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Your neighborhood guide to Shau Kei Wan

For a cultural tour of Hong Kong, don’t miss out on a visit to Shau Kei Wan in the Eastern District. Once a fishing village, today it is home to a number of temples and a typhoon shelter. Whether you're a history buff or just looking for a new neighborhood to explore, here are the must-dos in the waterfront precinct.

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How to get there

From Central, take the MTR Island Line to Shau Kei Wan Station. You can also take bus 720, 722 or A12. Alternatively, enjoy a slow and leisurely ride on the eastbound tram.

Things to do

Shau ​​Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter

Just like Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, but without the tourists. Built in 1992, Shau Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter is just a few minutes from the MTR station and offers unobstructed harbor views across to East Kowloon. Although Hong Kong is no longer a fishing port, you can still find fishermen working on their fishing nets here. And if you ask nicely, a boat dweller may even offer you a guided sampan tour.

Kam Wa Street Wet Market

While Shau Kei Wan lacks major shopping malls, it offers plenty of outdoor booths and stalls selling authentic local items. Known for its affordable price point, Kam Wa Street Wet Market is arguably one of the most popular markets in the Eastern District, luring residents from nearby neighborhoods like Tai Koo and Chai Wan. Big box supermarkets like ParknShop and Wellcome simply don’t stand a chance.

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Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defense

Head over to the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defense near Lei Yue Mun for a history lesson. Built by the British in 1885, the museum was once a forces ・ ・ military base. Having preserved most of its original architecture, it now houses a castle, defense basement, military vehicle and weapons for visitors to see.

Please note that the museum is currently closed for a revamp ・ ・ keep an eye on its website to see when it reopens.

Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defense, 175 Tung Hei Road, Shau Kei Wan, 2569 1500

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Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village

Orignally the Lyemun Barracks used for stationed British soldiers, Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village has now been converted into the only holiday camp owned by the government. But camping isn't the only reason why it attracts so many visitors. Those who like architecture or history will enjoy it too, as the entire compound is graded as a Grade I historic structure, while some buildings are graded as Grade I and Grade II individually. In fact, three of the buildings were declared historical monuments in 2016 and are now protected under the Antiquities and Monuments Ordinance.

The camp’s premises are currently being used as a quarantine center to combat the spread of Covid-19. Check back on its website for any updates.

Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village, 75 Chai Wan Road, Sai Wan Shan, 2568 7455