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The name of Batida de Coco comes from the Portuguese language. There "bater" stands for to beat. Batidas can accordingly be made with different fruits such as oranges, limes or passion fruit. The ready-mixed liqueur called Batida de Coco, which is sold commercially in Germany, has been sold since 1978 and has an alcohol content of 16 percent by volume.

Batida de Coco is a liqueur based on coconut milk. Coconut milk is obtained by first grating the flesh of a coconut while it is fresh. These rasps are then mixed with the coconut water in the coconut and then squeezed out. To make the actual drink, the coconut milk is mixed with sugar and cachaça, a sugar cane schnapps, in the next step.

The liqueur is made by the cachaça producer Mangaroca. Batida de Coco can be enjoyed either pure on ice or in mixed drinks. This liqueur is an integral part of a large number of cocktails, such as a pina colada. The addition of cream is characteristic of ready-to-use liqueurs. Other examples of cocktails that contain Batida de Coco include Blue Ocean, Batida Brasil, Peaches Cream, Red Batida or Golden Leaf. The fine but also intense taste of coconut gives these drinks a refreshingly exotic note.

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