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Bluetooth speakers in the test and comparison

Out and about with friends, in the garden or at home: With portable Bluetooth speakers you can play your music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or PC anywhere. Perfect for wireless music enjoyment! In our Bluetooth speaker test, we introduce you to the hottest models.

You know it for sure: you are out with friends in the park or in the open air pool, lie on the blanket and would like to listen to some music. The music from the smartphone is often too quiet and drains the battery faster than you think. A socket is usually not nearby either.Situations and problems like these occur frequently in everyday life and can be easily remedied thanks to the latest technology. We are talking about portable and wireless Bluetooth speakers. The Bluetooth speaker test helps you to find the right one for you from a variety of different models. In addition to models with different equipment, we present purchase recommendations in the Bluetooth speaker test.

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The 5 best Bluetooth speakers in a large comparison


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Video of the Bluetooth speaker test

Bluetooth speakers are more popular than ever!

Speakers and boxes with bluetooth are becoming more and more popular! In the modern world, smartphones, tablets and computers have integrated Bluetooth technology as standard. This means that you can easily transfer your music or the sound of film content to the Bluetooth speaker and play it back.

In our Bluetooth speaker test, we present inexpensive boxes as well as products in a higher price range. We'll also show you speakers that can do more than just play music via Bluetooth. Some models have an integrated radio or a hands-free system. Bluetooth speakers that can play music from an SD card are also available and are discussed in the Bluetooth speaker test.

The range of Bluetooth speakers is huge. We assessed the speakers in terms of battery life, range, connection quality and additional functions such as an integrated radio. In the following we present our test winners and bestsellers.

What are the advantages of bluetooth speakers?

  • Universally applicable with various end devices (smartphone, tablet, PC)
  • Simply connect to the playback device
  • No tangled cables thanks to wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Suitable for mobile and stationary use
  • Depending on the version, problem-free outdoor use
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Any stationing in the room without cables

Possible uses of bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers can be used indoors and outdoors. The use of the boxes on the balcony, when grilling in the garden or during a relaxing afternoon in the outdoor pool or at the lake is popular. In the modern world, the majority of people have their favorite music stored on their smartphone and always with them. Since all modern end devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, have integrated wireless Bluetooth technology, you can connect to the wireless speaker anytime, anywhere.

At home, the jukeboxes are also used very versatile and positioned in a wide variety of rooms. The devices are particularly popular as a replacement for radios in the kitchen, but the bathroom and living room are also popular locations for Bluetooth speakers. These allow you to play your favorite music comfortably from your smartphone while you are cooking or standing in the shower, for example. Bluetooth speakers with a fixed power supply are particularly suitable for domestic or stationary use. The wireless speakers can therefore replace a hi-fi system or a sound system. In the Bluetooth speaker test you will find both simple products, but also all-rounders and very high-quality models with a wide range of functions.

Bluetooth speaker test: various models, features and functions

As a rule, you connect your playback device to the loudspeaker via Bluetooth, without any tangled cables: But the jukeboxes can do a lot more! Our bluetooth speaker test explains.

The range of Bluetooth speakers is huge. The wireless playback of music from the smartphone is no longer all that the speakers have to offer. The majority of loudspeakers offer a whole range of functions and features, so that there are several models available on the market for every requirement.

Some functions and equipment items are listed and described below:

  • Battery life: Bluetooth speakers are used at home and especially on the go. Therefore, a good battery life is a decisive criterion for users. A good value is a battery life of 5 to 6 hours.
  • Integrated radio: A popular feature is an integrated radio. This allows you to easily follow your favorite radio station on the go. Furthermore, Bluetooth speakers with a radio function are ideal for use in the kitchen.
  • SD card reader: If you have stored your music on a memory card, you can play it directly with the corresponding Bluetooth speaker. One advantage of this is that you do not have to set up a Bluetooth connection and thus save a lot of energy and battery.
  • Boxes with NFC technology: With the help of the NFC function, you can automatically connect your smartphone at a short distance from the speaker without having to activate Bluetooth and pair the device.
  • Hands-free models: Many Bluetooth speakers have a hands-free facility. If the mobile phone is connected to the loudspeaker, a call can be accepted and held directly from the loudspeaker, without the smartphone having to be at the operator's side.

Checklist: What do you have to consider when buying a Bluetooth speaker?

So far we have presented our current test winners from the Bluetooth speaker test, as well as all possible functions of Bluetooth speakers. In our checklist below, we summarize for you what you should pay attention to when buying a wireless speaker as part of the Bluetooth speaker test. Depending on the preferred use, some criteria may play more of a role than others. Nevertheless, there is also a large range of all-round products.

  • Pay attention to the battery life when buying! If you plan to use your Bluetooth speaker mainly on the go, then you should select a box with a battery life of 1500 mAh or 5 hours or more.
  • Cool sound and intense bass: If you place great value on very good sound quality, you should choose slightly larger models. Larger loudspeakers have more volume and thus better possibilities to produce a good sound and intense bass.
  • Bluetooth speaker for the home: If the Bluetooth Box is only to be used indoors and in a fixed position, we recommend that you do without a battery and choose a fixed power supply. If the wireless loudspeaker is used regularly at a fixed location, a battery is unnecessary and loses its life. At the same time, stationary models can be larger and offer additional functions.
  • Protective bag: If the Bluetooth speaker is often on the move, a protective bag is recommended. This protects the box from dirt, scratches and other external influences during transport. As a result, the quality and function of the model are preserved for a long time. For some items there are directly matching and tailored protective bags.
  • Hands-free function for on the go: For on the go, for example in the car, loudspeaker models with an integrated hands-free function are useful. This means that calls can also be taken when the cell phone is not at hand.

Undisturbed music enjoyment with Bluetooth headphones

With Bluetooth speakers you have the possibility to entertain several people. Should you ever want to enjoy your music wirelessly without disturbing the people around you, then you should use Bluetooth headphones. In addition to the Bluetooth speaker test, we would like to explain the advantages of wireless headphones to you.

Bluetooth headphones and headsets are becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to modern transmission technology, Bluetooth headphones can be conveniently and wirelessly connected to other electronic devices within range, just like with a Bluetooth speaker. This is particularly advantageous when you are out and about and when doing sports: thanks to the wireless connection, there is no longer a cable that restricts and knots your mobility.

The advantages of Bluetooth headphones at a glance

  • no tangled cables, Bluetooth headphones work wirelessly
  • low energy consumption and long battery life
  • High wearing comfort
  • easy connection with bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Many Bluetooth headphones have an integrated microphone and can therefore be used as a gaming headset
  • to buy from around 20 euros

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speakers are becoming increasingly popular because, by and large, they are very flexible in use. However, as is the case with any technical device, it not only has advantages, but also disadvantages. Even if every shop names the advantages, as a buyer you have to think about whether a Bluetooth speaker meets the desired requirements.

Advantages of a bluetooth speaker

As the name suggests, a Bluetooth speaker is based on Bluetooth technology. Means that the connection is wireless. Bluetooth is a standard that has been around since the 1990s and has now become a fixture in many devices. The pioneer in the use of Bluetooth is certainly the smartphone. Even cheap smartphone models usually have a Bluetooth interface, which makes them compatible with many other devices. Since Bluetooth is a standard, every device can be connected to one another.

Modern MP3 players now also offer a Bluetooth interface, which also makes them compatible with a Bluetooth speaker.

Wireless connection

The wireless connection turns a Bluetooth loudspeaker into a flexibly usable sound system, which in many cases is also portable. Especially in rooms where there may not be a stereo system, music can be easily listened to through a wireless speaker system using the MP3 player or smartphone. It is not necessary to lay cables or the like. Portable systems do not even need an external power supply, but work with a rechargeable battery or batteries. Another advantage of Bluetooth systems is that they can be used flexibly.

Due to the mostly compact design, it is possible to simply take the loudspeakers from one room to the next and continue using them there. Purchasing several devices is therefore not absolutely necessary and saves additional costs. Wired loudspeakers are often not so convenient to use because of the cabling alone. As with almost every technical device, the prices for the Bluetooth speakers are also very different. In general, however, the proportion of inexpensive devices is quite large. The loudspeakers are now also available from many different manufacturers in different price categories.

Loudspeakers that allow rechargeable batteries or battery operation can also be used very well on the go or outside (e.g. in the garden, etc.). Often it is also possible to connect several devices to the Bluetooth speaker at the same time, which is usually not possible with a wired device.

Disadvantages of the bluetooth speaker

For “sound lovers”, a Bluetooth speaker is only an alternative to a limited extent. On the one hand, the range is different depending on the Bluetooth class used. There are currently 3 classes that have different ranges in free:

  • 1 class = approx. 10 m
  • 2 class = approx. 50 m
  • 3 class = approx. 100 m

However, the ranges mentioned are only theoretical values. In buildings in particular, there can be no connection after just one to two meters. Boxes or sound systems that are wired usually have no problems with the ranges. Sound-loving people who pay close attention to the sound spectrum of the speakers are usually also disappointed by a Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth transmission only allows a very limited flow of information - depending on the Bluetooth class. Less information then also means poorer sound quality. "Normal" boxes with cables receive significantly more information and can therefore reproduce a larger sound image.

Bluetooth speaker tower

For use at home in the living room or in the kitchen, Bluetooth speaker towers offer maximum convenience and should not be missing in the Bluetooth speaker test. In addition to the impressive appearance, Bluetooth towers are usually very space-saving. Compared to mobile loudspeakers, Bluetooth towers are used stationary and have considerably more power. An integrated radio or playback via USB stick is a common feature of the tower, depending on the model.

In addition to being used with smartphones and tablets, Bluetooth towers can also be used as a stationary music system on a gaming PC or laptop. The advantage: The loudspeaker is not wired and can therefore be placed in completely different positions in the room. This ensures an optimal sound experience and great convenience.

Bluetooth accessories

Bluetooth speakers are mainly used on the go and outdoors. In addition to the large selection of Bluetooth speakers, there is a whole range of useful accessories for wireless Bluetooth technology. Additional products for the use of portable boxes are presented here.

Bluetooth USB adapter

In addition to mobile use, Bluetooth speakers can also be used stationary with a desktop PC or laptop at home. The box can be used for listening to music, watching films and other multimedia applications or for gaming. The majority of modern laptops and desktop PCs have integrated Bluetooth technology. However, if this is not the case, you can retrofit it in a few easy steps and in an inexpensive way.

To equip a computer with Bluetooth, there are so-called Bluetooth USB adapters. The small stick is connected to a free USB port on the computer. As a rule, the driver is automatically supported by modern devices - otherwise a corresponding driver should be included. After the successful installation of the Bluetooth USB adapter, it can be used directly via a corresponding menu or via the system settings. Some recommended Bluetooth adapters are listed in the overview shown.

electric wire

Mini and microUSB charging cables

Many Bluetooth speakers have an integrated battery, others are designed for stationary use. Both have to be supplied with energy or charged. Typically, portable Bluetooth speakers are charged with a mini or microUSB cable. Should a charging cable break or not be included in the scope of delivery of your favorite product, you will find cheap standard cables as an alternative here.

  • AmazonBasics USB 2.0 cable A plug to Micro B plug (1.8 meters)
  • Connection cable USB 2.0 plug A to plug Mini B 5-pin, black, 0.3m, Good Connections®

Plug-in power supplies

If you don't just need the cable, but also need one with a power supply, you will also find a large selection on Amazon:

  • Plug-in power supplies in general
  • MicroUSB plug-in power supply
  • MiniUSB plug-in power supply


If the Bluetooth speaker used is not operated with a rechargeable battery, but rather with batteries, you will also find a large selection on the Internet. In addition to the wide range of different battery manufacturers, there are often value packs with more batteries for less money. In addition to batteries that can be used once, there are also rechargeable batteries. A suitable charger is required for charging.

Difference between AirPlay and Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are becoming more and more popular and there are many reasons to buy Bluetooth boxes. I already covered the advantages and disadvantages of these devices in my last article.

Now many are wondering what the difference is between an AirPlay system and a common Bluetooth system. The solution to it all is easier than you might think. Because AirPlay is technically based on the same principle. With AirPlay systems, the sound or video is also streamed via Bluetooth. However, AirPlay can also be used via WLAN. In addition to this difference, it should also be mentioned that AirPlay is an Apple term. AirPlay is a streaming protocol used by some accessory manufacturers. This makes it possible to connect different Apple components with each other and stream data. Since this is an Apple system, the biggest difference is the compatibility.

Normal Bluetooth speakers do not work with the AirPlay protocol. So far, only Apple devices have used this protocol.Devices from other manufacturers can often not connect to speakers or other devices that only support AirPlay. So if you don't have an Apple device, you should pay close attention to which services are supported when buying a Bluetooth speaker. Otherwise, for example, you cannot connect your own smartphone or tablet to the Bluetooth speaker.

Is AirPlay the future?

Many are already speculating whether AirPlay will develop into the protocol of the future. Because the service offers more than just streaming video or audio signals via Bluetooth. Apple's AirPlay can currently be licensed for other manufacturers. But apart from accessory suppliers, no other manufacturer has yet used this protocol.

Bluetooth speakers are often used by smartphone users. However, a large proportion of the devices used by users are equipped with the Android operating system, which is known to come from Google. It is therefore relatively unlikely that the manufacturers of Android smartphones will use this interface.

Apple, on the other hand, adheres to this protocol for all of its own devices and uses it consistently in its own products. However, that does not have to mean that it is not a usable protocol. But when buying new Bluetooth boxes you have to pay attention to what is supported by the boxes. Anyone who uses an iPhone or iPad anyway can sit back and relax, because it is possible to communicate with Apple devices via AirPlay as well as via the "normal" Bluetooth connection.

How do bluetooth speakers work?

A Bluetooth speaker is the portable radio of the 21st century. It is not without reason that sales of this new device class have increased by 20% since 2011. But how does a Bluetooth speaker actually work? Where can I use it? How do I connect my smartphone to the speaker? Is it worth the investment? The answers to this question should be clarified below.

Bluetooth speaker - what is it?

In the age of smartphones and tablet PCs, modern people can safely carry around complete music collections in digital form. What a DJ used to need whole boxes of records for, nowadays entire discographies fit on flash drives.

A logical consequence of this mobile music usage is the advent of wireless or Bluetooth speakers. While music has never been heard so much and so mobile, the sound quality of smartphones often leaves a lot to be desired. How could it be otherwise? In order to be able to develop a good and bass-rich sound, there needs to be enough resonance space that a cell phone can never deliver.

Bluetooth speakers fill this vacuum by being mobile and battery-powered just like cell phones and can enrich life in a variety of situations. Since every well-known smartphone now has a Bluetooth interface, a connection can be established within seconds and the beloved music collection can be enjoyed in full sound aesthetics.

Where can I use my Bluetooth speaker?

First of all: there is no such thing as “one” Bluetooth speaker. Rather, a multitude of models, each optimized for a specific application. Anyone who would like to enjoy music on the go, be it jogging, cycling or having a picnic, is well served with an outdoor-capable all-rounder for under 50 €.

Anyone who is completely into outdoor activities and would like to turn up the volume at the next beach party will be happy with a high-quality, waterproof outdoor Bluetooth speaker. There are also special party loudspeakers with LEDs and a light show to score points at the next barbecue party.

The audio purists are best served in the high-end league. If just “sounding good” is not enough, you will find first-class models in the price range over € 150. Special cases such as bathroom and shower speakers are also enjoying increasing popularity. If you are still unsure which type you like best, you can find inspiration in the Amazon bestseller list.

How do I connect my smartphone to the bluetooth speaker?

To connect the smartphone, tablet or PC, the device and loudspeaker must be “paired” with one another. This pairing usually works via a switch on the bluetooth speaker when bluetooth is switched on on the smartphone. The connection is established within seconds and all audio functions of the mobile phone are passed on to the loudspeaker. Incoming calls can also be made using the hands-free function of some Bluetooth speakers. More and more often, Bluetooth speakers also offer the possibility to establish Bluetooth connections via NFC by simply holding the devices together (see article - "What does NFC mean?")

Bluetooth speaker waterproof

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers with many functions and areas of application

A Bluetooth speaker can be used to flexibly play music in high quality. For this purpose, the speaker, which has its own power supply (rechargeable battery or battery), only needs to be connected via Bluetooth to a device on which the music is stored. As an example, the rather small boxes can simply be connected to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth in order to play the desired songs accordingly. The use of most loudspeakers with Bluetooth is quite flexible.

This fact applies above all to all Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof. These products either offer a high level of protection against splashing water or are completely sealed against water. Even if these products fall into a puddle or are used in the rain, the devices are not defective and can still be used. The buyers of these goods can expect a wide range of uses. In addition, these devices offer other advantageous properties than pure water protection.

The areas of application of the waterproof loudspeakers

In the areas of application, the outdoor area can first be named. The Bluetooth speakers for outdoor offer a high quality and not only splash protection, but they are also waterproof up to a few meters. However, it must be noted that the completely waterproof cover can only withstand the penetrating water for a limited time (30 to 60 minutes). Accordingly, even these boxes should not be placed permanently in water. These goods can, for example, be taken on a trekking tour and used even when it rains. There are also bluetooth speakers for the shower.

Accordingly, these devices do not offer a completely waterproof housing, but have very good splash protection. Accordingly, the Bluetooth loudspeakers for the shower can also be used in the bathroom if there is a corresponding amount of condensation and moisture in the air. The Bluetooth speakers for the bathroom can of course also be used in other rooms that have a fairly high level of humidity. As an example, washrooms, swimming pools or sometimes the sauna are to be mentioned. In the case of the sauna, however, it must be ensured that the room temperature must not be too high, as this could damage the loudspeaker.

What advantages can be expected from the Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof

First of all, it should be positively stated that the devices are of high quality and therefore also of good quality. This fact not only ensures that the speakers can be used outdoors or in the shower, but also that the products have a long service life. If used correctly, such a loudspeaker can remain in service for many years. The Bluetooth speakers for outdoor use are particularly stable. This means that the product can fall down once without being damaged. The other goods for the bathroom, shower or swimming pool have at least improved protection against bumps and blows in order to be able to cushion them well.

Also with the advantageous properties it should be mentioned that the Bluetooth speakers for the bathroom or the outdoor area always have a high quality sound to offer. Different setting options can be used to optimize the sound for the respective situation and location. The control of the products is mostly self-explanatory, so that the user should not have any problems with this process. It does not matter whether the device is used in a dry or damp environment. Ultimately, one of the advantages is that the Bluetooth speakers, which are waterproof, are usually very compact and light. This means that these devices can easily be transported in any bag or in a hiking backpack. The additional products such as the charging cable for the battery are also easy to transport.

Which models of waterproof speakers are currently on the market?

First of all, some Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof should be named. These products can currently be ordered in specialist shops or via the Internet. The speakers include:

  • UE BOOM 2 speakers
  • Mpow portable bluetooth 4.0 speaker 5W
  • UE ROLL loudspeaker
  • Expower IPX7 waterproof Bluetooth stereo speaker
  • VTIN 5W IP67 waterproof bluetooth 4.0 speaker
  • AUKEY Bluetooth 4.0 loudspeaker speaker

This is a very small selection of the completely waterproof and splash-proof devices. Depending on the product, interested parties must first expect a different look and a differentiated structure of the Bluetooth speaker for outdoors or in the bathroom. It should also be stated that different properties are offered depending on the device. The battery life of the respective Bluetooth speaker for the bathroom is particularly important here.