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How to train your listening skills - podcasts for German learners

A few weeks ago, the article “How to use podcasts to learn languages” appeared on my blog - it also contained a list of suggestions for podcasts in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Now, however, I was asked if I could not even compile a list of podcasts for German learners - and since my readers' wish is my command, here is the list with a selection of podcasts for German learners.

But first of all:

Why should you use podcasts at all?

1) Podcasts are time-saving

... because you can use them to easily combine listening with your everyday activities such as driving, walking, waiting, cleaning or exercising. So the actual activities are not so boring - and you did something for your further education right away.

2) Podcasts are ideal

... for people who have problems with reading - that is, for the elderly or for people with poor eyesight. In general, one can say anyway that listening is not as strenuous as reading.

3) Podcasts are free

... and update automatically as soon as you have taken out the relevant subscription (of course you can delete the subscription at any time).

You can find a huge selection on iTunes.

And one more tip: if you open the podcast description, you will always find the section below: “Listeners have also subscribed”. Have a look there to see what interesting content there is.

4) Podcasts are often of manageable length

... - 10 minutes of listening will certainly be part of your daily routine!

5) Podcasts appeal to other senses

... as a written text - this is a great advantage for many learners.

What podcasts are there now?

So here is the list at last:

Slowly spoken news - German news (Deutsche Welle)
This podcast delivers the latest news of the day and background reports in slowly and understandably spoken German.
Deutsche Welle - Slowly spoken news

My Daily Phrase German from Radio Lingua Network
Radio Lingua Network offers many podcasts in different languages, it is also worth taking a look at the Radiolingua website
Radiolingua - My Daily Phrase German

Greetings from Germany - a podcast from the Goethe Institute
Unfortunately, it is no longer updated, but there are 60 episodes on a wide variety of topics - from environmental protection and technology to Amnesty International to Oktoberfest and full beards and beer bellies.
Goethe-Institut - greetings from Germany

PODCAST - Radio D of the Goethe Institute
Unfortunately, this podcast is no longer updated either, has aOver 52 episodes and acts as a stand-alone language course.

An English-speaking moderator leads through the podcast - a wide variety of topics are also covered here.
Goethe Institute - Radio D

German Perfect - the podcast from Spotlight Verlag
The language magazines Deutsch Perfect, Adesso, Spotlight, Business Spotlight, Ecoute and Ecos are published by this publisher.

Every magazine has its own podcast, and this one is for the German language.
German perfect

Word of the week from Deutsche Welle
Every week a new strange word and its meaning. Examples of the last few weeks are: hunger pegs, crowds, secrecy, crumple zone and watering can principle.
Deutsche Welle - The word of the week

Yabla German - Learn German with Videos
This podcast is available in video format and offers small language units at different levels.
Yabla German - Learn German with Videos

German from SBS Radio
SBS Radio is an Australian broadcaster that just offers a German podcast.
SBS-Radio - German

Laboratoire de langue - Apprendre l’allemand Deutsche Welle
A vocabulary trainer in audio form for French-speaking learners - also suitable the other way around, as it is bilingual.
Deutsche Welle - Laboratoire de langue: Apprendre l’allemand

Allemand B2 - Audio Lingua - CRDP de l’académie de Versailles
This podcast is also available at other levels of the Common European Framework of Reference.
Allemand B2 - Audio Lingua - CRDP de l’académie de Versailles

Top topic with vocabulary / learning German - Deutsche Welle
Current reports from Deutsche Welle in easy-to-understand German
Top topic with vocabulary / learning German - Deutsche Welle

ZDF - “logo! Your messages"
The famous German news for children
ZDF - Logo: Your news

Germans in everyday life - everyday German / learning German - Deutsche Welle
In this podcast, various topics from everyday life in Germany are dealt with once a week, for example, lately there has been talk about bad parents, the KaDeWe, e-cars, Whitsun, plastic surgery for young people, homeless newspapers.
Germans in everyday life - everyday German / learning German - Deutsche Welle

Sprachbar / Learn German - Deutsche Welle
This podcast reveals many secrets of the German language and provides explanations of word meanings, grammar and idioms
Sprachbar / Learn German - Deutsche Welle

Was there something for you? Do you know any other podcasts that could add to this list? Then I look forward to your comments and recommendations! Of course, I am also very grateful for recommendations regarding the other languages!

What should you do now

The best thing to do is to download a podcast that speaks to you immediately and listen to it. Is he right for you? Wonderful!

You don't like it as much as you expected? Never mind, then you just choose another podcast from the list.

And don't panic if you don't understand everything right away! Here, too, practice makes perfect, so listen to the podcast two, three or even four times. You will see that it will work better every time you listen!

I wish you a lot of fun