Misteria killing jfk new evidence

Did a Secret Service man kill Kennedy?

This interesting theory would do an excellent job of taking into account the complete chaos that reigns in the evidence of the Kennedy assassination. It would also not justify a concealment of the actual circumstances by the American government, but make it understandable.

According to this theory, Oswald shot Kennedy, but George Hickey accidentally shot Kennedy in the Secret Service escort vehicle behind JFK when he lost his footing due to the acceleration of the car.

In fact, Secret Service personnel shared responsibility for the President's assassination. Only the degree of co-responsibility is assessed differently. From the official side, however, any joint responsibility is denied. In fact, none of the bodyguards assigned to Kennedy's protection area responded actively while several shots flew through the air in Dallas for seconds. One of them was even expressly ordered back.

Like so many theories about the Kennedy assassination, the theory that Kennedy was accidentally shot by a man in the Secret Service escort vehicle while Oswald was shooting the President is regularly rehashed with no new evidence. All medical findings that were gained just a few minutes after the attack in Parkland Hospital speak against this theory. The same applies to the results of the autopsy on Kennedy's corpse, regardless of their general contradiction.

A picture by eyewitness Charles Bronson also shows the presidential limousine and the Secret Service escort vehicle just before the fatal head hit. There you can guess that Hickey is sitting in the back seat; in any case does not stand. The latter would be a prerequisite for this theory.

Here's a documentary that tries to prove the theory that a Secret Service man was responsible for the death of President Kennedy.