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How to install wall plastic panels

Plastic wall panels are an inexpensive way to improve and enhance residential, office, and public spaces. Care of the coating is not difficult: the coating is washed with water and powder, chemically resistant, belongs to the group of materials of medium fire hazard, does not create an environment for the development of mold, beetles, cockroaches and bark beetles. High moisture resistance enables panels to be used in showers, bathrooms, kitchens and public areas. The main advantage of plastic wall panels - they are even attached to arched walls. The cladding of this material transforms the space, adds aesthetics and corresponds to the modern influence of fashion.


Table of Contents:

  1. Types of plastic panels, decorative, wall
  2. Variants of the installation of plastic wall panels
  3. Professional method of fastening plastic wall panels
  4. Assembly of plastic wall panels with building blocks
  5. How to install wall plastic panels with adhesives
  6. Calculation of profiles for boxes
  7. Padding of the slats from the profile
  8. Manufacture and installation of stiffeners
  9. Installation of wall panels on the profile

Types of plastic panels, decorative, wall

  • There are two types of panels: for internal and external needs. The external difference between the species is hardly noticeable. The main difference is the composition and quality of the material.
  • Panels for outdoor work have a more solid structure, are resistant to UV rays and temperature fluctuations.
  • Panels for internal work - have a high level of environmental friendliness, thermal conductivity.

Both types of material are used to protect against noise and cold. The color solution has the whole gamut of the spectrum, choosing the color for the interior is not difficult.

Plastic wall panels are priced at $ 3 per square meter. The cost of finishing plastic sheets from $ 1 per meter.

Variants of the installation of plastic wall panels

Many man-hours are not wasted in installing wall panels. They are quickly placed on a prepared box. A room with a total area of ​​40 m2 of walls is ready in 3-4 hours. The main expenditure for the time is the production of the box for up to 10-20 hours.

Production of the battens:

The lining is a special foundation, the strength and quality of its base affect the life of the coating. The method is used for walls with curvature of the surface, poor plastering, ugly substrate. In cases where it is necessary to lay between the wall and the end of the wiring. Communication or finishing with soundproofing material.

The box consists of wooden blocks 40x40 mm:

  • A box for vertical wall panels is attached horizontally. The main rule for installing the battens is compliance with the perpendicularity of the installed surface.
  • In order to avoid deformation of the panels for objective reasons, the distance between the bars should be up to 500 mm.
  • The brackets are attached to the base using screws.
  • To extend the longevity, the attached box is coated with a waterproof and flame retardant mixture.

Installation of wall plastic panels on the crate:

  • The panels are installed from the corner of the room.
  • The first field is defined by the "comb" in the corner.
  • Holes in the slots for self-tapping screws.
  • Attach the plate to the box with screws.
  • Install the second panel. The crest of the panel first covers the groove and hides the self-tapping screws on the box.
  • The final design of the interior is completed with skirting boards, moldings, angled moldings.
  • They are attached to wall panels with screws or liquid nails.

Professional method of fastening plastic wall panels

This method is used by installers for public or office installation. The essence of the method:

  • The installation of finishing elements of the decor on the crate is carried out. They are fastened with screws.
  • The plates are bent into an arc and inserted into the grooves of the elements.
  • The panels are held up and down and the remaining area remains free.

Quick installation allows you to work in a room with a total area of ​​45 m2 in 1-2 hours. This method is only used for plastic wall panels with high elastic and flexural strength properties.

Assembly of plastic wall panels with building blocks

Method for smooth, smooth surfaces. The construction holder easily enters the material of the wall and does not require any special effort.

  • The plane indicates the exact position of the panel along the coordinate axis. The angle from which the installation starts is marked.
  • Staples are driven along the line, at least 4 units. For high walls, the recommended number is 6-9 pieces.
  • Brackets are attached with nails. The marking of the nails is chosen according to the size and protruding part of the staple.
  • The crest of the first plate must engage in the struts.
  • The second plate is inserted into the groove first.
  • A line is planned to install brackets for the third panel.
  • Then the installation follows the scheme described above.

How to install wall plastic panels with adhesives

The method is used for flat walls without special tools. The adhesive is used to apply to the wall surface.

  • Wall pre-shpaklyuyut, degrease the surface and let it dry out.
  • For absorbent solutions and moisture, the walls are treated with a primer suitable for this purpose.
  • Dilute the adhesive according to the instructions on the package.
  • Apply to the surface of the wall with a roller, brush or spray gun.
  • Make marks on the clean surface along the vertical and horizontal lines.
  • Cover the side with liquid glue.
  • The plate is attached to the adhesive layer and pressed against the time indicated on the package to bond it to the base.
  • Promazyvayut the next section, under the second panel.
  • Connect the panels with a groove in the ridge.

The method makes it possible to dispense with fastening the panels with screws.

To place the wall with plastic panels from decorative and functional shelves, hangers in advance form a nest for fixings in an uneven wall, and not in the finish. The holes are as deep as possible. Then the plug or screw is clogged. There is a small core on the plastic surface for removing the fasteners.

How to mount plastic wall panels on a metal profile

Advantage of installation on the metal profile:

  • In contrast to a wooden beam, the profile of the profile is not subject to any deformation.
  • The cost of the metal profile is lower than the price of high quality wooden material.
  • A structure with high rigidity parameters is made from the profile.
  • The metal cage can withstand large loads along the vertical and horizontal lines.

The metal profile is available in various sizes for vertical and horizontal applications.

Calculation of profiles for boxes

A certain type of profiles is selected from the assortment, after which the calculation of its number is carried out.

Example calculation for the wall 2.75x6.0 m:

  • The distance between the posts is assumed to be 50 cm.
  • This amount is required for the installation: 600/50 + 1 piece. = 13 units.
  • The length of the standard profile is three meters. For blanks with a standard length that are cut to 25 cm, you will receive a length of 275 cm.
  • A professional trimming of the profile takes place after setting a zero level and determining the height difference for each surface.

It is not necessary to save the 1 meter distance between the guides. The greater the distance between the grids, the smaller the stiffness parameter of the structure as a whole. For walls in residential buildings and frequently visited official buildings, the ideal, proven distance is 500 mm. A greater distance is maintained for auxiliary and household appliances.

  • The calculation of the horizontal components is similar, only a height of 275 cm is replaced by a standard profile length of 300 cm: 2 x (300/50 + 1) = 14 units.
  • A distance of 50 cm is maintained from the floor for horizontal guides, a distance of 25-30 cm is observed from the center of the wall to the ceiling.

Do not immediately cut off the estimated number of guidelines. It pays to work with the work. Correct billet at 2.75 m will not be possible with elevations in the room.

Padding of the slats from the profile

  • The guide ceiling profile is installed.
  • The profile is attached to the concrete surface in at least four places with dowels. The second profile is installed end to end with the first profile. As a reminder: the length of the wall is 6 m, the length of the standard profile is 3 m. 2 units are required for the ceiling.
  • Profiles are aligned with high accuracy. The aesthetic design of the future wall depends on their installation.
  • A plumb line hangs from the suspended ceiling guides. Vertical folding is carried out on at least three marks.
  • Guides are installed on the labels on the sexual surface.
  • The wooden floor profile is nailed with screws or dowels. On the concrete floor, regardless of the top cover: linoleum, laminate, tiles PBX profile is fixed in a similar way to ceiling mounting.
  • As a result of the work, two troughs are obtained: one at the top, the second at the bottom. The calculated 13 shelf units are used in these channels.

Installation of racks:

  • Chalk is marked.
  • A plumb line is mounted in the installation point. The length of the rack is measured.
  • Scissors for metal cut a length of measured length from the standard profile.
  • Slightly tilt the profile, place a piece in the guides and visually align the vertical. A more precise adjustment is made by the level.
  • Use self-tapping screws for fastening. A screwdriver creates a bond. 2-3 fastening units are used for each rail.

Manufacture and installation of stiffeners

The ribs of additional rigidity, on which the wall panels are mounted, are cut off when the work is carried out and in the place of its execution. The installation begins on the wall. There is a groove in the first vertical rack, and in the second it is not due to the alignment of all the racks in one direction. According to classical technology, it is necessary to install two vertical racks so that the section looks like two connected and expanded opposite letters "P". Two units of the profile add significantly to the cost of the box and do not significantly affect the rigidity of the structure. A stable and optimally rigid box is formed with a profile.

An alternative to the second guide will be a corner or a section of the profile 70-100 mm.

  • Screw the corner or cut at the back of the vertical stand. The answer is to do it under the stiffener.
  • Perform similar actions on all of the items in the box.

The technique has been tested and proven effective in making inexpensive, strong boxes.

The horizontal guides are adjusted visually without a level. The main thing is to put the guides vertically. The position of the stiffeners is not particularly important.

Installation of wall panels on the profile

The calculation of the plastic wall panels is carried out. The size of the standard plate is 122x244 cm, the dimensions of the plates are more suitable for the example described. Choose a sheet that is 300 mm wide and 3000 mm long. The extra length is cut off with a hacksaw with a small cloth. Length measurements are carried out for each section in order to be able to correct irregularities and heights in the room.

  • The panel is installed from the wall.
  • The first panel with pedantic accuracy is set according to the level. If the first panel is installed carelessly, a huge casserole will form at the end of the wall, which will have to dismantle all work on the construction site and remake work.
  • The plate is attached to the stiffener or the vertical stand with self-tapping screws.
  • Insert the second plate into the groove on the original sheet. Attached.
  • Further actions are repeated as described above.
  • A narrow slit is usually made near the end of the wall for the entire leaf. Measure the width of the strip near the ceiling, the floor and the center of the height. Cut a curl out of the thick cardboard. Contact the slot, check the correctness of the size. Halve the plate and insert it into the slot.
  • After completing the installation of a wall, the panels are mounted on the following surfaces.

Ugly narrow cracks in places of laying of panels with a ceiling, corners and a floor are covered with decorative plastic boards, baseboards and corners. Installation and fastening is carried out with the help of special locks. This is a way to quickly and easily dismantle items.

Plastic wall panels, photo rooms with an interesting interior decoration solution, guide you in choosing your own project.