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If you have gotten to this point, it is very possible that you have a problem with the OXPS file. To open your OXPS file or to solve any other problem with this file, read the information on this page carefully.

Information about the OXPS

Full name of the fileManufacturerpopularity
Windows 8 OpenXPS Document FormatMicrosoft

What is an OXPS file?

An OXPS file is a file created in the Open XML Paper Specification (OpenXPS) format, which is the same format used by .XPS files. It is similar to a .PDF file and describes the structure and content of a document.

The OpenXPS format is the same as the XPS format, except that OpenXPS was standardized as the Open format by Ecma International, a standards organization. The ".Oxps" extension was adopted for OpenXPS but is not often used because the ".Xps" extension was traditionally used for XPS documents.

When printing in Windows 8 and using the Microsoft XPS Document Writer print option, the default extension for the output file is ".Oxps". It may be useful to change the extension back to ".Xps" if you plan to email the file because the XPS extension is used more frequently.

How to open the OXPS file?

The most common problem when you can't open a OXPS file is curious - you don't have the appropriate application installed on your device. The solution is very simple, you just have to select one (or more) programs from the list on this page and install them with which you can open OXPS. After the successful installation, the computer should automatically connect the software you just installed to the OXPS file, which you cannot open.

Programs that open the OXPS file

Other problems with the OXPS

You downloaded one of the programs and installed it successfully and you still have the problem with the OXPS file? There could be several causes for this incident - we introduce a few common reasons that are responsible for the majority of issues with the OXPS: files

  • The OXPS file that the problem relates to is damaged
  • The file was not fully downloaded (please re-download the file from the same source or from the email attachment)
  • In the "Windows directory" there is no corresponding connection between the OXPS file and the installed program for its operation
  • The file is infected with a virus or malware
  • The application that is responsible for operating the OXPS file does not have the necessary capacity on the PC, or no necessary control elements have been installed to enable the program to start
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