What is the conversion of source documents


Conversion, 1) CO conversion, the conversion of carbon monoxide with water vapor into hydrogen and carbon dioxide: CO + H2O

CO2 + H2.

2) COS conversion, the conversion of carbon oxide sulfide with water vapor to hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. The K. is used in the production of synthesis gas for ammonia and methanol synthesis as well as for the production of hydrogen for hydrogenation purposes. The K. is also of fundamental importance for the detoxification of town gas.

The K. is in Converting furnaces carried out, in which the conversion of carbon monoxide or carbon oxide sulfide takes place on catalysts. Depending on the starting temperature of the catalytic converter, a distinction is made between Low temperature conversion (about 250 ° C) and High temperature conversion (about 350 ° C). In modern systems, the K. takes place under a pressure of 3 to 10 MPa.