What do the letters ymca stand for?

What does the symbol PX mean? Christ Monogram or Constantine Cross

What do the nested letters PX mean?

On the countless gravestones of the Melatenfriedhof there are not only decorative inscriptions, but also a wide repertoire of familiar mostly Christian symbols. In addition to the rose, the book or the dove, one also discovers the so-called Christ monogram, which is made up of the nested letters X (Chi) and P (Rho), which stand for the Greek name of Christ (Χριστς).

In the 2nd century AD, the "Chi-Rho" appeared for the first time as a sign of identification of the early Christian communities and thus looks back on a longer tradition than the cross that is common today. Through the vision of Constantine the Great passed down by Lactantius and the resulting use as a standard (also called "Labarum") in a decisive and victorious battle, it was later given the nickname "Constantinian Cross". As a result, it became a popular motif on vessels, coins, amulets and sarcophagi, often framed by the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet Alpha and Omega.

In addition to the "Chi-Rho", there have been other monograms of Christ such as the "IHS" since the Middle Ages.

Sabrina Ujkasevic M.A.