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Learn push-ups: 7 steps to push-ups for beginners

Push-ups are men’s business? Oh nonsense! We women can do it easily too! With a little practice and perseverance, you will soon be able to do your first push-up. Your guide to learn how to do pushups.

Before I started doing my first push-ups, I had no upper arm strength at all.

Pull me up on a pull-up bar? Yes, I would have liked to - but it was impossible.

Pushups and me - it seemed like a never-ending struggle. And above all a hopeless endeavor.

But: Anything goes! Learning to do push-ups sparked my fighting spirit. I just didn't stop. I started with half a push-up. That dragged on for a whole week. A bit of desperation was also involved - I admit.

You can find out in this post

If you want to start with push-ups, you need a lot of stamina and first have to build up arm muscles.

In the first month it was already a whole. You can imagine how happy and proud I was of my performance. Now, 3 months later, I can do 5 in a row. Ok, that's not a masterpiece yet. But I'm not at the end of the training either :)

What I mean by that: Everyone can learn pushups! You don't have to have a muscle pack or be very well trained for this. Doing push ups is easier than you think. Especially if you approach the project with a lot of motivation and system.

By the way, very few women can do push-ups without training. So you are not alone :)

Before I tell you about my push-ups training plan, you will first get some general information.

So you can finally do your first pull-up!

What muscles push-ups require

Pushups are some of the best upper body exercises out there. With Push ups you train your triceps, chest and shoulders.

In addition, your core muscles will also get stronger. My tip: incorporate push-ups into your workout.

In a full-body workout, push-ups should not be missing at all. The great thing about it: Upper body muscles are formed very quickly when learning push-ups.

You get a really nice figure relatively quickly with strong - but not too muscular arms.

With this core workout, push ups will be a success very soon!

Why everyone can do pushups

Anyone can do it. Unless you have a herniated disc or other physical ailment. No strength in the arms is not an excuse - you can practice and improve it.

When it comes to push-ups, men have a clear advantage. They simply have more muscle mass than women.

If you compare an untrained man and an untrained woman and let them do push-ups, the man is very likely to be able to do a few. Most women, on the other hand, will fail at this task.

But no fear! The situation is not hopeless :) There are many push-ups professionals who are female. One of the World record holders is Alicia Weber. she should 180 pushups in 10 minutes create with one arm!

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Well, if Alicia can do that, then we can too. Our physical conditions are a little worse, but that's not a problem. Because learning push-ups is not witchcraft.

How push ups will be easier for you

In addition to the lack of body tension, beginners have one problem above all: pain in the wrists. Every time you try to learn push-ups, you put a lot of pressure on your wrists. The problem with this is the very unnatural angle our joints have to take.

The heels of the hands also often start to hurt. So basically you still have power to practice, but your hands don't want to join in.

Push-ups can help. Instead of putting your hands on the mat or floor, grab the push-up handles. The hand is not angled too much and the pressure is reduced. So you can concentrate on what is very important: body tension.

This makes sense not only for beginners, but also for advanced users. If you can already do a few push-ups without any problems, you can do them much deeper.

We recommend using high quality push-ups. Forget about plastic models. The problem with this is that sweating can make you slip and injure yourself. Inexpensive models often wobble, which feels anything but safe.

Our tip: push-up grips from Edel-Kraft. Made in Germany from beech or walnut wood, available in two colors. Rubber is attached to the underside of the handles so that the support is guaranteed not to slip. The feet are extra wide so you can't tip over.

The handles are handmade and processed to a very high quality. But you can do a lot more with it than just push-ups: Handstands or a whole series of yoga exercises also work wonderfully with it.

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How to Learn Pushups

Many women find it difficult to do push-ups at the beginning. Instead of doing the push-ups on your toes, many start with your knees.

Some people skip these pushups because they think they can't do it. Do not do that!

It's really worth it to persevere. A well-trained upper body and taut arms are thanks.

In order to be really successful when learning push-ups and not to skip the training, you simply make a small training plan yourself.

That means: wear one on your mobile phone every 2nd or 3rd day fixed point in time a. There are no excuses like going out for coffee, watching TV or other distractions.

Just take the 15 minutes it takes to learn pushups.

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Doing push ups right

Take a close look at how to do pushups properly. Extend your legs fully, with your hands parallel to your shoulders. The fingertips point forward. And your body is in a straight line.

Caution: Leave your butt not sag and don't stretch it too high either. Maybe you have a mirror close by, which can help especially at the beginning.

You have to tense your stomach very tightly so as not to form a hollow back.

Start slowly with pushups

It took me a long time to do push-ups myself. If you want to learn push-ups, you first need a large amount patience. Nothing happens overnight. But from today to the next month there is great progress to be seen.

What you need in addition to patience is Perseverance. Because you should run at least every other day and practice push ups.

In the beginning it will be more like every 3 days. Because I can guarantee you one thing: the sore muscles will be huge.

From a purely visual point of view, almost nothing can be seen in the first month. But your strength will grow quickly. You will soon be able to do your first push up.

Strengthen your arms so you can learn pushups

Many trainers recommend pushups at the wall to start. So you can build muscles slowly and not overwhelm your body.

After a while you switch to chair. Or just lean sideways against a park bench. It is important that you build muscles in your arms. This works best with different exercises.

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You can also use the park bench as equipment for practicing push-ups
I didn't start wall pushups.

My first push-up exercises were simple Planks. This will give you a few upper arm and abdominal muscles and learn to tense your core in a controlled manner. And that's exactly what you'll need later.

Forget the gym! These exercises to do at home will strengthen your arms!

Try different exercises

variety helps if you want to build muscle. Focus on your arms as you do your exercises, as this is the weak point for most women who want to start pushing ups.

I once saw an exercise in the yoga class that I particularly liked. Unfortunately I don't remember the name. But that's irrelevant anyway. :) Just give it a try.

Learn push-ups for women: this is how you start with push-ups

Many women need a sophisticated plan when it comes to learning how to do pushups. And you get it now :) It worked great for me. You can easily do that too!

Important: You may experience pain in your wrists, especially at the beginning. Therefore, you have to warm them up well before starting. To do this, turn it clockwise and counterclockwise, clench your fists and open it explosively.

And of course, never forget to warm up before learning to do push-ups. Many muscles in your body are involved in push ups, and if you don't prepare them for them, you risk injuries. Just have a look at our warm-up post.

The jumping jack exercise is always available. And the circling of the wrists.

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The best push-up workout plan for women

We are now starting to strengthen the arm and trunk muscles. In many different ways.

A whole lot of bodyweight exercises are suitable for this. That means: you don't need any equipment. At least at the beginning.

Later, when you have light muscles, light dumbbells can greatly accelerate your progress.

These are the best push-up bar exercises!

1. Planks are the starting point for push-ups

In the first week, rely on ordinary planking every day. This will help you build some muscle at the beginning. With planks you train your upper arms, thighs, buttocks and legs.

You will also learn the correct posture, especially of your buttocks, back and stomach, by planking. A real all-rounder that prepares you for push-ups.

  • Lie on your stomach. Put your elbows under your shoulders and lift your body off the mat.
  • The back is straight and the head an extension of the spine.
  • Tense your stomach and buttocks.

Hold the planks for 20 seconds each. You do a total of 5 rounds with a 10-second break in between.

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2. Full planks for good posture during push ups

In week 2, full planks are added to the simple planks. This trains you a nice posture and strengthens your entire arms.

  • Instead of propping yourself up on your elbows, you now stretch your arms fully.
  • The back is straight and the palms of the hands are just below your shoulders.
  • Arms and legs are well extended.

Do this exercise 3 × 30 seconds.

3. Plank up for more strength in your arms

So now it's going to be exhausting. Learning this push-up exercise is nothing more than a mix of the two types of plank you already know.

You either do just this exercise now or you mix with the other two. You decide that yourself.

  • You start in a normal plank. Tense your stomach.
  • Now stand up with one arm and then with the second. You are now on a plank with both arms stretched out.
  • Lower your body again by leaning on your elbows and getting back to the starting position.

Repeat as long as you can and stop the time. You'll see: you'll soon be able to do this push-up workout for women more often.

4. Planks and rotate

So, this time we're going to challenge your upper arm muscles a little more. A little sense of balance is also required for this exercise. You lack balance, then take a look here: "Balance exercises for more balance"

  • You start in the full plank position.
  • Take your right hand off the exercise mat and raise it towards the ceiling.
  • Rotate your upper body to the right side.
  • The legs stay on the mat.

Repeat this exercise daily as often as you can.

You can find even more variety here: 19 plank variations!

5. Learn one-legged planks for push ups

You need coordination and strength for this exercise. The mix prepares you very well for your first push up.

  • Start in the full plank. Raise your left hand and right leg and straighten them as best you can.
  • Distribute the weight on your hand and foot, and make sure your back is straight.

Hold this position for at least 15 seconds before switching sides. You should be able to do at least 3 rounds (3x right hand & 3x left hand in front)

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Tighten planks and legs

Of course, the normal plank can be made more difficult. The harder it is for you, the greater the training effect.

  • You start in the normal plank. Now you alternately pull your left and right knee towards the elbow.
  • Make sure that you tense your core and that your body forms a nice line.

You can safely do 10 repetitions per leg, right? :)

6. Kneeling push-ups (women's push-ups)

We are slowly getting closer to real push-ups. It's still a little easier because the legs are involved and so save us a little strength.

  • Get on all fours and lift your legs off the floor. Shift your weight forward until you are in a kneeling plank position.
  • Slowly bend your elbows and lower your torso to the floor. Caution: The upper body remains tense and stretched out. Now you go back upstairs and repeat the exercise.

Try to do the kneeling push-ups as often as possible. Do you succeed? If not, practice more full planks! You will now practice kneeling push-ups every day for a week.

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7. Learn side planks for pushups

There is even more power for the arms and the abdominal muscles with the side planks. Also a wonderful preparation for your first push up.

  • Lie on your side on the exercise mat. Lift your body off the mat by putting your elbows under your shoulder and I push away.
  • Jett only touches one arm and one leg to the mat.
  • Who can lift the upper leg and slowly lower it again.

As a beginner, you probably won't be able to lift your leg, don't worry. This is an exercise for professionals.

Hold the plank for at least 30 seconds and do 3 passes on each side.

8. Proper pushups

Do you notice that your muscles are gaining weight? Try the right push-ups. If it doesn't work out, don't worry. It also took longer for me. I tortured myself for two full months. But with success :)

If that's not enough for you, you can also use weights. Kettlebells are good training equipment for a strong core and strong arms. You can use it to make full planks even heavier and build more muscles.

To do this, grab a kettlebell and pull it towards your chest as far as you can. Do at least 10 repetitions before switching sides.

But exercises with short dumbbells are also very suitable for building muscles faster.

What are the most common mistakes in learning to do pushups

There are quite a few. The most common one is that most of their bodies do not work properly tense.

The butt also likes to move up or down too far. But with push-ups you have to do a nice one line form.

For some, the stomach and buttocks also sag. With my tips for Pushups for women, but that shouldn't happen to you anymore :)

So that you can learn the right push-up technique right from the start, the top 3 push-up errors are listed here.

Your elbows are pointing outwards

A great many people have their elbows pointing outward when doing push-ups. Unfortunately, this is wrong. Because elbows that are not in contact with the body put a lot of strain on your shoulder joint.

Yes, push-ups with protruding elbows are easier to do, but not a good idea, especially as a beginner.

The right push-up technique

Always keep your elbows as close to you as possible. Ideally, the elbows touch your body.

In this technique, you train your triceps, your chest, and your upper and middle back. And you go easy on your shoulders.

With this sport you actually lose weight quickly!

You let yourself down

Try to make sure that your head, upper back, and hips are in a straight line. Throughout the exercise.

If your hips or abdomen sag, you risk overloading your lumbar vertebrae and the result is back pain.

The solution is very simple: if you want to learn push-ups, you have to squeeze your buttocks together. :) And through the whole exercise.

You drop like a wet sack

Body tension! I can't say that too often. Because that's where it fails for many. You drop like a wet sack, flop to the floor and never get up.

But there is also a solution here: Don't start with push-ups right away, but first build muscles. You will need them to slowly move up and down.

Now that you know well about the wrong technique, you can certainly analyze this picture. What's wrong with it?

The solution:

  • The back is not straight
  • The elbows point outwards
  • The stomach is not tense
  • The ground is too soft. It is difficult for you to build up body tension.

Our conclusion

If you want to learn push-ups, you need a lot of patience and must first start to strengthen your core and arms. Without abdominal muscles and arm muscles, not a single push up will succeed.

Once these muscle parts are well strengthened, there is not much left for women to do their own first push-up. Because it would be laughable if we couldn't do at least as beautiful push-ups as men :)