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Information About the Running-in Operation of Motorcycles
The first 1,000 km of mileage is the most important phase in the whole
lifetime of your motorcycle. During this period, correct running-in operation
may not only prolong the lifetime, but also make the best of your new
motorcycle. The surfaces of the joining components can be polished, resulting
Careful and patient running-in operation can facilitate stable riding and
best performance of your motorcycle. Special attention must be paid to
operations that cause the engine to be overheated.
Refer to the section on "Running-in of New Motorcycles for details
about the running-in operation.
Please carefully read this manual and strictly observe the relevant
stipulations and instructions.
Terms such as Warning, Caution and Attention are used in this manual
to indicate important information. Read these parts carefully.
Warning ---- Instructions concerning the safety of a rider. Ignorance of
these instructions may lead to traffic accidents.
Caution ---- Instruction relating to the protection of the motorcycle.
Ignorance of these instructions or measures may cause damage to your
Attention ---- Instructions concerning the maintenance of the
motorcycle or the explanation of other important information.

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