Baltic amber necklace wholesale lithuania


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Wholesale Baltic Amber Jewelry Manufacturer from Lithuania. High quality of the Baltic amber jewelry. Work experience is 28 years, so this company can offer good level of service, fast delivery of goods, high quality, guarantees, certificates of amber for each product.

XSTA AMBER LTD produces and supplies: amber bracelets, amber necklaces, amber pendants, amber stones, amber beads, amber rosaries, amber powder, amber earrings, amber cabochons, amber trollbeads, etc. Also individual orders. In this way, this company encourages the ordering of goods that are not in the catalog, so that each customer can be unique and offer their design to other people. You can find more amber jewelry here:

XSTA AMBER is a member of the IAA which means that it has been a member of the International Amber Association since 2012 and therefore offers and guarantees amber that has been laboratory tested and only supplies the natural Baltic amber. XSTA AMBER also has a certificate from this association so that it can be shown to every customer. In addition, XSTA also has the results of the other research and therefore has a very strong advantage over other companies or individuals. All certificates are given or displayed to each customer individually.

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