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Where / how do I safely store my items? (DayZ Epoch)

Heiho, dear DayZ colleagues

My question (s) concern DayZ Epoch, and I hope you can be answered here

I'm relatively new to DayZ and have been playing it very intensively for about a week. I think it's great. However, even after what feels like 1000 articles, videos and YouTube guides, I still have a certain "understanding problem" when it comes to the game - something I don't understand ...

It is said that the average DayZ character never really survives that long. Especially not at the beginning, when you haven't got anything yet.
But since at the beginning (and probably for an indefinite period of time) you hardly have any possibilities to safely stash your belongings (and especially your gold) somewhere, the question arises to me:

WHERE / HOW do you keep all your belongings that you look for together over time safely and permanently? At least until you can afford a safe? Carrying the gold with you at all times would be madness. Without savings but no safe ...

I only see two options, a tent or a car. Is that correct?
But everything can be stolen from both. But at least both will remain permanent if neither discovers them, right?

So you have no choice but to hide your stuff either in a tent or in the trunk of a car? At least not until you can afford a safe? That seems quite risky to me ...

I would very much like to know how you solve this practical question. How do you hide your belongings until then, what strategies are there? There has to be a way how one can be relatively safe to bunker what has so far been painstakingly explored: o
What other options are there at Epoch to stash things?

And then I have another question: If I find a car, drive it somewhere and park / hide it - will this car be permanently stored on the server? Or will it disappear again at some point?

Warm wishes!