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How to tie a tie: 4 instructions for the perfect tie knot

If you have landed on our article, then you probably have little experience with tying a tie. Don't worry though, because we'll show you how to do the 4 classic tie knots perfect, simple and beginner friendly bind, so that you make an impressive performance.

If you have not yet come into contact with the topic, we recommend you briefly most common questions at the end of the article, otherwise you can also jump right in with our simple instructions.

Tie a four-in-hand tie knot (also called a simple tie knot)

Tie a simple Windsor knot (also called a half Windsor knot)

Tie a Prince Albert tie knot (also called a double knot)

Tie a double Windsor knot

Tying a tie: the most common questions

How to tie a tie as a beginner

In principle, every tie knot is possible even as a beginner with a little practice. So if you have found a knot that you particularly like, just try it out. However, if you are looking for very simple tie knots, then we recommend this one two classics you can't go wrong with:

  • Four-in-hand tie knot
  • Easy Windsor knot

These two tie knots are arguably the simplest and most commonly worn.

Which tie knot for a wedding?

There are no special tie knotthat is good for a wedding. However, we do not recommend choosing a knot that is too extravagant so that you don't attract more attention than the bride and groom. With the classic four-in-hand tie knot as well as the simple Windsor or double Windsor knots you are on the safe side.

Where should the tie end?

The wider end of the tie should always be end just before the belt. If you have problems with this, you only have to experiment with the distance between the narrow end of the tie and the belt at the beginning of the knot. However, the distance is different from tie to tie and depends not only on the length, but also on the knot, because a double Windsor knot, for example, needs more fabric than a four-in-hand knot. You have to try out a bit here.

Which shirt collar for a tie?

Basically is suitable almost every shirt collar for a tie. Only the Wing collar is only combined with a bow tie. The classic Kent collar, shark collar or button-down collar are suitable for a tie. With the button-down collar, however, you should make sure that you choose a rather narrow tie and a narrow tie knot (preferably a four-in-hand knot), because with this shirt collar the space between the two collar legs is very limited due to the buttons . You can find more about shirt collars here.

Which tie knot is modern?

The most current is the Four-in-hand knot modern, because it looks relatively narrow and rather young. But the classic wider Windsor or double Windsor knot is also popular. If you are looking for a special knot that still looks elegant and is not too conspicuous, you should do it once Prince Albert Knot (also called double knot) try it out. It also looks elegant and has a little twist.

Which knot for narrow ties?

A is also suitable for particularly narrow ties narrow tie knot, otherwise the tie will not look even. One works here Four-in-hand tie knot or a double knot very well. However, it is important that a shirt collar is chosen that does not leave too much space between the collar legs. The Kent collar or button-down collar is the right choice here.

Which knot to shark collar?

The shark collar tends to have a relatively large distance between the two collar legs, which is why there is a slightly wider tie knot like this Windsor or double Windsor knot offers. However, there are also shirts with a shark collar, where the narrow four-in-hand knot also looks good.

What kind of tie knots are there?

  • Four in hand knots
  • Single Windsor Knot (also called Half Windsor Knot)
  • Double Windsor knot
  • Prince Albert Knot (Double Knot / Victoria Knot)
  • Persian knot
  • Pratt knot (also called Shelby knot)
  • Saint Andrew's knot
  • Square knot