What if God were a false inferno?

If God were a woman ...

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The ten most important changes if God were a woman:

  • 1. The Cologne Cathedral would be called Kölner Domina.
  • 2. One should be very careful when praying what one says so that tomorrow the whole neighborhood does not know.
  • 3. The blood of Christ would be a substitute fluid.
  • 4. The last supper would have been a Tupperware party.
  • 5. The Ten Commandments would have been embroidered on a frilled blanket, and it would not have been Ten Commandments, but at least 526.
  • 6. The fifth commandment: You shouldn't snore!
  • 7. The man would be made to have sex for more than a minute.
  • 8. From the boring Grüß Gott! You would, and also give the goddess a very dearest love for me and tell her that the new hairstyle looks great on her.
  • 9. There would be no wars, no hunger but also no sports show.
  • 10. Jesus would have been sewn on the cross.

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