What does proxy access not allowed

Proxy server refuses the connection - what to do?

In this guide we will show you what you can do if the proxy server refuses to connect.

You can do this in the event of a proxy failure

The error often occurs when proxy settings are incorrect or extensions such as Proxtube have made these settings.

  1. First switch to the control panel.
  2. Then open the internet options.
  3. Click the LAN Settings button below and select the Connections window.
  4. To remove the error message, you can click on the box next to "Detect settings automatically" - if you are using a proxy.
  5. Alternatively, you can uncheck "Use proxy server for LAN" below if you do not want to use a proxy server.
  6. If you use Firefox, you should change the proxy settings in the browser.

Video tip: Surf safely with VPN

This practical tip is based on Microsoft Windows 7. In the next practical tip, we will tell you what you need a proxy server for.