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ST100 Mobile Amplifier 8 "()


1 ST100 Mobile Amplifier 8 "() Instruction Manual Gebruiksaanwijzing Instructions for use

2 GB Congratulations on the purchase of this SkyTec Karaoke set. Please read this manual carefully prior to using the unit. Warning: - Read the manual prior to using the unit. - Keep the manual for future reference. - Keep the packaging for safer transport in its original packaging - Prior to the first use, have the unit checked by a qualified person. - The unit contains voltage carrying parts. DO NOT open the unit. - Never plug or unplug the unit with wet hands. - If the plug and / or mains lead are damaged, they need to be repaired by a qualified technician. - If the unit is damaged to an extent that you can see internal parts, do not plug the unit into a mains outlet. - Repairs have to be carried out by a qualified technician. - Only connect this unit to an earthed mains outlet of 230Vac / 50Hz and 10-16A. - Do no place the unit near heat sources. - Don't pull the power cord while you pull out the plug. Hold the plug tightly to pull it out. - Always unplug the unit during a thunderstorm or when it is not in use. - If the unit has not been used for a longer period of time, condensation can occur inside the housing. Please let the unit reach room temperature prior to use. - To avoid accidents in public premises, the legal requirements must be fulfilled and instructions / warnings must be adhered to. - Keep out of the reach of children. - All volume controls must be set to zero prior to switching the unit on. - Do not use cleaning sprays for the slider controls. The residues of these spray cause dust deposits in the controls. If a problem occurs, please consult a specialist. - Always handle CDs with clean hands. Do not insert a damaged CD. - Always close the CD tray to keep the laser eye clean. - Do not clean the unit with chemical solutions. This might damage the finish. Only use a dry cloth for cleaning. - This unit is with speaker inside which can cause magnetic field. Keep this unit at least 60 cm away from computer or TV. - This unit is with built-in lead-acid rechargeable battery. Please recharge the battery every 3 months if you are not going to use the unit for a long period of time. Or the battery may be damaged. - If the battery is damaged please replace with the same specifications battery. And dispose the damaged battery environment friendly. - Free from high temperature. Don't expose the device to the hot equipment. - Don't place the device in the environment of humidity and dirt s. - Place the device in the ventilated environment. - Pull out the AC power if you will not use the device for a long time.

3 FEATURES One 3.5mm AUX input can be connected to a computer or MP3 player or other such sounds source. With CD player, can play CD With USB port and SD / MMC card slot which can connect flash drive, mp3 player, sd / mmc card to play MP3 music. Built-in 1 12V / 12A rechargeable battery Built-in two channels wireless microphone and one 6.35mm MIC input jack to connect wired dynamic MIC. Three persons can speak or sing at the same time. One RCA line input can be connected to CD player or other such sound source. One 6.35mm guitar input can be connected to guitar. MIC Echo / Tone / Volume and music Bass / Treble / Volume controls. Suitable for karaoke. Powered externally with AC, DC 12V or internally with built-in rechargeable battery. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for many applications, including use in classrooms, conference / meeting rooms, churches, health clubs and small auditoriums. PARTS DESCRIPTION ST100 Front Pane introduction 1. Power Indicating Light 2. Previous Indicating Light 3. Charge Indicating Light 4. Full Charged Indicating Light 5. Wireless Signal Indicating Light 6. Wired Mic Working Indicating Light 7. Music Volume Controller 8. Music Treble Controller 9. Music Bass Controller 10. Microphone Echo Controller 11. Microphone Bass / Treble Controller 12. Microphone Volume Controller 13. CD player door 14. Play / Pause key 15. Previous Key 16. Next Key 17. Display Screen 18. Open / Close Key 19. Power Switch 20. SD / MMC card jack 21. USB Jack 22. Guitar Input 23. Wired Mic Jack

4 ST100 Back Pane introduction 1. Wireless microphone antenna jack 2. Heat dissipation funning 3. External DC12V battery input 4. AUX input 5. AC power input OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS POWERING THE UNIT External AC Plug one end of the AC cord provided into the AC input jack on the rear side of the amplifier. Then plug the other end of AC cord into AC power outlet. Turn on the unit using the main power switch. External DC This unit can be powered also using external 12V DC power. Connect external 12V DC power to DC input jack on rear side of the amplifier. Observe the correct polarity. Rechargeable Battery This unit can be powered internally using the built-in rechargeable battery. When AC power is connected, CHARGE LED indicator will light red. The rechargeable battery is being charged. If FULL LED indicator light green, the battery is fully charged and ready to power the unit alone. Shut off the power switch and disconnect the AC power. Turn the unit back ON and the rechargeable battery will power the unit alone. Note: Turning off the unit power switch will allow the battery to be charged more quickly. ATTENTION: If feedback (howling sound) occurs, try first turning down the treble control. If feedback is still present, try turning down the volume or repositioning this unit with respect to the wired or wireless MIC being used.

5 OPERATION OF REMOTE CONTROL 1. STANDBY 2. OPEN 3. DISC 4. 1 ~ 9 Number button 5. REV 6. FWD 7. PREV 8. PLAYPAUS 9. REPEAT 10. MUTE 11. CARD 12. USB 13. 0 / STOP 15. NEXT 16. PROGRAM 17. VOLUME + 18. VOLUME- REMOTE CONTROL INTRODUCTION 1. STANDBY: CD player power button 2. OPEN: Press this button to make the CD player door in or out, when put a disc, the disc shiny side should be down 3. DISC: press this button to switch to CD player mode Number buttons: press these buttons to switch 10 the track that you want to choose, such as if you want to choose the "15" track, should press "1 "and" 5 ". 5. REV: Fast Backward 6. FWD: Fast Forward 7. PREV: Previous track 8. PLAYPAUS: play / pause 9. REPEAT: repeat play, Press once for the single cycle, press twice for whole cycle 10. MUTE: mute 11 . CARD: press this button to switch to CD card mode 12. USB: press this button to switch to USB card mode 13. 0/10: If only press this button, it is for the 10 track, If Press 1-9 number button, then press this button, it is for the 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90 track 14. STOP: stop playing 15. NEXT: next track 16. PROGRAM: no function 17. VOLUME + : Increase the volume 18. VOLUME-: Decrease the volume OPERATION OF WIRELESS RECEIVER This unit contains two channels built-in high quality quartz-locked, fixed frequency VHF wireless receivers precisely matched to the transmitters supplied. After the amplifier has been turned on by the main power switch, turn microphone volume control clockwise slightly. Extend antenna at rear side of amplifier fully for best reception. Switch on the wireless microphone and the IR receiving indicator will light up indicating normal reception. Note: This unit is supplied with two wireless microphones, (handheld and / or body pack) in two different frequencies which can be used simultaneously.

6 OPERATION OF WIRELESS TRANSMITTER Handheld MIC Unscrew the battery compartment cover end cap (4) end remove, exposing the battery compartment. Insert a fresh 9V battery, observing polarity. Re-attach the battery cover. Turn on the microphone by sliding the power switch (3) to ON position. The battery LED indicator (2) will light green, indicating full battery strength. In the case of a low or dead battery, the battery LED will extinguish, indicating that the battery should be replaced with a fresh one. The IR indicator in the amplifier should now be it. To preserve battery life, turn the microphone off when not in use. If you are not going to use the microphone for a long period of time, take out the battery from the microphone to avoid possible battery leakage to damage the microphone. Body Pack Transmitter (option) 1. MIC in jack 2. Battery LED 3. Power Switch 4. Antenna 5. Headset MIC 6. Clip-on MIC Open the battery cover and insert a fresh 9V battery, observing the correct polarity. And then close the cover. Plug in either the clip-on or the headset microphone supplied. To use the clip on MIC, attach it at chest level. Do not place too close to the mouth-a distance of about six inches usually works best. To use the headset MIC, place it on the head and adjust the MIC boom so that the MIC is about one inch to the side of the front of the mouth. (Note: The clip-on or headset MIC wire is also the transmitting antenna. Rolling up or shortening the wire may during use and keep it as straight as possible.) Turn on the transmitter by sliding the power switch to ON position. The battery LED indicator will light red shortly and of a low or dead battery, the battery LED will not light at all, indicating that the battery should be replaced with a fresh one. The IR indicator on the amplifier should now be it. OPERATION OF WIRED MICROPHONE Connect wired dynamic MIC to MIC in jack and turn on MIC. NOTE: Wired, wireless microphone and guitar input volume can be adjusted through microphone volume control. Adjust echo and bass / treble controls of the amplifier to a comfortable listening level as desired. OPERATION OF MP3 PLAYER Press MP3 button repeatedly until MP3 indicator light. Insert flash drive into USB port or SD / MMC card into D / MMC card slot, it will play the music in flash drive or M / MMC card automatically. Mp3 play indicator will light. Press PREV button to go to last track. Press and hold the button to fast backward. Press NEXT button to go to next track, Press and hold the button to fast forward. Press PLAY / PAUSE button to pause playing. Press REPEAT button repeatedly to select REPEAT ONE or REPEAT ALL. REPEAT ONE or REPEAT ALL indicator will light.

7 OPERATION OF GUITAR OR OTHER SOUND SOURCE Connect guitar to guitar input jack or connect other sound source such as CD player to LINE input jack to amplify the sound. NOTE: MP3 and line input volume can be adjusted through MUSIC volume control. Adjust MUSIC bass, treble controls of the amplifier to a comfortable listening level as desired. SPECIFICATIONS AMPLIFIER Speaker: full range speaker tweeter Output Power: W max Frequency Response: ... 100Hz ~ 15kHz S / N ratio: ... 60dB Power Supply: VAC / 50Hz ... DC in 12V ... Built-in rechargeable battery Battery charging time: ... 8 ~ 10 hours Battery working time: ... 3 ~ 5 hours Frequency Range: MHZ, MHz Operating Range: ... 50M (line and sight area) Dimensions (WDH): mm Weight: ... 15kg TRANSMITTER Frequency Range: MHZ, MHz Dynamic Range: ... 80dB Frequency Response: ... 100Hz ~ 10kHz Working Temperature: C ~ 45 C Power Supply: ... 9V battery Battery life: ... Battery using time can reach 3 hours (play music), ... can reach 5 hours when speak by microphone This appliance should not be put into the domestic garbage at the end of its useful life, but must be disposed of at a central point for recycling of electric and electronic domestic appliances. This symbol on appliance, instruction manual and packaging puts your attention to this important issue. The materials used in this appliance can be recycled. By recycling used domestic appliances you contribute an important push to the protection of our environment. Ask your local authorities for information regarding the point of recollection. Do not attempt to make any repairs yourself. This would invalid your warranty. Do not make any changes to the unit. This would also invalid your warranty. The warranty is not applicable in case of accidents or damages caused by inappropriate use or disrespect of the warnings contained in this manual. Skytec cannot be held responsible for personal injuries caused by a disrespect of the safety recommendations and warnings. This is also applicable to all damages in whatever form.

8 Nederlands ST-100 Hartelijk thanks to the SkyTec karaoke set. Neemt U a.u.b. A few moments from tijd om deze handleiding zorgvuldig te lezen, aangezien wij graag sake of our products snel en fully used. WAARSCHUWING: Lees deze handleiding first door alvorens het product te gebruiken. Volg de instructies op different zou de garantie wel eens can expire. Neem ook altijd alle veiligheids maat rules om brand en / of een electric schok te voorkomen. Tevens is het ook raadzaam om reparaties / modificaties e.d. over te laten aan gekwalificeerd personeel om an electric chocolate voorkomen. Bewaar deze handleiding ook voor toekomstig gebruik. - Bewaar de verpakking zodat u India het apparaat defect is, dit in de originele verpakking kunt opsturen om beschadigingen te voorkomen. - Voordat het apparaat in werking wordt gesteld, altijd first een deskundige raadplegen. Bij het voor de first keer inschakelen can een bepaalde reuk optreden. This is normaal en verdwijnt na een poos. - In the apparaat bevinden zich on the spanning staande onderdelen; open daarom NOOIT dit apparaat. - Bij het bewijderen van de stekker uit het stopcontact nooit aan het netsnoer trekken. - Use of plaats een stekker nooit met natte handen resp. uit en in het stopcontact. - India zowel de stekker en / of netsnoer as a snoeringang in het apparaat beschadigd zijn is used by a vakman manufactured. - India het apparaat zo damaged is dat inside (onder) delen zichtbaar zijn mag de stekker NOOIT in het stopcontact been put én het apparaat NOOIT been ingeschakeld. Neem in dit geval contact op met de dealer. Sluit het apparaat nooit op een dimmer aan. - Reparatie aan het apparaat serves the divorced door a vakman of a knowledgeable. - Sluit het apparaat alléén aan op een 230VAC / 50Hz geaard stopcontact, connected with a 10-16A meterkastgroep. - Toestel niet opstellen in de buurt van warmtebronnen zoals radiators etc. en niet op een vibrerende- maar stabiele ondergrond plaatsen. Dek ventilatie-openingen nooit af. - Bij onweer altijd de stekker uit het stopcontact halen, zo ook wanneer het apparaat a longer tijd niet used. Control rule: Bij geen gebruik stekker bewijderen. - As u het apparaat een tijd niet gebruikt heeft en het weer wil gebruiken kan er condens ontstaan; laat het apparaat eerst op kamertemperatuur komen alvorens het weer in werking te; nooit apparaat in vochtige ruimten en buiten gebruiken. Plaats geen metal voorwerpen, vloeistoffen (in bekers etc.) op het product, deze can produce a shame of an electric chocolate veroorzaken !! wanneer ze het apparaat inside. - De behuizing can be warm, raak deze dan also not aan bij gebruik én direct na gebruik. - Om ongevallen in bedrijven te voorkomen moét rekening has been honored with the daarvoor monetary directives en moeten de aanwijzingen / waarschuwingen have been followed. - Wanneer het apparaat aan de muur bevestigd has been served first carelessly rekend te been of the plateau en / of muurbeugels deze wel kunnnen dragen. Kunt u het niet berekenen schakel dan vakbekwaam personeel in. Het apparaat may have been invested op de manner the de fabrikant / expert aanbeveelt. - Laat ruimte vrij voor een deugdelijke ventilatie. - Het apparaat buiten bereik van kinderen houden. Bovendien may have been gelaten het apparaat nooit onbeheerd. - Gebruik geen schoonmaakspray om de schakelaars te clean. Remaining van deze spray zorgen ervoor dat smeer en stof ophopen. Raadpleeg bij storing te allen tijde een desundige. - Zorg dat uw handen schoon zijn tijdens het gebruik. - Gebruik geen overmatige kracht bij het operate van het apparaat. - Bij een ongeval met deze karaoke set altijd eerst een the knowledgeable raadplegen alvorens opnieuw te gebruiken. - Zet eerst de Aan / Uit schakelaar op Uit en de volumeregelaar (s) op minimaal bij het aansluiten van de installation, na alle snoeren aangesloten te hebben schakel dan pas Aan. Zorg er ook voor dat de karaoke set eerst Uit geschakeld wordt alvorens het netsnoer uit het stopcontact te bewijderen. Tracht het apparaat niet schoon te maken met chemical oplossingen. This can damage the lac. Gebruik een drug doek om schoon te maken. Blijf uit de buurt van electrical / electronic equipment, electrical cables etc., deze veroorzaken bromstoringen. The reparatie serve altijd originele onderdelen te been used om onherstelbare beschadigingen en / of ontoelaatbare straling te voorkomen. Verwijder netsnoer en aansluitsnoeren voordat u dit product gaat. Vervoer de karaoke set eventueel trillingsvrij. Zorg ervoor dat het netsnoer niet beschadigd / defect kan raken wanneer mensen erover heen lopen. Het netsnoer vóór ieder gebruik controleren op breuken / defecten !! In Nederland / Belgie the netspanning is 230Vac / 50Hz. India u travels (en u neemt het apparaat mee) informeer dan naar de netspanning in het country was u amazed. Deze markering was weergegeven om u erop attent te maken dat een levensgevaarlijke spanning in het product aanwezig is en dat bij aanraking van deze delen een electric chocolate was worded. Deze instructiemarkering wordt weergegeven om u erop te wijzen dat de instructie zeer belangrijk is om te lezen en / of op te volgen.

9 NOTE The 3.5mm AUX input can be slotted on a computer, MP3 speler or other audiobron. Afspelen van CD s Afspelen van MP3 passed via a USB port and SD / MMC card slot in. Ingebouwde 1 12V / 12A rechargeable battery. Ingebouwd 2-channel draadloos microfoon systeem with a 6.35mm MIC jack-in for dynamic microfoons. Three people can speak tegelijkertijd / zingen. An RCA line entrance to an audiobron op aan te sluiten. A 6.35mm entrance from an electric gitaar op aan te sluiten. MIC Echo / Tone / Volume and muziek Bass / Treble / Volume operating. Geschikt voor karaoke. Zowel voor inside as buitengebruik via 230Vac / 50Hz, 12Vdc aansluiting of ingebouwde oplaadbare accu. Ideal voor vele toepassingen zoals bv in klaslokalen, tijdens conferenties / vergaderingen / party s / voor thuisgebruik enz. BENAMING ST100 Voorzijde 1. Power- Aan / uit Led 2. Previous- Led terugspoelen 3. Charge-load indicator 4. Full- Accu vol indicator 5. Wireless- Led draadloze microfoon 6. -Wired Mic- Led Kabelmicrofoon 7. Volume control 8 . Treble rule pair 9. Bass rule pair 10. Microfoon Echo rule pair 11. Microfoon Bass / Treble rule pair 12. Microfoon Volume rule pair 13. CD loading 14. Play / Pause toets (afspelen / pauzeren) 15. Previous toets (voorgaande track) 16. Next toets (next track) 17. Display 18. Load Open / Close toets 19. Netschakelaar 20. SD / MMC card slot in 21. USB port 22. Ingang electrical gitaar 23. Ingang cable microfoon

10 ST100 Achterzijde 1.Antenna ingangen voor draadloze microfoons 2. Fan 3. External DC12V aansluiting 4. AUX ingang 5. Netentree INSTRUCTIES INSCHAKELEN VAN DE UNIT AC Netspanning Controleer of de volumeregelaar minimaal sta. Plaats de contra stekker van het netsnoer in de netentree (5) en steek vervolgens de stekker in een wandcontactdoos (stopcontact). Zet de netschakelaar op aan / ON. External DC spanning Dit systeem works also ook op een external 12V DC aansluiting. Sluit de external 12V DC spanning aan op de DC ingang op de achterkant van het systeem. Let op de polariteit. Control of the volumeregelaar minimaal state bij het inschakelen. Oplaadbare accu Ook kan dit systeem works via an ingebouwde oplaadbare accu. Trough een 230Vac spanning is aangesloten zal de CHARGE LED indicator rood ten teken dat de accu wordt opladen. As the FULL LED indicator was large, the battery was opened and the system was used. Zet de netschakelaar op uit / OFF en verwijder het netsnoer. Control of the volumeregelaar minimaal state. Zet het systeem weer aan / ON en de accu supplied de bedrijfsspanning. NB: India mogelijk de netschakelaar uit zetten, de accu wordt dan sneller loaded. LET OP: As a gillende toon hoorbaar is zet then het treble level (8) stock, as dit niet helpt zet dan de volume regular stock of verplaats de verrijdbare set. Houd de microfoon rivet close to the luidspreker (s).

11 1. STANDBY 2. OPEN 3. DISC 4. 1 ~ 9 Numerieke toetsen 5. REV 6. FWD 7. PREV 8. PLAYPAUS 9. REPEAT 10. MUTE 11. CARD 12. USB 13. 0 / STOP 15. NEXT 16 PROGRAM 17. VOLUME + 18. VOLUME- 1. STANDBY: CD speler aan / uit toets 2. OPEN: Toets om lade te openen / sluiten 3. DISC: Toets om naar CD spelermode te gaan Numerieke toetsen: As bv track "15" must have been killed druk dan snel "1" and "5". 5. REV: Snel terugspoelen 6. FWD: Snel verder spoelen 7. PREV: Naar previous track gaan 8. PLAYPAUS: play / pause 9. REPEAT: Herhaal afspelen: Toets 1x om een ​​track te herhalen, toets 2x om de hele Cd te herhalen 10. MUTE: Toets om geluid te gaan 11. CARD: Toets om naar SD kaart-mode te gaan 12. USB: Toets om naar USB-mode te gaan 13. 0/10: 0-toets 14. STOP: Stop het afspelen 15. NEXT: Next track gaan 16. PROGRAM: Géén functie 17. VOLUME +: Toets voor meer volume 18. VOLUME -: Toets voor sea volume DRAADLOOS MICROFOONSYSTEEM Deze set bevat een 2-kanaals ingebouwd hoge koonsiteit quartz-locked metrof draadloeos vaste VHF frequenties. Nadat de ontvanger is aangezet moet de volumeregelaar after wens been announced. The external antennes op de achterzijde moeten zo have been plaatst dat een maximal ontvangst wordt verregen (Volledig uittrekken). Schakel de draadloze microfoon (s) in en de IR indicator gaat aan ten teken dat een signal wordt ontvangen. NB: Deze set wordt met 2 draadloze VHF microfoons geleverd, the op 2 varnishing frequenties tegelijkertijd can work.

12 Handmicrofoon Draai het batterijvak (4) open, plaats een 9V batterij (think about polarity) and draai het vac weer tight. Schuif de Regelaar (3) in de ON positie. The batterij LED indicator (2) counts large oplicht ten teken dat de batterij vol is. In het geval van een lege of defecte batterij, zal de batterij-led uitgaan ten teken dat de batterij served te been vang. Schakel de microfoon uit wanneer deze not used. Om lekken van batterijen te voorkomen serve deze bewijderd te wanneer het systeem een ​​long tijd not been used. Option: Body Pack Zender (order no) 1. MIC input 2. Batterij LED 3. Aan / uit schakelaar 4. Antenna 5. Hoofdband MIC 6. Dasspeld MIC Schuif het batterijvak open, plaats a 9V battery (think about polarity) and schuif het vak weer tight. Gebruik de dasspeld- of de hoofdband microfoon. Plaats de dasspeld microfoon op borsthoogte (+/- 15 cm van de mond). Plaats de hoofdband microfoon (boom) +/- 3 cm opzij van de mond. (Let op: Het MIC snoer is tevens de antenne dus wees voorzichtig tijdens gebruik. Het snoer kan de ontvangst beïnvloeden). In het geval van een lege of defecte batterij, zal de batterij-led uitgaan ten teken dat de batterij served te been vang. CABLE MICROFOON Sluit een dynamic cable microfoon aan op de MIC-in jack op de voorzijde. NB: Het ingangsvolume van zowel kabel-, draadloze -microfoon as gitaar kan m.b.v. de microfoon volume regulation has been regulated. With behulp van de echo- en bass / treble rule pair kan de gewenste klankkleur has been ingested. MP3 SPELER OPERATION Plaats a USB stick of an SD / MMC card, the music is automatically recorded. Toets PREV om naar de voorgaande track te gaan. Houd de toets vast om snel naar voorgaande tracks te gaan. Toets NEXT om the next track te gaan. Houd de toets vast om snel naar following tracks te gaan. Toets PLAY / PAUSE om af te spelen of te pauzeren. Toets REPEAT continue om REPEAT ONE or REPEAT ALL te selecteren. REPEAT ONE- or REPEAT ALL-indicator zal gaan branden.

13 ELECTRIC GITAAR OF OTHER ELEKTRISCH INSTRUMENT Bij gebruik van een electrical gitaar, deze aansluiten op de gitaar-ingang (22) op de voorzijde. NB: Het ingangsvolume van zowel MP3 as LINE kan m.b.v. de MUSIC volume rule pair (7) has been regulated. SPECIFICATIES ONTVANGER Luidsprekers: full-range speaker tweeter Uitgangsvermogen: W max frequency range: ... 100hz ~ 15khz S / R verhouding: ... 60dB Aansluitspanning: VAC / 50Hz ... 12Vdc ... Ingebouwde accu Accu oplaadtijd: .. 8 ~ 10 uur Accu werking: ... 3 ~ 5 uur work frequency: MHZ, MHz Reikwijdte: ... 50M (afhankelijk van omstandigheden) Afmetingen: mm Weight: ... 15kg ZENDER work frequency: MHZ, MHz dynamic range : ... 80dB frequency: ... 100hz ~ 10khz operating temperature: C ~ 45 C Voeding: ... 9V battery Thanks items !! Raadpleeg eventueel en / of v.w.b. het afdanken van electronic devices in het kader van de WEEE-Regeling. Vele items can be recycled, gooi ze daarom niet bij het huisvuil maar lever ze in bij een gemeentelijk depot of uw dealer. Lever also attached batteries in bij uw gemeentelijk depot of bij de dealer, zie voer zelf geen reparaties uit aan het apparaat; in elk geval vervalt de total guarantee. Ook like the device has not been modified independently, ook in dit geval vervalt de total guarantee. Ook vervalt de garantie bij ongevallen en beschadigingen in elke vorm t.g.v. onoordeelkundig gebruik en het niet in eight names van de waarschuwingen in het algemeen en gestelde in deze gebruiksaanwijzing. Tevens aanvaardt Skytec geen enkele aansprakelijkheid in geval van persoonlijke ongelukken as followed van het niet naleven van veiligheidsinstructies en waarschuwingen. The money is ook voor gevolgschade in wilted vorm dan ook.

14 ENGLISH ST 100 WARNINGS: Before using the device, please read the instructions. Please follow all instructions in order not to lose the guarantee. Please take all precautionary measures to avoid fire and electric shock. Repairs and maintenance work should only be carried out by qualified specialists. Keep these instructions for future reference. - Keep the original packaging for possible later transport. - Before putting the device into operation, first seek advice from a specialist. - The device contains live parts. Therefore DO NOT open the housing. - When removing the plug from the socket, never pull on the power cord. - Never insert or remove the power plug with wet hands. - If the plug and / or power cord, as well as the power cord entry on the device, are damaged, they must be repaired by a specialist. - If the device is damaged in such a way that internal parts are visible, the device must NEVER be connected to the mains or switched on. In this case, contact the dealer. - Repairs may only be carried out by a specialist. - Only connect the device to a 230VAC / 50Hz mains socket with a fuse. - Do not place the device near heat sources such as radiators, etc., nor on a vibrating surface. Set up only on a firm, stable surface. - Unplug the power plug in thunderstorms or if the device is not going to be used for a long time. - Condensation can form after a long period of non-use. Let the device come to room temperature before you switch it on. Never use the device in damp rooms or outside. - In order to prevent accidents in companies, the applicable safety regulations must be strictly observed. - Set up the device so that it is out of the reach of children. - Do not use cleaning sprays. The residue from these sprays causes grease and dust to build up. Consult a specialist in the event of a problem. - Do not place any liquids near the system and do not insert any metal objects into the ventilation openings. These can lead to electric shock. - Only touch the device with clean hands. - Do not use the switches and buttons with force. - When mounting on the wall, make sure that the wall bracket can carry the load. If in doubt, consult qualified personnel. Wall and ceiling mounting Only mount the device in the manner recommended by the manufacturer. Do not clean the device with chemical solvents. These can damage the paint. Only wipe the device with a dry cloth. Do not set up near electronic devices that can generate humming noises. Only use original spare parts for repairs in order to avoid damage and / or dangerous radiation. First switch off the device before you unplug the power cord. Remove the power cord and connection cable before moving the device. Make sure that the power cord cannot be damaged when stepping on. In Germany the mains voltage is 230Vac / 50Hz. This symbol draws the user's attention to lethal voltages within the device which can cause an electric shock. This symbol draws the user's attention to important information in the operating instructions.

15 FEATURES The 3.5 mm AUX input can be connected to a computer, MP3 player or other audio source. Playback of floppy disks Playback of MP3 files via USB or SD / MMC card input. Built-in 1 12V / 12A rechargeable battery. Built-in 2-channel wireless microphone system and a 6.35mm MIC jack input for dynamic microphones. Three people can speak / sing at the same time. An RCA line input to connect an audio source. A 6.35mm input to connect an electric guitar. MIC echo / tone / volume and music bass / treble / volume operation. Suitable for karaoke. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Power supply: 230Vac / 50Hz, 12Vdc or built-in rechargeable battery. Ideal for many applications such as in classrooms, at conferences / meetings / parties / at home etc. DESCRIPTION ST100 Front side 1. Power on / off display 2. Rewind previous display 3. Charge battery charge display 4. Full battery display 5. Wireless display radio microphone 6. -Wired Mic display cable microphone 7. Volume control 8. Treble control 9. Bass control 10. Microphone echo control 11. Microphone bass / treble control 12. Microphone volume control 13. CD compartment 14. Play / Pause button (play / pause) 15. Previous button (go backwards) 16. Next button (go to the next track) 17. The display 18. Open / close compartment button 19. Power switch 20. SD / MMC card Input 21. USB input 22. Electric guitar input 23. Cable microphone input

16 ST100 rear side 1. Antenna A / B (radio microphones) 2. Fan 3. (External) DC12V input 4. AUX input 5. Mains voltage input INSTRUCTIONS Supply AC mains voltage Connect the mains cable to the system (5) and switch on the system. Set the position of the volume control to the minimum. External DC voltage This system also works via an external 12V DC socket. Connect the external 12V DC voltage to the DC input on the back of the system. Note the polarity. Set the position of the volume control to the minimum. Rechargeable battery This system can also function from a built-in battery. When connecting a 230Vac voltage, the CHARGE-LED display lights up red, as a sign that the battery is being charged. When the FULL LED is green, the battery is fully charged and the system can be used. Turn the power OFF and unplug the power cord. Set the position of the volume control to the minimum. Switch the system "on" again and the battery supplies the operating voltage. The battery charges faster when the system is switched off. Warning: microphone feedback: reduce the treble signal strength, if the problem is still there then reduce the volume or move the audio system. Do not hold the microphone too close to the speaker (s).

17 1. STANDBY 2. OPEN 3. DISC 4. 1 ~ 9 Numeric Keys 5. REV 6. FWD 7. PREV 8. PLAYPAUS 9. REPEAT 10. MUTE 11. CARD 12. USB 13. 0 / STOP 15. NEXT 16 PROGRAM 17. VOLUME + 18. VOLUME- 1. STANDBY: CD player on / off 2. OPEN: Open / close CD compartment 3. DISC: Access to CD mode Numeric buttons: If you want to hear track "15", press the "1" and "5". 5. REV: Fast forward 6. FWD: Fast forward 7. PREV: Go to the previous track 8. PLAYPAUS: Play / pause 9. REPEAT: Repeat playback: Press button 1x to repeat a track and press 2x to all tracks of the whole Cd to repeat 10. MUTE: Mute 11. CARD: Access to SD card mode 12. USB: Access to USB mode 13. 0/10: 0 button 14. STOP: Stops playback 15. NEXT: To the next track go 16. PROGRAM: No function 17. VOLUME +: Volume VOLUME -: Volume - RADIO MICROPHONE SYSTEM This set contains a 2-channel, high quality, quartz-locked radio microphone system with 2 VHF microphones that can be operated simultaneously. Set the position of the volume control to the minimum. The external antennas on the back must be mounted in such a way that maximum reception is achieved. Turn on the wireless microphones and the IR indicator lights up.

18 Hand microphone Turn the battery compartment (4) and insert a 9V battery (please note the polarity); close the compartment again. Slide Knob 3 to the ON position. The battery LED display (2) lights up green as a sign that the battery is charged. If the battery is empty or defective, the display goes out. Always turn off the microphones when not in use. Leaking the batteries must be avoided; remove the batteries if the system is not going to be used for a long period of time. Option: Body Pack transmitter (order no.) 1. MIC input 2. Battery indicator 3. On / off switch 4. Antenna input 5. Headphones MIC 6. Ties MIC Slide the cover of the battery compartment and insert a 9V battery (please Pay attention to polarity), slide the cover back on. Use the tie microphone or the head microphone. Place the tie microphone at chest height (+/- 15cm from your mouth) and place the head microphone (boom) +/- 3cm to the side of your mouth. (Note: The MIC cable is also the antenna cable (be careful when using it. It is possible to influence the transmission). CABLE MICROPHONE Connect a dynamic cable microphone to the MIC input (front panel). Note: The output level of the cable and wireless microphone as well as the guitar can be adjusted with the microphone volume control. The timbre can be adjusted with the help of the echo and bass / treble control (s). MP3 PLAYER OPERATION Insert a USB stick or an SD / MMC card, the music will be played automatically. Press the PREV button to go to the previous track. Hold to go to previous tracks. Press the NEXT button to go to the next track. Hold the button to go to the next tracks. PLAY / PAUSE button to play / pause. Press the REPEAT button repeatedly to select REPEAT ONE or REPEAT ALL. The REPEAT ONE or REPEAT ALL indicator lights up.

19 ELECTRIC GUITAR OR OTHER ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENTS Use input 22 (guitar) on the front panel when using an electric guitar (instruments). Note: The level of the MP3 and LINE input can be adjusted using the MUSIC control (7). TECHNICAL DATA RECEIVER Loudspeaker: full-range speaker Tweeter Output power: W max Frequency response: ... 100Hz ~ 15kHz Signal-to-noise ratio: ... 60dB Supply: VAC / 50Hz ... 12Vdc ... Built-in battery Charging time: ... 8 ~ 10 St Spielzei (battery full): ... 3 ~ 5 St Operating frequencies: MHZ, MHz Range: ... 50M (depending on the circumstances) Dimensions: mm Weight: ... 15kg TRANSMITTER Operating frequency: MHZ, MHz Dynamic range :. .. 80dB Frequency response: ... 100Hz ~ 10kHz Operating temperature: C ~ 45 C Supply: ... 9V battery At the end of its service life, this product must not be disposed of with normal household waste, but must be taken to a collection point for recycling. The materials are recyclable according to their labeling. With this you are making an important contribution to the protection of our environment. (Lithium) batteries and battery packs should only be placed in the discharged state in the old battery collection containers at retailers and public waste disposal companies. If the batteries are not fully discharged, take precautions against short circuits by isolating the poles with adhesive strips. The user is legally obliged to return used batteries. Never repair the device yourself and never make changes to the device yourself. You will then lose your guarantee. The guarantee also lapses in the event of accidents and damage of any kind caused by improper use and non-observance of the warnings and safety instructions in this manual. Skytec is in no way responsible for personal damage as a result of non-compliance with the safety regulations and warnings. This also applies to consequential damage of any kind.


21 Specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice .. Copyright 2010 by TRONIOS the Netherlands