistance of the gate resistance, the IGBT is no longer operated in the saturation (not fully controlled) and apparently dies from the power loss.

Possibly this resistance is power ...47 - E43 not resettable - CL - Siemens IQ500 washing machine spare parts for IQ500 from SIEMENSDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: E43 cannot be reset - CL
Manufacturer: Siemens
Device type: IQ500
S number: WM14Q340 / 03
FD number: 9108001673
Knowledge: Related occupation

Hello everybody,

I have a problem that I'm desperate for

The Washing machine has indicated E43, according to Siemens an engine problem. So I swapped the coals, they were down to the wire, so clearly the mistake. After repair I now want to reset the machine (according to the descriptions (6 o'clock, spin button, etc.). But this does not work because the child safety device is in. If you switch on the machine and try to switch off the child safety device by long pressing the start button, this is done by the Display of the E43 error prevented. The machine beeps, shows E43 and the long press to remove the child lock is interrupted. With the child lock activated, however, resetting does not work. Does anyone know how to get out of this loop? Help! This is really desperate !

Thanks & Greetings

...48 - Rhythmic noises - Induction cooker Miele KM490 / KM491 Type of device: induction hob
Defect: rhythmic noises
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: KM490 / KM491
Knowledge: Related occupation
Measuring devices: multimeters, phase tester

Miele induction hob model KM490 or KM 491
a) All zones make rhythmic noises.
b) In the case of a cooking zone, the pan recognition stops rhythmically.

Moin too.

[And in advance: Thanks to Mr.Ed.]


After I recently received my MieleWashing machine broke (drum no longer turns to the left) stupidly there was also a problem with my Miele induction hob:

For a few days now, the hob has suddenly been making rhythmic noises on all four cooking zones. There was no change in the pots and pans, they are unchanged from the ones I've been using on this hob for a long time.

I have attached a short audio recording (mp3 file) below.

The model is a KM490, KM 491, KM490-1 or KM 491-1. I can't get to the nameplate yet.

These rhythmic noises don't always appear, but in most cases:
49 - Cannot switch on - Miele W5841 washing machine Spare parts for W5841 from MIELEI don't quite understand whether it's about my person here or about them repair the Washing machine?

The time I put in there is MY time, maybe I would like to learn something and maybe I also want to help prevent the mountain of rubbish from growing, even if my part in it is just a drop in the ocean. We also need them Washing machine slowly but surely, and the Miele agent doesn't seem to be of much help either, that's why I do it myself.

Can we go back to the topic, please? ...50 - channel / string 1 without function - SMA SB 5000 TL HC inverter
Quote :
ba0547 wrote on 3 Aug 2018 14:24:

Thanks for the answer.
Have you ever ordered semiconductors in China? Takes about 3 - 4 weeks.
Yes I have.
It actually takes 3-4 weeks, but at that time it was the only source of supply for a driver IC, which had been discontinued for a long time, which contained an IGBT module in a frequency converter for an Electrolux commercialWashing machine headed for.

And all I can say is that I haven't regretted getting 10 pieces of this IC at a quarter of the price listed by the sources that could no longer supply it.
repair was problem-free and the FU has also been working without any complaints for over three years ...

Regarding the alternative types, I cannot make a statement, that amounts to a data sheet comparison. Somebody should do that who is familiar with it in detail ... ...51 - All LEDs are flashing - AEG Lavamat L5211 washing machine Device type: Washing machine
Defect: All LEDs are flashing
Manufacturer: AEG
Device type: Lavamat L5211
S number: 52700316
FD number: not available
Name plate line 1: Typ. P6347646
Type plate line 2: 914515221/01
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeters, phase tester

One day when the machine was switched on, all the LEDs flashed. (see photo)
No more button functions possible.
At first it was still possible to wait a while (+ - 10min), then the machine jumped into the selected program and worked without any problems. After a few days, that was no longer possible.
Then I built the control board (Procond type P. 451515651) and replaced 4 electrolytic capacitors in the power supply area. After re-installation, the machine ran for about 5 months without any problems.
Now, unfortunately, the error is back and renewed replacement of the electrolytic capacitors did not help.
Since my knowledge of electronics is limited and I don't have a circuit diagram, I'm at the end of my game. Maybe someone can help me further:
What does the error "al ...52 - Replacement of the drain pump? - Washing machine Bauknecht WA 9840/1 spare parts for WA98401 from BAUKNECHTDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: replacement of the drain pump?
Manufacturer: Bauknecht
Device type: WA 9840/1
S number: 02 / 5091-00.02 / 78
FD number: 8554 021 22030 308 13940
Name plate line 1: Typ. D111
Name plate line 2: DVGW M 507E
Knowledge: Related occupation
Measuring devices: multimeters

Topic: Can a defective drain pump with TWO drain hoses be replaced by a new drain pump with one drain hose?

Description: Produced in the early nineties Washing machine a drain pump (item number 143845; EAN 4016417056321) with two drain hoses is installed.
Neither this original pump nor a replacement pump can be ordered.

Considerations for the pump: One of the two hoses goes to the wastewater connection of the machine and the second goes back to the container for adding detergent.
This could be because the pump has 90 watts, which could result in too high a pressure on the waste water hose (out of the machine). Too large a delivery rate would thus be pumped back into the drum. There are no other measuring sensors in this area of ​​the machine.

All possible replacement pumps have only ONE waste water ...53 - Squeaks when pumping - Miele W908 washing machine spare parts for W908 from MIELEDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: Squeaks when pumping
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: W908
Knowledge: no knowledge of the matter

Hello everybody,

my old darling is still doing a great job if ... yes, if there weren't those annoying noises when pumping (see mp3 file). She pumps out the water, but I am very limited in my washing times because of these noises. Do you need a new pump or what's going on? I don't really want to "throw it away" and prefer one repair.

With best regards

...54 - Appliance does not start - Washing machine EG Lavamat 47280 Do you have these tips for repair tried out the most common mistakes in washing machines? https: // www.Washing ..... chen / ...55 - runs forever without heating - washing machine Philips Whirlpool AWM 836 Device type: Washing machine
Defect: runs forever without heating
Manufacturer: Philips Whirlpool
Device type: AWM 836
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)

Hello dear electronics freaks,
As a housewife with little idea of ​​the subject, I hope to find help with you.
The above Washing machine runs "forever", but does not heat up. My guess is that the program gets stuck in the places where it should actually be heating, i.e. it continues to wash cold forever, but the program switch does not turn.
I can outsmart the machine if I put hot water into the drum, then put the laundry in and start the main wash immediately. Then she runs through the program as normal.

Can someone tell me what that could be and whether there is one repair still worth it? (Replace heating rods?) The machine is at least 20 years old, but has always run flawlessly so far.
My friend is a former communications electronics technician (a long time ago ...) and could possibly do simple repairs himself.

I'm glad about every hint
...56 - Error F04 - washing machine Siemens siwamat xli 4240 Device type: Washing machine
Defect: Fault F04
Manufacturer: Siemens
Device type: siwamat xli 4240
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)

Hello guys, ours has been mucking since yesterday Washing machine. Shortly before the end of the program, it suddenly stopped, showed F04 on the display and beeped. According to the operating instructions, the pump or the hose should be clogged. I took out the fluff filter, but there was nothing in it. Assembled and test run, somehow it doesn't sound healthy, but it's pumping again.
Another machine washed laundry, again shortly before the end of the same thing, although we repeatedly pumped out in between.
What can that be especially worth another one repair, the machine is 11 years old and last year in May the heating was changed by a local service provider and cost a mere 180 €.
Unfortunately, I don't dare to change the pump myself, which would probably be cheaper for us.

Have a nice sunday
Greetings Volker ...57 - Forgets program - washing machine Bosch WFG 2070 spare parts for WFG2070 from BOSCHDevice type: Washing machine
Defect: Forgets the program
Manufacturer: Bosch
Device type: WFG 2070
Knowledge: Related occupation
Measuring devices: multimeter, phase tester, Duspol

After 5 years of problem-free operation after the last one repair the machine is on strike again. Meanwhile 18 years old but still washes (when it runs) fine.

The programs do not run or run incorrectly. It almost seems as if the machine "forgets" what to do. This can also happen when she is in the middle of a running program. After selecting it several times (if the program did not run as it should) you can then manually go to pumping, for example, which it then does. We couldn't move her to do the rinsing, it still worked last week. The problem is probably due to the control system, the only question is what exactly, how I could possibly recognize, find and fix it. Haven't opened the machine yet. Maybe someone has advise for that. ...58 - Does not pump down - Samsung J1453GW / XEG washing machine spare parts for J1453GWXEG from SAMSUNG
Quote :
silencer300 wrote on 6 Apr 2018 22:06:
It is possible that some lint was caught at the broken point and held the cover tight and possibly also tore the impeller off the shaft as a result. After cleaning and changing the motor, the pump pressure now whistles into the tub instead of the drain hose.
That means that it doesn't have to be that way, it's just a theory, but understandable and plausible.


Direct hit (apparently)!
Until the ordered replacement lint filter arrived, I played around with the two-component adhesive a little over the weekend and filled the broken off area (with JB Weld, this stuff is pretty awesome). Not nice, but it lasts, and it has already worked for 2 washes.
The Washing machine is now pumping happily again. And in order to replace the fluff filter, I no longer have to use the complete one Washing machine dismantle, then drain the water ...59 - got 400V - washing machine Miele SOFTTRONIC W 2241 Device type: Washing machine
Defect: Got 400V
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: SOFTTRONIC W 2241
S number: 40/69176538
FD number: 05958630
Name plate line 1: W 2241
Name plate line 2: Type: HW07-2
Knowledge: Related occupation
Measuring devices: multimeter, appliance tester (VDE 0701/0702), Duspol


The WaMa got 400V through a zero-L interruption.
FI and LS have fallen. Device was in operation and
has been since the defect. Does not react to anything (previously unopened).

Question: Does this WaMa have internal protection?
Possible damage - if no fuse?
Well worth it repair (Spare part costs)?

Dax_71 ...60 - Spin - washing machine Siemens extra class 3283 extra class 3283 Device type: Washing machine
Defect: skidding
Manufacturer: Siemens extra class 3283
Device type: extra class 3283
Name plate line 1: WH32830 / 04
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)

Fuse FI flies out when thrown. Little bang.
Hello, the fuse on my old Siemens has been flying for two days Washing machine Out. ONLY when spinning. He goes through the whole washing program very well and continues to spin when I turn the FI switch back down. The drum has a very large imbalance, the shock absorbers would have to be changed. I opened the rear panel and saw that the bracket on the drum on the right side of the drum is rusting. But I haven't found anything where water drips out. But I'm with the last one repair Water ran out of the chamber in front. Is the vat leaking from above? See photo?
Or can the fuse simply blow out by knocking out the drum? There was a spark for a moment.
The engine also hits the rear of the fender. All cables are ok at first glance.
Is it still worth buying new shock absorbers and trying to repair the 30 year old machine? Is it the engine? Should...61 - Rinse flashes / drum lock - Miele W162 Vitality W100 top loader washing machine Device type: Washing machine
Defect: rinsing flashes / drum locked
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: W162 Vitality W100 top loader
Name plate line 1: 00/67086913
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeters, phase tester


A few years ago I worked in retail in white goods and got this Washing machine self sold.
It has now been around for a good 15/16 years and has run without any problems so far.

For a week now I have noticed the following:

- The drum lock often no longer works. This means that the drum is not in the usual position after washing (opening upwards) and opening the lid takes much longer because the drum tries to turn for seconds. After opening the lid, the drum can then be brought into the correct position by hand, but does not lock into place as usual.

- After the program has started, the drum is locked and water is pumped in. Rinse then flashes and the program is canceled. The drum doesn't seem to have moved an inch. The locking mechanism that ...62 - Drum bearing defective - Bosch Avantixx 7 Vario Perfect washing machine Device type: Washing machine
Defect: drum bearing defective
Manufacturer: Bosch
Device type: Avantixx 7 Vario Perfect
FD number: WAQ 28421/07
Knowledge: Related occupation
Measuring devices: multimeter, appliance tester (VDE 0701/0702), phase tester, Duspol

Hello !
The drum bearings of my Bosch Avantixx 7 WAQ 28421/07 are defective. Unfortunately there is no repair kit for this type because the tub is glued. But that it is possible to disassemble the vat, I want that repair but try. My problem now is to get the sizes of the bearings and the shaft seal so that I can order them in advance. Otherwise the machine will stand too long.
I hope someone can name the camp types.

Thanks in advance

Greetings Thomas ...63 - Drum bearing defective - Bosch Avantixx 7 Vario Perfect washing machine Device type: Washing machine
Defect: drum bearing defective
Manufacturer: Bosch
Device type: Avantixx 7 Vario Perfect
FD number: WAQ 28421/07
Knowledge: Related occupation
Measuring devices: multimeter, appliance tester (VDE 0701/0702), phase tester, Duspol

Hello !
The drum bearings of my Bosch Avantixx 7 WAQ 28421/07 are defective. Unfortunately there is no repair kit for this type because the tub is glued. But that it is possible to disassemble the vat, I want that repair but try. My problem now is to get the sizes of the bearings and the shaft seal so that I can order them in advance. Otherwise the machine will stand too long.
I hope someone can name the camp types.

Thanks in advance

Greetings Thomas ...64 - Check the inlet drain - Miele HW 07-2 washing machine Device type: Washing machine
Defect: Check the inlet drain
Manufacturer: Miele
Device type: HW 07-2
S number: 00/67309477
FD number: I do not think so
Type plate line 1: W426SR WPS VivaStar W400
Name plate line 2: Vol. 5 kg
Name plate line 3: 220-240V / 50Hz 2100-2400 watt 10A
Knowledge: Minimal knowledge (Ohm's law)
Measuring devices: multimeters

After the WaMa stopped with the error message Check inlet flow, my wife - as described in other places - emptied the WaMa by tilting it.
-> error still there.

After three days of waiting, I had time to unscrew the front. Floor pan (again?) Dry.
-> error still there.

Inlet hose unscrewed, sieve cleaned, screwed on again.
-> Mistakes gone! Yay !!

Test run short wash - everything OK.
I noticed that the corrugated tube that leads into the top of the drum emits traces of dry liquid.

1. Wash after the "repair"- water leaks out on this corrugated hose !! Help !!

The water comes out at the start of the spin cycle when the drum moves up and down with great imbalance. Especially if ...65 - bearing damage - washing machine Elektrolux Emv1478 Device type: Washing machine
Defect: bearing damage
Manufacturer: Elektrolux
Device type: Emv1478
Knowledge: Related occupation


Washing machine 12 years old has bearing damage.