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Finger length: what it reveals about your character

You can put your negotiating partner through their paces, stalk him on the Internet or even set a private detective on the neck to find out more about him. Or you just keep an eye on him. Apparently the length of a person's finger actually says something about their character. This can be helpful in professional, financial and of course marriage matters. It depends on the length! And that's why ...

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➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Finger length: what she reveals about the character

“You can recognize his Johannes by a man's nose.” - You know the saying. It's funny, but of course utter nonsense. It sounds just as surreal, however, when scientists want to draw conclusions about the character after a cursory glance at our fingers? Yet that is exactly what they do. And maybe they are even more correct than many think.

In general, men have comparatively short index fingers and longer ring fingers. In women, the difference is usually not that great, often both fingers are about the same length. Or the index finger is even a bit longer than the ring finger. "The relationship between the index finger and the ring finger specifically indicates how much testosterone someone was exposed to in the uterus," explains Carl Pintzka from the Norwegian University of Technology in Trondheim. To put it in layman's terms: testosterone in the uterus makes the ring fingers grow. So:

  • Long ring finger compared to the index finger, a lot of testosterone.
  • Short ring finger, low testosterone. And that has an impact.


How physically strong, how athletic someone is - that, according to Pintzka, can best be determined by the length of the fingers. "High testosterone levels correlate with better skills in areas in which men usually do better, such as spatial awareness and sense of direction." The British Psychological Society has already confirmed that high testosterone levels promote mental strength and athletic success - and on can be read with the fingers.

So the equation: Long ring fingers make better athletes. The differences are not only between the sexes: women with a favorable finger length ratio should also be more athletic than their female counterparts. In contrast, low testosterone levels in the uterus supposedly lead to good memory performance and better memory.


Scientists from the University of Alberta also investigated the phenomenon, back in 2005. They came to believe that the shorter the index finger compared to the ring finger, the greater the likelihood that the person will use physical violence in the course of their life. "Our findings clearly confirm and underline the assumption that a large part of our personality and our character traits are determined while we are still me in the womb," said the psychologist Peter Hurd from the University of Alberta at the time. In return, men with a “feminine” finger length ratio - if their index finger is relatively long - are said to be more prone to depression.

However, according to Hurd, the character of a person can really only be read in fragments on his fingers. “But the length of a finger can tell us a little bit about a person's personality,” says Hurd.

Willingness to take risks

Concordia University in Montreal offers this advice: watch out for your fingers when putting your business - or part of it - in the hands of an investor. Because an increased testosterone supply is also associated with a higher willingness to take risks, be it on the sports field, in a relationship or in financial matters.

Since a long ring finger is a clear indicator of a testosterone bomb, it is also more risk-taking. And so it is - depending on your point of view - a blessing or a risk. "Because women are attracted to men who are fit, assertive and wealthy, men are inclined to take risks in order to make themselves attractive as potential partners," says study author Eric Stenstrom from Concordia. "The interesting thing is that this tendency is influenced by the testosterone intake - more testosterone in the uterus can mean that you take more risks later in life, in the ice hockey stadium, in the bar or on the trading floor."


Allegedly, the risk of fling can even be calculated based on the length of the finger. To this end, John T. Manning, to some extent an icon of finger length research, together with psychologists from Oxford University asked 575 North Americans and British about their attitude to non-committal sex.

The respondents can then be roughly divided into two groups: Some want to build a close emotional bond with their partner before they go to bed with him or her. The others do not have this emotional need, preferring to change partners. If you now take a look at your fingers, you will notice that a longer ring finger - compared to the index finger - indicates increased promiscuity. Fittingly, more men than women fall into this category. But there are also contradicting voices: Researchers at McGill University in Canada recently said that men with long ring fingers are “nicer” to women, more harmonious, less contentious - and therefore even better husbands.

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