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How much does Shell pay?


Black gold - this is what oil has been called for decades and even if the electric car is slowly picking up speed, most vehicles, the engines of aircraft or the engines of cruise and container ships are still dependent on oil or fuel made from it. In the manufacturing industry, too, oil is still an important raw material - oil will therefore remain a central and important economic driver for years to come. TheRoyal Dutch Shell belongs to the club of the world's largest mineral oil and natural gas companies, so it plays a central role in this economic sector. In which business areas the British-Dutch group is active in Germany, which job opportunities it offers andwhat Shell pays for salaries, we show in this text.

Shell Germany at a glance

Shell has been represented in Germany since 1902. Of the approximately 82,000 employees worldwide that the group employed in 2018, 3,600 are currently at the Hamburg-based companyGerman Shell Holding GmbH active. The group not only produces natural gas in Germany, the German market also represents a key position for Shell with regard to the sale and trading of oil, natural gas, electricity and CO2. Shell also processes and sells mineral oil products in this country. Be it in the broad network of approx. 2,000 filling stations in Germany or in the heating oil, bitumen, marine products or aviation turbine fuel business. A rather less well-known business area is that of petrochemicals. Shell supplies around 180 German companiespetrochemical products (such as ethylene and propylene) that are further processed to make medicines, plastics, detergents, dyes and many other things. Even if the one achieved in 2018Shell group global sales of US $ 388.38 billion The oil business is booming and employees of the oil multinational do not have to worry about their jobs acutely.

Apprenticeship, study and entry opportunities at Shell Germany

Shell holds as one of the big players in the petroleum and natural gas sectorEntry into the company for every career level ready. Whether through a so-called Assessed Internship (an accompanied and assessed internship), the Shell Graduate Program for graduates or direct entry for professionals - the company offers something for all career levels. In this country also offerdual courses of study in the area of ​​business administration (Bachelor of Science) or process technology (Bachelor of Engineering) opportunities to take the first steps in the company, as well as various traditional training occupations Among others the followingVocational training Shell currently offers at various locations in Germany:

The salary at Shell

Of course, the company does not reveal what you can really earn at Shell. However, we were able to find some exemplary salaries that give a good overview of the earnings opportunities at the oil company. The following list shows some gross annual salaries for rather low-paid positions and professions:

  • Intern: € 9,000 - € 12,000
  • Cashier: € 16,000 - € 22,000
  • Warehouse clerk: € 29,000 - € 33,000
  • Trainee: € 38,000 - € 42,000

As in any company, salaries at Shell depend on many factors.More complex tasks and more responsibility also usually result in a higher income. The following list shows exactly how high the annual salaries are:

  • Assistant Manager: € 55,000 - € 60,000
  • Senior operator: € 57,000 - € 63,000
  • HR controller: € 64,000 - € 69,000
  • Marketing Manager: € 64,000 - € 72,000
  • Technical Service Manager: € 70,000 - € 77,000
  • Production planner: € 75,000 - € 81,000
  • Project analyst: € 75,000 - € 81,000
  • Controller: € 94,000 - € 103,000
  • Project leader, project manager: € 103,000 - € 113,000
  • Key Account Manager: € 107,000 - € 117,000
  • Finance manager: € 102,000 - € 128,000
Average gross salary at 40 hours per week

The oil giant Shell as a recommendable employer?

The company, like many other large and international corporations, with flexible working hours and flexible parental leave regulations, also advertises for oneWork-life balance to guarantee. Shell especially has thePromotion of women written on the flag and pursues the stated goal of filling 30 percent of management positions and 40 percent of all positions in general by women by 2020. In addition, according to the company, it is very important that both ordinary employees and executives are supported in an advisory capacity. In order to be able to offer anonymous and qualified advice on professional, health and private issues, the company works with an external institute. The advantages mentioned can exert a certain attraction, but it should not be forgotten that Shell, due to its central business areas and some questionable decisions and business activities with regard to environmental protection, should not be forgottenis viewed critically by various media, conservationists and many other people. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether a rather above-average salary can outweigh the critical aspects.


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