Murdoc and noodle lemon fanfiction where Naruto

Chapter 1


"Please Kushina, thin about this. Please don't abandon Naruto-kun. He needs you." The Sandaime tried to plead at the Uzumaki Clan Head.
"We talk about this Hiruzen. He is to weak for our clan that he can't be with us. He is just a weakling that he makes our clan look bad and he will be a distraction to his siblings." Kushina said in a cold tone that everyone of her friends flinch and even Izumi (Female Itachi) who was carrying a sleeping Naruto.
"But he is your son." Mikoto said.
"So?" Kushina anwered.
"So? SO? What the fuck happened to you? You are just going to abandon him like that." Hitomi yelled as she was being held back by Hiashi and Hizashi while Fugaku with Mikoto.
"I said it once, he is just a weakling that will embarrass our clan." She said as she entered the carriage.
"Kushina don't do this, you might create a monster." Fugaku said.
"That weakling can never be strong."
"Oh that's it!" They heard Tsume yelled as she was about to attack Kushina but was held back by the Ino-Shika-Cho. This awake Naruto who first saw Izumi.
"Izumi-nee-chan, where is kaa-chan?" Naruto said still sleepy.
"Goodbye." Kushina said as the carriage moved. Naruto run after the carriage. But because of his young age he can't run fast enough to catch up.
"Please kaa-chan, don't leave me. I'll be good I will do everything you say. I'll train harder just please. Don't leave me alone." Naruto screamed but it was not heard by the Uzumaki Clan.
"Shhh Naru-kun don't cry." Izumi whispered to the boy.
"Why? Why did she left me alone?" Naruto cried on her chest.
"Shhh you're not alone we're here for you Naru-kun." Izumi said to the boy.
"You are?"
"Yes we all are." Mikoto said as Shikaku, Inoichi, Choza, Tsume, Fugaku, Hiashi, Hitomi, Mikoto, and Hiruzen appeared on her back smiling at the boy. Until the saw the eyes of Naruto. It was the Doujutsu that can restore peace or start chaos. Gutter Sharingan.

9 yearsotherahelpedyearslater
Plenty of things happened the last nine years Fugaku and Shishui died when the ROOT attacked their compound. Hiashi and Hitomi had another daughter. He met a lot of people including Kasumi (FemKakashi) and Oka (FemObito) his father's former student while he was training on a trading ground. Kurenai, Anko, Yugao and Hana, when Mikoto and her daughters brought him with them, he caught Jiraiya peeping at them as he told them. After that he met the other Two sannins. He also met a Gai and he doesn't really want to talk about it because he is just weird.
Tomorrow is the day to the day of the graduation and Naruto is now at his class looking around.
He saw Kira (femKiba) in front of the class with her pet Akamaru. She has long brown her that reach her back is wearing a brown sleeveless robe with fur collar that shows her beautiful figure and black biker shorts.
Next to her is Ino whose hair is falling down. She is also wearing purple dress. She is extremely shy especially with Naruto.Road To NinjaorRTN)
Next to her is Hinata who is her hair tied on a pony tail. Her jacket is opened revealing her mesh underwear showing her D-cup breasts. Also she is wearing her biker shorts. (RTN)
Behind them is Shikamaru a boy with pineapple hairstyle with Chouji a chubby boy.
At the middle of them is a pale girl with long black hair. This is Sai. She wears a black shirt that shows her belly button and her c-cup breasts. And a pair of black Anbu pants.YeahsheWhatSavefromROOT)
Behind him is Shino (heylooksjustLikeattheanime)
At his right side is Sakura (heylooksLiketheAnime) and at his left is Sayuri. She has long, straight black hair with bangs hanging on either side of her face to roughly frame her cheeks and black eyes and wears a tank top that reaches her belly button and shows her D-cup breasts.
Naruto grew really big the last 9 years he is now 5 ft 9 inches high. He is the tallest in their class but he is also their rookie of the year. He now wears a black tank top with an orange jacket with the Namikaze Clan Crest on his shoulder, he also wears brown baggy pants and has some combat boots. (ThinkofTrunks'outfitwhenheykilledFriezawithdifferentcolor scheme)
"OK Class dismiss. Be ready for your exams tomorrow." Iruka said as every civilian moved out of the room. Everyone went out and Kira, Sai and Hinata moved closer to Naruto.
"Hey Naru-kun would you like to go with me so you could help us for the exams?" Kira asked him.
"No fair I was going to ask him first." Hinata yelled at them.
"Who said he was going to hang out with you?" Sai yelled.
"Yeah he was supposed to come with me." Sayuri said. As they look at Naruto who was sweating bullets.
"So Naruto-kun who are you coming with?" They asked making him sweat more.
"Uhm, maybe we should study all together." Naruto tried to make them stop arguing.
"Maybe you're right." The girls said in unison.
"So cool, see you at the Namikaze Compound." Naruto said as he vanished in a yellow flash.

Hiruzen was looking at his crystal ball and was happy and proud that his adopted grandson. He is still feeling sorry that Naruto was abandoned by Kushina. But he was still in a fierce battle that any Kage didn't defeated yet. He was signing the paperworks and he saw a message. It's from the Uzumaki clan.

Naruto was getting ready for the girls to enter his house to have a group review. 'Whydotheyalwaysargueinthissortofstuffs? It'snotLikeIn themarryingthem... Right?'Naruto was thinking so many things in his life. Now these girls are confusing him more. Troublesome Women

Shikamaru and Shikaku sneezed as they were playing shogi as they sneeze. They saw Yoshino and said "Troublesome Woman" as they both received a frying pan on the head

Naruto just finished fixing dinner and is just waiting for the girls to come. He waited for ten minutes and the girls have arrived.
"Uhm ... hi!" Naruto said awkwardly.
"Hi Naruto-kun!" They said.
"So are you going to let us in?" Sai said with a smirk. And Naruto blushed in Embarrassment. As they entered and started reviewing. Actually they just keep on trying to embarrass Naruto. But Naruto's innocence keep making them blush even more. Even Hinata is blushing when he is looking at them.
When they finished reviewing, as if like the girls planned on it. They each brought their own pajama and turned the review into a sleepover. Where Naruto was forced to sleep on the couch.

Hiruzen is talking to Kasumi, Oka, Izumi and the clan leaders.
"It seems like the time has come ... Kushina is returning."

Wellthisismynewstory. doyouLikeit?