How was Nancy Grace's fiancé murdered

Strange things about Nancy Grace's marriage

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It's an understatement to say that television journalist and former HLN star Nancy Grace is no stranger to making headlines. Grace has a knack for sensationalism, to say the least, and often draws fires when commenting on the most compelling missing persons and homicides in the United States. Case in point: Grace became a household name when she coined Casey Anthony - the Orlando mother who reported her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony missing for 31 days in the summer of 2008 - as “dead mom”. Grace knows, like them or not, how to inspire enthusiasm like no other.

Of course, Grace is more than her dramatic rhetoric and flair for controversy, like a seemingly normal personal life. Grace married investment banker David Linch in April 2007, and the couple welcomed twins Lucy and John David Linch seven months later in November 2007.

As you'd expect, people have a lot of questions about Grace's personal life, especially Linch, considering how closely Grace is handling her marriage. But as much as Grace wants to keep her personal life a secret, we've uncovered some strange details about her relationship with Linch. Read on to find out all about the strange things about Grace's marriage.

Nancy Grace's murdered fiancé led her to see Linch


If you've followed the story of Nancy Grace over the years, then you probably already know that her former fiancé Keith Griffin was murdered by a staff member in 1979. Grace has discussed the devastating incident several times and how it shaped her view of the world. “After Keith died, I had to learn to control my thoughts. It was extremely depressing, ”Grace explained in an interview withNewsweek. "Years later, it was difficult for me to think about starting a family."

However, Grace's attitude changed when she allegedly received a message from Griffin in the form of a dream. Grace, struggling to get her long-distance relationship with Linch working at the time, recalled, “I had a dream about Keith… He was waiting for me and I sat down next to him. In a dream he said he was in heaven and that he wanted me to move on. I got up and looked at him and he motioned for me to go. The next morning I called my friend David and said, “You have to move to New York! We have to make it or break it. 'We got married and I had twins and that was it. "

While it is a bit strange taking advice from your late partner, we're glad everything worked out for Grace and Linch.

Grace's mishaps during their courtship

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Grace's relationship with Linch before the two got married was far from smooth. Grace, still grieving over the loss of her murdered fiancé when she agreed on a blind date with her current husband, openly admitted that she had trouble loving Linch. While it is perfectly normal to have doubts about a new love interest, Grace's hesitation was strange because she would "break down and cry" over the situation. "He fell in love, but I couldn't," Grace revealed The Hollywood Reporter. “I would break down and cry. But I just couldn't get into a relationship. ”Yikes.

Linch held out for a while, until one day he couldn't take it anymore. “It was probably painful at times. Once I said, 'I don't want to be a placeholder,' ”Linch admitted THR. Talk about a patient guy - we suspect Linch really loved Grace.

The good news about this strange start is that Grace eventually developed feelings for Linch. "I loved him very, very deeply," said Grace. Everything is fine, that ends well, as the saying goes.

The silent wedding


After Grace and Linch finally cemented their relationship after years of dating and uncertainty, they decided to get married. The weird part? The couple decided to keep the wedding under wraps, even if it was about their parents. "I only told my family two days before (the wedding)," Grace confessed New York Post.

While some may claim Grace has a right to privacy, it's a bit strange that she waits at the last minute to tell her parents when they're close. Grace was particularly close to her father, Mac Grace, who passed away in November 2015. The father and daughter were so close that Grace was reportedly linked with Mac during an episode of Hollywood medium (above E! news) With the self-proclaimed "clairvoyant medium" Tyler Henry.

It turned out, however, that Grace's relatives weren't the only ones in the dark - the true crime enthusiast wasn't told the news until two months after the wedding. Grace even described the wedding as "secret" and told it New York Post at the time, "I'm finally not keeping it a secret anymore." Hmm ... we wonder why Grace was so silent about a happy event.

Their opposing personalities


Given that Nancy Grace is an incredibly outspoken and dynamic person, you'd think she'd look for similar traits in a partner. Strangely enough, however, Grace opted for the downright mild Linch. "David is very quiet, but extremely confident," Grace explained to the Daily mail. "He's very humble and goes with all of my crazy ideas."

Hmm Grace's description of Linch is Interesting because it doesn't necessarily sound like the couple's partnership is on an equal footing. It is reasonable to wonder why Linch is so accommodating to Grace, especially when he is supposedly "extremely confident". We'd imagine Linch would get tired of Grace's demands at some point, right?

On the other hand, this dynamic may work because the two balance each other out. Grace, for example, likely needs someone to ground her, while Linch is likely to benefit from his wife's open-minded personality. In fact, that's exactly what Grace was saying when describing what she loves most about Linch. "David was through thick and thin with me," added Grace. "He's the rock in my life." That makes sense to us.

Nancy Grace and David Linch got married on a whim


After the death of Nancy Grace's fiancé in 1979, she had serious doubts about her future romantic prospects. “After losing my fiancé, it seemed better to be alone all the time than to take the risk of getting hurt again. That's why I felt like a woman and a mother who just wouldn't happen to me, ”said Grace Good housekeeping. "I thought God closed that door and gave me my career instead ..."

Given this once pessimistic view, it's fair to assume she'd want a big, well-planned wedding to celebrate her reversal of luck with Linch, right? Oddly, however, Grace decided to marry Linch on a whim and with little time to plan a lavish affair. "We've been in contact all these years, and we've been separated by geography and time for a long time," Grace explained New York Post. "It was a spontaneous decision to get married ..."

Fans will likely be surprised to learn that the wedding ceremony was incredibly easy. "We got married in Atlanta in April with just my family and his family there," Grace told her New York Post about the reluctant event. "It was a simple ceremony performed by my longtime pastor from a small Methodist church in Macon." We have a guess that Grace would have chosen an epic bride-to-be, so it's probably best that her wedding be at the last minute took place.

Where's David Linch?


Most public people have social media accounts, and Nancy Grace is no exception to this rule. Grace - who has more than 22,000 followers as of August 2018 - often shares snapshots of herself with her twins Lucy and John David, as well as photos of true crime cases. But the only person not featured on Grace's Feed is her own husband, David Linch. If you take a quick look at Grace's report, you'll only find a handful of pictures of Linch, an interesting character considering the television personality has been on Instagram since November 2012. Maybe it's just us, but we think it's a bit bizarre to barely showcase your significant other on your social media accounts.

Even more curious is the fact that Linch appears to be spared special family events like holidays and other major milestones. While we suspect Linch was present at these important occasions, we have to wonder why he rarely appears in photographs that recall them. Even if Linch is too shy to appear on Grace's Instagram feed, you'd think he'd pose for a picture every now and then to keep up appearances.

Her marriage is all about Nancy Grace 24/7

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It can be difficult to have a relationship with a celebrity, especially one as high-profile as Grace. Since Grace first appeared on Court TV, she has had a very active career on multiple networks. And when you add to Grace's numerous controversies, one has to wonder where Linch fits into her life. While it would make sense for Grace to make Linch feel valued and included in her famous world, it seems like he's just a background character. Do you want some proof? Look no further than an interview calling Linch, "David Linch because he was married to Nancy Grace." Yes, Linch's existence seems to revolve around Grace, a strange phenomenon that he could potentially find stressful.

Fortunately, Grace doesn't take Linch's devotion for granted. On the rare occasions when Grace talks about Linch, she cares to sing his praises. "I never thought I could love someone so much," she said Good housekeepingand added, "And someone loved me so much." Aww.

The strange excuse for Grace's missing wedding ring


Fans can be extremely attentive when it comes to their beloved celebrities, a fact Grace likely noticed when one of her supporters wrote parade Magazine to ask about her missing wedding ring. Apparently, Grace was spotted without the jewelry after her stay Dance with the stars in 2011. “Nancy Grace didn't wear her beautiful wedding ring. Is she still married? ”An anonymous person has requested publication.

So why did Grace drop her ring? The answer boils down to the HLN alum's impressive weight loss of 25 pounds during their start-up DWTS. "Nancy's marriage to David is fine," said a source The investigator January 2012. “But she lost a ton of weight on 'Dancing' and her ring no longer fitted. In fact, she lost it almost three times! She's resized. ”While some might question the truth of this information, Grace acknowledged it parade Magazine that she was “proud” of her ring but didn't want to risk losing it after taking it off.

Of course, Grace can do whatever she wants with her wedding ring. The question, however, is why Grace didn't resize the ring as soon as possible. It's not that Grace couldn't afford a rush order, after all.

Linch's strange reaction to Grace's weight loss

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Lots of celebrities have lost pounds DWTS, including Nancy Grace. The outspoken television presenter, who shed a whopping £ 25 over the course of the show, reported the change to CNN journalist Anderson Cooper (via the internet) Daily mail): “I never really cared about it or bothered to lose it. I lost it so I'm happy about it. "

Although Grace was pleasantly surprised at the weight loss, Linch was not so enthusiastic. "The truth is, he thought I looked great the other way," said Grace Cooper of Linch's opinion. "My advice is if your guy doesn't like you for who you are, you need to find a new one."

Of course, it's wonderful that Linch loved and cherished Grace's body before the move. We just find it strange that he isn't as polite to her slimmer looks either, especially since Grace has advised fans to find a partner who likes them for who they are. Hopefully Linch loved Grace's new figure as much as he adored her old one.

Nancy Grace's colorful joke about her marriage

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Nancy Grace has always been open to the fact that her fiancé's murder inspired her career as a prosecutor and advocate for crime victims. So one has to wonder why Grace thought it was okay to joke about Linch's murder during an interview titled "Watch Nancy Grace and Her Husband David Linch Interview Each Other". The conversation took an odd turn when Linch asked Grace the seemingly innocent question: "Where will we find you next year?"

“Hopefully right here. Hope we will still be married to the kids here in the house, ”Grace joked, adding in a more serious tone. OK, because you know what a lot of people do when their husbands try to leave? You murder her. "Um, say what now? Linch, obviously surprised by Grace's pale humor, replied with a laugh: “Really? OK. “Grace then told Linch to think about whatever that means.

While there is no doubt that Grace was not serious about her false threat, it is nonetheless disturbing that she thought it appropriate to make the joke at all. How strange.

Was Nancy Grace "happy" before her twins arrived?


Parenthood can bring a lot of happiness to a person's life, a feeling that Nancy Grace doesn't lose sight of. The crime lover adores her twins Lucy and John David, to say the least, and frequently posts photos of them on her Instagram account. “You are my blessing!” The proud mother took a snapshot of her children at lunch in August 2019.

While we admire Grace's love for her children, we are a little confused by this comment she made about her pre-motherhood life. "When I had the twins, I didn't want them to have a bad mom," she said oxygen in June 2019. “I didn't want you to have a mom who wasn't happy. I knew I had to change my life and I don't think it would ever have been for the twins that I would have ever been happy. "

Wait, Grace wasn't happy before Lucy and John David were there in November 2007. And if so, why would she admit it publicly? It sounds like the kind of confession her husband David Linch may not appreciate. Anyway, we're glad Grace is satisfied in her all-time favorite role - mom.