How to install fortran 77 in fedora

How to compile Fortran 77 files in Linux? [closed]

"Quark" wrote in his answer that g77 is renamed gfortran. That is not correct.

g77 ang gfortran are different compilers. g77 is replaced by gfortran in the GNU compiler collection (GCC), it is not renamed gfortran.

gfortran is a modern Fortran compiler based on the g95 compiler. g77 is abandonware. They do not share codebase. Binary files and libraries are also not compatible between g77 and gfortran, as they use different ABIs.

g77 is the same compiler known as f2c (which can be downloaded from Netlib), or more precisely a shell script called fc which called f2c and then cc on the output. All g77 did was to skip C as an intermediate language as it came with a speed penalty in the 1980s and early 1990s. f2c and g77 was written by the same man and are otherwise identical. With a modern CPU (long pipeline and branch prediction) and a modern C compiler (much better alias analysis), g77 gives you no advantage over the original f2c. gfortran, on the other hand, supports modern Fortran standards (Fortran 90, 95, 2003, and 2008) in addtion to the older Fortran 77 and Fortran 66 (aka FORTRAN IV), and is a clear improvement over g77 and f2c. It also generates faster code and gives us better error messages.

g77 is binary compatible with f2c, but not with gfortran. gfortran can be forced to assume g77 ABI by passing -ff2c. This compiler option should be avoided if possible as it degrades the performance of the Fortran code.